#583 – #595 at the B&B

After an afternoon break, we drove off to Gamboa to visit the new Canopy Lodge Bed & Breakfast, which has several feeders that attract relatively suburban birds. It was raining so I didn’t bring my camera. Big mistake: there was a covered porch to watch from and lots of easy photo opportunities. Damn it. However we did get lots of great birds at the feeders plus a mammal or two. But first, as we waited to cross the one way bridge into Gamboa, we spotted a Mockingbird; not the usual Northern Mockingbird of suburban parks and gardens but rather a Tropical Mockingbird, #583. This barely makes it into the southern U.S. and shows up in some field guides, but is not a regular bird, and I’ve never seen one before.

Next we stopped at a soccer field where the leader heard some Orange-chinned Parakeets. We didn’t see them well, but we did see two Southern Lapwings in the field, #584.

Finally we arrived at the Bed & Breakfast. Bewfore we even walked to the feeders we spotted a Social Flycatcher in a large tree across the street, #585. Then the staff put some bananas and oranges into the platform feeders, and the birds began swarming in: tanagers, honey creppers, thrushes, and even a Motmot! Since the birds were really obvious and exposed on the feeders, I think I managed all the birds the leaders saw except for a single Rufous-tailed Hummingbird and a Golden-fronted Greenlet.

  1. Social Flycatcher
  2. Crimson-backed Tanager
  3. Blue-gray Tanager
  4. Whooping Motmot
  5. Red-legged Honeycreeper
  6. Clay-colored Thrush
  7. Green Honeycreeper
  8. Red-crowned Woodpecker
  9. Thick-billed Euphonia
  10. Shining Honeycreeper
  11. Buff-throated Saltator

Total species list for the B&B was:

  • Orange-chinned Parakeet
  • White-necked Jacobin
  • Whooping Motmot
  • Keel-billed Toucan
  • Red-crowned Woodpecker
  • Social Flycatcher
  • House Wren
  • Clay-colored Thrush
  • Yellow Warbler
  • Crimson-backed Tanager
  • Blue-gray Tanager
  • Palm Tanager
  • Plain-colored Tanager
  • Green Honeycreeper
  • Shining Honeycreeper
  • Red-legged Honeycreeper
  • Buff-throated Saltator
  • Thick-billed Euphonia

595 and it’s only 4:30. At this rate I could hit 600 before dinner.

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