My Heroes are Dying

I’m saddened this morning to find out that Robert Anton Wilson is dying, and is close to destitute. Support is needed. Paypal contributions can be sent to You can also send a check to RAW c/o Futique Trust, P.O. Box 3561, Santa Cruz, Ca 95063. Speaking as an author myself, while I’m sure he appreciates it if you buy his books, the time it takes for royalties to trickle through the system makes it unlikely that any such purchases will reach him before the end. Direct contributions are needed.

Wilson is perhaps the single author who’s most influenced me over the years. I’m not sure I can count the number of ways he changed my life, mostly indirectly but very obviously. He certainly had a more direct impact on my thinking and my epistemology than anyone else I can imagine. If you’re familiar with his work, you know what I mean. If not, check it out some time. The Illuminatus Trilogy or Cosmic Trigger are probably the best places to start; but you can really dip in anywhere. Just realize that when he’s telling you to doubt everyone and believe nothing, he’s not exempting himself.

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  1. Paradise Pete Says:

    I just sent him a little.

    A side note – I don’t know who wrote the linked text, but the line “Monthly contributions of $50.00 or more will be greatly appreciated.” was a bit off-putting.

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