Met Museum Sells Personal Info

I just found out something interesting when I called to unsubscribe from yet another catalog I hadn’t requested. The operator from White Flower Farms asked me if I wanted to know who they’d gotten my name from. The answer was the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I bought my wife’s Christmas present from their store last year. I won’t do that again.

One Response to “Met Museum Sells Personal Info”

  1. John Cowan Says:

    Unfortunately, I fear it’s hopeless. Essentially every sales outlet that does business over either the phone or the Internet feels free (and is free, legally) to share your information with any other.

    Normally this is done through a “list broker”, a third party that allows a retailer to buy a list blind without learning who is actually on the list; only the folks who actually print the catalogs get the list, and they don’t care, since you’re not their customer.

    The only way to avoid catalog spam is to do all buying in person and with cash. To my mind, that’s not worth it.

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