Wanted: A Quiet Meal

When, more importantly why, did every restaurant in New York under $50 a plate decide that ambiance required television sets blaring in every room? Today Beth and I ate at what used to be one of our favorite Brooklyn restaurants only to be serenaded by a full hour of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. We were the first customers there so I personally turned off or muted the three closest sets (there are several in each room) but the waiters relentlessly turned them back on again. I asked the waiter to leave them off, but he flat out refused, claiming that this was “entertainment”. My entreaties for a quiet meal on the water with my wife had no effect on him.

TV on the wall at Nick’s Lobster House, Brooklyn

This is hardly an isolated incident either. The local cheap sushi house also recently installed TVs and now I can’t enjoy a peaceful lunch there either. I’d understand if there were a big game on, but does anyone really want to keep up with the exploits of Will Aston, Rose Ortiz, and Dax Lo over their seafood salad?

I used to have a TV B-Gone, which sadly died. I need to replace it. I bought a Ninja Remote from Think Geek instead, but it’s a dud. It’s never been able to turn off any TV, including my own. I think it’s time to invest in a new TV B-Gone instead.

2 Responses to “Wanted: A Quiet Meal”

  1. Adrian Says:

    Unbelievable… several in each room?? This while ‘box’ television audiences are in fast decline?

  2. Clarence Odbody Says:

    If ASCAP or BMI stops by they’ll get hit with a pretty big bill. They’ve got some formula that involves the number of sets.

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