Biscuit Dough

I’m overly fond of Pillsbury Hungry Man Biscuits, which I’m sure means they’re incredibly bad for me. One can of 10 is roughly a day’s worth of calories. In Kentucky, Uncle Hamp used to buy cans of five biscuits each, which is a little more reasonable. However, all that seems to be sold in New York are cans of 10, and 10 is just way too many for one person. (My wife won’t touch them.)

Does anyone know a way to store the dough such that it’s still good the next week? or even the next day? Refrigeration doesn’t work. Freezing doesn’t work. Whatever I try, the second day biscuits fail to rise and end up tasting like half-burnt, gooey dough. How does the dough stay fresh in the pack in the first place? Airtight packaging? Any ideas?

2 Responses to “Biscuit Dough”

  1. Ed Says:

    How about just cooking all 10 and freezing the ones you don’t want to eat yet? Then just “zap” the frozen ones when you do.

  2. John Cowan Says:

    Fuggeddaboudit, as we say here on the islands. Trying to stop dough from rising (and yes, it is the airtight environment that prevents it from doing so in the can) is like all the other proverbial impossibilities: “bailing out a boat with a sieve” being my favorite. Just chuck out the remaining contents and buy a new can when the urge strikes. Go on, you can afford it.

    Frozen biscuits? Ftekh.

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