43 Pocket Accordion File

Has anyone found a source for a 43 pocket accordion file? The goal is to create a Getting Things Done tickle file. So far the largest I’ve been able to find is 31 pockets.

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  1. Dereck Says:

    I’ve got one called “Globe-Weiss Everyday File and Fast Sorter”.

    But it isn’t an accordion file per se, but a folder thing. It doesn’t tie and the end, but is more of a book to open up. Each tab opens to a day, plus the 12 months in the back.

    I don’t use it because I went ahead and made a tickler with the hanging folder holder that came with my desk. You want it this folder? You have my email – I’d be happy to box it up and send it to you. Drop me a line if you want it – gratis.


  2. John Roberts Says:

    While a 43-pocket file would be nice, why not use two: one with 31 pockets, the other with 12 pockets? Or a 12/13 pocket accordian file into which you put 31 manila folders? And when I picture a 43-pocket accordian file, it’s big and bulky. A small file box (5″ x 12 ” x 10″) (e.g. item 218119 at Office Depot) would hold hanging folders containing manila folders quite nicely, sit on the floor or chair when in use, and protect its content from rain and weather during transport.

  3. Cary Scofield Says:

    Forgive me for asking a dumb question but what is so magical about the number 43?

  4. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    31 days + 12 months = 43 folders. Getting Things Done explains why.

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