Going to Norway

Nest week I’ll be in Oslo for JavaZone 2007. I’ve managed to schedule a few days for sightseeing, but unfortunately I’ve had very little time to prepare for it. This is actually normal for me: I usually don’t read up on a place until I’ve been there. Everything should be a surprise!

Any suggestions for what I should see? Are there any local parks or nature preserves that offer good birding? Is Fall migration still going on there, or is it too far north? I’m hoping it’s good for at least a few life birds. :-)

I’ll have my wife with me, so I won’t be able to spend my whole trip birding. :-) What else should we do? Are there museums, castles, neighborhoods, festivals, stores, etc. that I should see while I’m there? Any food I should eat? Any particular place that’s just interesting to walk around?

We’ll be staying in central Oslo, and probably won’t have time to get far outside the city this trip.

Also, what should we wear? I’m planning on bringing a jacket, and a sweater or two, but should I drag along my heavy winter coat? Just how cold or hot does it get at this time of year?

All suggestions appreciated.

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  1. James Orenchak Says:


    a great place for you and your wife to visit would be Vigeland Park in the western part of Oslo. There are something like 180 statues in the park. I think they’re bronze. Anyway, there are many very nice statutes to see there. There’s water in and around the park. Often there are many various types of birds swimming, walking or flying around the park. Another place that’s very interesting for art lovers is the Munch museum. There are many expressionistic paintings. “The Scream” is a famous painting that you’ll see there. If you have time, a tour of Oslo in a doubledecker bus is also a lot of fun, especially for people interested in architecture. As far as food goes, it’s expensive in Norway. I recommend eating a delicous baked or steamed halibut in Oslo. That’s soemthing they do well in Oslo.

  2. Anders Olsson Says:

    Can’t tell about the birds, unfortunately, but as I recall, there’s a bunch of museums at Bygdoy, which
    is a nice place in the western parts of Oslo (there should be public transportations, but a taxi would do as well, it’s not far from the city centre)
    As a kid, I lived and died by Thor Heyerdahl’s (of “Kon-Tiki” fame) theories about how people communicated in the pre-historic
    (and pre-internet ;-) times. Also, there is the viking ships (the Oseberg ship is impressive), and the ‘Fram’
    museum, telling the story about polar expeditions in the early 1900s.
    All in all, one should be able to spend an afternoon in these three museums (as I recall, they’re quite close,
    though I haven’t been there for 15 years)

  3. Bill Littman Says:

    I second the recommendation on Bygdoy for all the reasons Anders says (I particularly enjoyed seeing the Fram). Also a walk around the neighborhood around the Bygdoy entrance is very nice. I recall (it has been over 15 years since I was there) many small homes with beautiful gardens. Not sure about birding.

    I don’t remember trying halibut while I was there, but my experience was that Norway is not the place you want to go for fine dining. In the six weeks I spent there (all over the country), I may have had three really good meals. I remember occasionally finding fruits and veggies that looked good (most didn’t) but were tasteless. Hopefully things have changed.

  4. Greg White Says:

    I’ll second the recommendation for the sculpture park (vigeland park). I was in Oslo 20 years ago and that is probably my strongest memory of the city.

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