The Return of Moth Monday: Dicymolomia opuntialis

Just when you thought it was safe to go out at night, Moth Monday returns! Today’s moth is a Southern California speciality, Hodges 4891 – Dicymolomia opuntialis. Thanks to Bob Patterson for the ID.

Hodges#4891 Dicymolomia opuntialis
Fullerton Arboretum, Fullerton, California, 2009-6-28

It’s in the family of Crambid Snout Moths, a group of fairly small moths (a centimeter or less) that I’ve been finding more and more of lately, mostly by virtue of using a 1:1 macro lens and going out at night. This, however, I found in the morning at Fullerton Arboretum, perched on a light. It had probably stayed there all night.

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