Where Should I Go in the Caribbean?

Beth and I are considering a vacation in the Caribbean in either February or April. I want to see lots of cool birds. She wants to hang out on the beach, go swimming, get massages, and go to the spa. We both like to drink big fruity drinks and eat seafood.

Where’s our best option? Maybe Trinidad and Tobago? Ideally, we’d like a small place with a great restaurant with the ocean on one side and the spectacular nature reserve on the other. Any suggestions?

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  1. Andrzej Says:

    I”ve heard some great things about Costa Rica along those lines, but haven’t made it down there yet myself.

    Might be worth looking into…I hear the nature reserves/forests are spectacular for photography.



  2. Antonio Says:

    February/March? Spring in Doñana? Then come to Spain!

  3. HabaneroGuy Says:

    St. John, USVI. Went there on my honeymoon and again this past summer. Was great both times. Cruz Bay is a quiet little town with lots of great restaurants, including seafood. There are great beaches all over the island, good for both sunning and swimming/snorkeling. 2/3 of the island is a US National Park, so plenty of nature/hiking etc. No cruise ships or other calm-wrecking manifestations of tourism.

    We stayed at the following, which allows kids in the summer but grownups only the time you are going. Nice place for 2 people, reasonable rates compared to the resorts, walking distance to town. Full kitchen so you can eat healthy at least some of the time. Free WiFi on site, though it is slow. I have no affiliation with them – just liked the place. http://www.gallowspointresort.com

    Plan to rent a car to get around the rest of the island. There look to be 3 spas on the island, plus a “spa to go” which sounds like they make house calls.

    Birding seems good, according to the audobon society: http://www.audubon.org/affiliate/vi/vi/birding.html

  4. Augusto Says:

    Costa Rica is nice but I haven’t been to the beach there.

    I’ve heard good things about Punta Cana in Santo Domingo, with some great packages at the resort.

    My wife is from the Caribeean so I have to mention Puerto Rico, which I love, but you might want a more relaxing place so San Juan might a bit hectic (plus it’s not very cheap). However I know you would love el Yunque and could get some AMAZING pictures from that place.


    Not a fan of the Bahamas if you were considering it.

  5. Earl Stutes Says:

    Consider the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda. BVI. We flew in once in 2001, but we have usually picked up a bare boat charter at either St. Thomas or Tortola and sailed over.

  6. timmaz24s Says:

    YES visit triniad & tobago. Its a lovely twin island republic in caribbean close to the south american mailland. so that means lots of birds. you can check this website to book a stay http://www.asawright.org. You can also check lis of birds recorded on trinidad & tobago on wiki- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_birds_of_Trinidad_and_Tobago. oh yeah plus is has lovely beaches like maracas bay & las cuevas bay.

  7. HabaneroGuy Says:

    So have you decided yet? I bet everyone who submitted suggestions would like to know if they were favored. Or at least we’d all like to know where to take our elharo-approved vacations next. :-)

  8. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    Don’t you want to be surprised when I post the pictures? :-) I think I know, but I haven’t bought tickets yet.

  9. HabaneroGuy Says:

    You have a point. +1 for surprise.

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