Panama Day 2: #618-620 at the Entrance to Pipeline Road

After leaving the Ammo Dump Ponds we drove a just a little further down the road paralleling the canal and turned off to the right (away from the canal) and parked. It was starting to rain here so were birding from under umbrellas, but the birds were still singing. The first one we actually saw was #618, White-bellied Antbird, quickly followed by a Fasciated Antshrike. Then came #619, a Song Wren. I missed a Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher.

However the real surprise came after it started raining a bit harder, and we drove further down the road where one of the leaders spotted #620 a Slaty-backed Forest-Falcon perched in a tree just above eye level about 8 meters off the road. These birds are usually deep in the forest, and are far more often heard than seen.

  1. White-bellied Antbird
  2. Song Wren
  3. Slaty-backed Forest-Falcon

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