Chronosync: Final Answer

After evaluating Chronosync for a month, the evaluation period is up and it’s time to make a decision. To buy or not to buy, that is the question. I think the answer is no. Chronosync is too slow and too complex to justify paying for.

The complexity is the real killer. Although it claims to do bidirectional sync, I’ve never felt comfortable letting it do that. There just seems like far too much risk that I’ll accidentally nuke a file or folder because I haven’t set up Chronosync quite right. Software like this needs to be simple enough to understand and use without worry. Chronosync just isn’t.

There were some good suggestions for alternative in the comments on the last post. I plan to try Unison and FileSynchronization. Perhaps one of them will get the job done. However, I think there’s a real market opportunity here for a product that’s got the right combination of speed, ease of use, and reliability. So far I don’t think such a product exists. :-(

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  1. Spencer Says:

    Have you tried Allway Sync? I use it all the time. The synch works well and it’s fast, and highly customizable. The user interface is not pretty but it’s functional. Windows only unfortunately. It’s free for limited use but if you start transferring lots of gigabytes (as I do) it nags you for a $20 Pro license.

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