Domains of knowledge I’ve never gotten around to learning

  • Fashion
  • Dark Arts
  • Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
  • General Relativity
  • Algebraic Topology
  • Python, Go, C++
  • JavaScript and modern Web client tech

4 Responses to “Domains of knowledge I’ve never gotten around to learning”

  1. Robert Young Says:

    Without the last two points: how do you find work? :)

  2. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    It’s a fair question. The truth is for the last five years I’ve worked pretty much exclusively on the server side, aside from a bug fix here or there. There’s more than enough there to keep anyone busy for 80+ hours a week. At some point you do have to specialize.

    I am confident that if it were actually important for me to learn node.js or Angular or what have you, I could pick it up quickly. It might take somewhat longer to bring myself up to the point where I was using it efficiently and cleanly rather than hacking out code; and felt comfortable writing a best practices book on the subject.

    Plus you can still do a lot with plain vanilla HTML. :-)

  3. John Cowan Says:

    It’s easy enough to learn Node.js. It’s not so easy to get, say, three years’ experience with it. (Five years’ experience is out, although I’m sure HR departments will start asking for that soon enough.)

  4. Jim Fenner Says:

    I am delighted to find you are still alive and well – I had cafe au lait as one of my home pages for a decade
    Then you became invisible. I hope life is great with many more blessings than trials

    No I am not coding Java I earn my living coding TSO Rexx, but I remember the great pleasure I had studying half a dozen of your books that I bought during the Great Rush

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