Moth Monday Returns to New York: Common Tan Wave Moth

I missed Moth Monday last week because I was busy packing for my move back to Brooklyn, as well as trying to squeeze in a few more state birds in California. I didn’t quite hit 300, but Little Blue Heron and Semipalmated Sandpiper were still nice additions.

I’m now back in New York. Federal Express hasn’t dropped off the Firewire disk where I store my raw photos, but here’s a JPEG from 2007, and in honor of my return, it’s from Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. This is Hodges 7132, the Common Tan Wave Moth:

pale white geometer moth on green leaf
Common Tan Wave Moth, Pleuroprucha insulsaria
Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge; August 12, 2007

I still have a lot of moths stacked up from Orange County; and I never even got around to buying a good black light. I’m not sure what I’ll find around here in Brooklyn. There are certainly moths around, at least outside the winter months, and I saw a few moths in Prospect Park yesterday morning. However I don’t feel quite as confident wandering around in the dark with a couple of thousand dollars worth of camera equipment as I did back in the O.C. Honestly, there I was more likely to be hassled by cops than criminals. I still find it strange that I had more run-ons with the police in 18 months in Irvine (4) than in 18 years in New York (0). I suspect New York cops have real criminals to catch while Irvine police have to content themselves with people taking pictures of garage doors at night.

3 Responses to “Moth Monday Returns to New York: Common Tan Wave Moth”

  1. Robert Young Says:

    So dish: watcha doin??????????????? Still java???? Gone over to the Dynamic Dark Side??????? Client side????? Server side????? Gone back to Being an Author??????

  2. peter royal Says:

    welcome back!

    (i similarly got tired of the west coast and came back to nyc :)

  3. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    I’ll expect to see you at our next derby party in May then. :-)

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