Converting a Mini to a Server, Part 7: There is No Part 7

OK. So this wasn’t exactly a trivial operation, and there may yet be a few glitches. (I can already see that some of the internal stylesheets didn’t come over.) but if you’re reading this then the transition is a success. All three of my locally hosted sites are now served by a Mac Mini running the latest and greatest versions of WordPress, MySQL, Apache, and PHP.

On the down side, in 2.0.2 the so called rich editor appears to have gotten richer and harder to use. It even seems to be hard wrapping unexpectedly. Why, oh why, does everyone hate plain text so much?

I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    It appears I can turn off the rich text editor. Yeah! Tomorrow I’ll have to copy over the stylesheets I was using on The Cafes to get decent sized fonts to edit with. In the meantime I really am going to bed now.

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