I’m Alive

Just a quick note for anyone who cares (and still has Internet themselves) that Hurricane Sandy has so far not materially affected me or my family. We’re all fine. Power, water, phone, and Internet all remain on in the apartment.

Those of you who’ve visited me at home know that we live on one the highest points in Brooklyn several stories up. According to the evacuation maps, we’re good through at least a Category 3 and maybe worse. We have plenty of food and water. Cancelled subway service will eventually become problematic, but for now we’re just riding it out.

2 Responses to “I’m Alive”

  1. Robert Young Says:

    If you work in the Wall Street cabal, may be not so much!

  2. John Cowan Says:

    My power was restored about two hours ago after four days of living in a cave with running water (and a gas range, but no oven).

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