Where’s Summoner 3?

I’ve just seen a list of upcoming videogames for the PlayStation 3, and am once again disappointed that Summoner 3 is nowhere to be found. I periodically Google Summoner 3, but no info is forthcoming. I’m not the only one looking.

My favorite video games are old style, D&D leveling games; i.e. RPG’s. I play other things on occasion, but these are the one that really involve me. However I’m quite picky even within the genre (which is probably a good thing, since it keeps me from wasting too much time playing and developing RSI.) Specifically I want:

  • No spiky-haired children. The more realistic the characters the better.
  • Serious plot and characters. Not just hack and slash.
  • Not excessively hard combat. I’m old enough not to have teenage reflexes. For that matter, I wasn’t all that coordinated when I was a teenager.

To date I’ve found exactly three such games on the Playstation 2:

Not quite what I’m asking for, but close enough was the brilliant Parasite Eve on the Playstation 1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City isn’t bad either.

However, there really seem to be very few games that hold my interest through the entire game. For instance, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance had the gameplay right, but little plot and no characterization worth speaking of.

That’s why I’m so hoping for Summoner 3. It’s been foreshadowed in both Summoner 1 (The Mystery of Luleva) and 2 (where an older Luleva shows up in the Arena), and it would be a real shame not to ever see it come to fruition.

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  1. Adrian Says:

    Surely you’re looking on the wrong platform? I’ve always considered the PC the home of ‘serious’ RPG’s.

  2. Adi Says:

    I loved only 2 games: Summoner 1 and Summoner 2 and I often Google Summoner 3 myself.
    You might wanna try Alon Dar (if you haven’t already). It’s kind of nice but not as sophisticated as the Summoners.

    I’ll give Bard’s tale a try.

  3. Mario Says:

    Elliotte, you must test Silent Hill, preferently the PlayStation 1 version.

  4. Larkc Says:

    I’m also hoping for another installement of Summoners, both 1 & 2 were brilliant, so different one from the other and yet they follow up with this rich storyline with their rich mythology and God and Godness themes, so refreshing from other RPGs out there.

    If I may I recommend another game, try out “Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land”, this is more like the old school RPGs in wich you have a first person view and although is fully 3D it combines 2D art wich gives it a very nice touch, the battle system is innovative and original, all together with a great story that will only hook up true RPG fans, you might though have problem looking for it since the game wasnt too popular and it came out in 2000-2001 I believe.

  5. jim Says:

    I always remember fondly the tail of Summoner1, and though I was loosely disappointed with summoner2, I still believe they could produce a dignified sequel within the Summoner’s universe.

    Other RPGs I enjoyed for the same reasons as Summoner1 were ones such as Gothic 1 & 2, which were had: a cleverly unique world, with a nice balance of combat, stealth (if so chosen), and plot.

  6. Mokka mit Schlag » $599 for a PS3?! Says:

    […] Lately I’ve been playing Neverwinter Nights on my Mac instead of the PS2 (or at least I was until I accidentally returned Disc 2 to Blockbuster instead of Doctor Who Lost in Time – The Patrick Troughton Years). Neverwinter Nights is mildly amusing, though still not up to the level of Summoner. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is probably better, but I can’t see buying a PC powerful enough to support it just for one game. […]

  7. Manny Says:

    summoner 2 was great on one part, but disappointing on another because i found it way to short u can easily beat it within 10-15 hours

  8. Manny Says:

    I prefer Summoner 1’s plot and story for many reasons, in my list it’s probablly one of thee most nicest and attractive RPG’s out there, i also tried alon D’ar but found the attack and magic systems too complicated , I also wonder what summoner 3’s plot story will be, because Summoner 1 was the god of Urath, Summoner 2 the godess Laharah, im thinking summoner 3 will be about the god of O?sumthing ( i forgot his name but its the god of Iona).

  9. Manny Says:

    All in all Summoner 1 is a great game, in fact i got the game as a gift from my brother , he thought the screens on the box looked cool and well made graphically and that’s how i became a summoner fan :P

  10. tim Says:

    i also google this same subject about every couple of months i am a pretty hard core gamer and i loved the first 2 i hope there is more to come

  11. Scott Says:

    Summoner far surpasses Summoner 2/ Baldur’s Gate / NWN (although they’re all still good, just not as good.) I’ve read that Summoner 3 would be a different game again – I’d certainly give it a try on the premise that the first installment of the Summoner series is an undeniable classic. I especially enjoyed the online version (PC.)

    It’s a shame that RPG series dwindle into oblivion sometimes, just like Lands of Lore, the third installment–it was excellent–yet since the Westwood/EA takeover there’s little chance of funding for such a game. I hope this doesn’t happen with Summoner.

  12. nick Says:

    summonr fans should possibly try champions of norrath, whilst it has less plot than the summoner games, it has a much better levelling up system, and online options as well. you have a basic choice of five “classes” as it were, and each has its own skill tree. Unfortunately combat is rather simple, with just a generic chop button, but there are myriad special moves, so depending on what you are looking for, it might be worth a look. if they o make a summoner 3 game, they would have to bring back the khosonai, or however you spell it. those guys were awesome! possible go to talas for the third gam, because in the first, it was medeva and orenia, with some very weak ties to hallasar and galdyr, and then summoner 2 was set in galdyr and hallasar, with a refrence to another land known as talas. as i remmeber, the king of talas also popped up in summoner 1, where you had to help him find the khosonai?

  13. Summoner Fan Says:

    ye m8 summoner 1 an 2 wo mint they shud definatly make summoner 3

  14. FitzChivalry Says:

    I have nothing but fond memories of the first summoner but, the second was a bit dissapointing. Someone should start a pettition or something surely if enough people annoyed them for long enough they might. I like mmorpgs too especially Ragnarok Online plus its free. You shold look it up.

  15. Casper Says:

    I’ve just started a new game of Summoner 2. Haven’t played it in ages. It is still sh*t-hot! I do get a little bored because I can play it with my eyes shut! I cant even pretend not to remember the experiment codes and the colour codes to raise the walk bridge! But not as bored with some of the crap out there! If there truly is a godess reborn ou there, surely she will bring forth Summoner 3! Or I’d even settle for a Summoner: The Beginning.

  16. Modo Says:

    Hello, I am a huge summoner fan as well. And the chances of a Summoner 3 is slim to none. Since most people didn’t even like the first one ( but it sold pretty good ) and no one has heard of the second one. So the third is out of the question.

    But I am going to post this since you guys are as big Summoner fans as me.

    Check out my band, We are called Nhuvasarim. And some of our lyrics are based on the stories and concepts of Summoner.

  17. Cameron Says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed both Summoner 1 and 2, but didn’t any1 find the ending to summoner 2 a bit messed up?
    anyway. If they do make a summoner 3 it’d be cool.
    ATM I’ve been playing World of Warcraft if any1 else plays, my server is Teranus I’m on an EU server, and my screen-name is Norphax.

  18. Chris Says:

    I too am a big fan of the Summoner series and like many here I often google Summoner 3, havent found anything regarding a 3rd game yet however. Perhaps when the PS3 is more established? Personally I think it would be a big shame if there isnt a Summoner 3 at some point in the future.

  19. James Says:

    Summoner 1 and too are great games it’s just the endings where both of them end up dead, on summoner 3 they guy/girl shouldn’t die because most people get dissapointed when their favourite charecters die. By the way have you tried Final fantasy?

  20. Manny Says:

    From what i heard of rumors from THQ and Anoop Shekar the third installement will maybe be featuring the third god of creation of the summoner world, Amasido and you’ll most likely play a barbarian type summoner. and ill bet my bottom dollar on that!

  21. Scott Says:

    Where did you here these rumours? A link would be cool :)

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  23. Eat Bobba Says:

    I also Google Summoner 3 alot, In the hope they do actually make it.
    Even with the PS3 and such out now, I still class Summoner 1as my favourite game probably.
    Summoner 2 was good, But not as good. The storyline wasnt as cool as the first.

    But for a free online game, give RuneScape a try. It’s awesome :)

  24. Louis Says:

    In my opinion summoner 1 was probably one of the greatest games that came out for ps2 . Summoner 2 was also awesome just to short. If there was a Summoner 3 game released i know i would buy it just because how good the first two were.

  25. Chris Says:

    I found this by typing summoner 3 in Google. Seems like thats the going trend around here. 1 was awesome and 2 was great, love the outtakes at the end, I actually lol’ed at some. These games, along with storyline really hit on the head what I most like about rpg’s, pitty this type is such a niche :( Hopefully S3 comes along soon cause these games still give me the type of nostalgia i got from the music of Wild Arms 1

  26. Chrissy Says:

    Actually I discovered a while back that yes a summoner 3 had been made, unfortunately it was made for game cube not for ps2 or ps3 like we were hoping. I bought It but I can not play it without the game cube. Anyways where I found it was ebay. Try typing it in every so often or posting a want it now post someone should have it for you

  27. Chrissy Says:

    Actually here is the title of Summoner 3 the reason it can’t be found is because of the title change, summoner 3 is known as
    Summoner: A Goddess Reborn. Type that in and you will be able to find it. That is the 3rd game of the set and I still wish they would have released it on ps2 like the others but as things are it has been out since 2003.

    hope this helps

  28. Chaeval Says:

    Summoner: Goddess reborn is just summoner 2 re-mixed for the cube. Same storyline, graphical updates.

  29. Russell Says:

    ok. i love both of the summoner games. i first got summoner 2 and had problems with the game just stop working on me. i went through 5 summoner 2 disks. and finally beat it. Does anyone understand the ending. i know that she was laharah and urath becuase she was everything. not just one being. but all things. and then at the end shes laharah at the new eleh tree. you can see that the new one is white and the old one is brown. i kinda want some kinsa clearity on the ending. i think i get it. but iam not sure. and seeing how thq took down the offical website. ive been trying to make one myslef. and information or screenshot(i need tons of these-specailly all the summons levels 1-3) would really be helpful. just email them to me. thanks.

    email: crimsonshadow11@yahoo.com

  30. Jacob Says:

    It looks like I was not the only one to be lured into this place when googling “Summoner 3” As a silly, last ditch effort to find information on anything relevant. Look, to those of you who have already posted here and might remember to come back and check for some information, or to those of you who have fell into this place like myself and dozens before me, I provide hope.


    After 2 hours of looking, even considering contacting them about information as to the third game being released, I found this tidbit.
    Take a look at the evidence:
    1. They completely deleted the Summoner 1 and Summoner 2 data archives and site off of the THQ website, without providing any information on why they did so.
    2. In my link, they mention of new games coming out for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and that these games will be covered up from public view for a while.

    Now I’m going to go look a bit more. I won’t find anything, though. I might check up on this forum in a few months if I remember.

  31. Matt Says:

    One of my all time favorites… The only games I can see myself replaying in 5 years just to enjoy the story again. They could make a bad to the bone summoner 3 if they wanted to. Oh please oh please.

  32. rich Says:

    U reek of the dung cotter! Summoner 1 best game of all time i hope they bring Joseph back if theres a third

  33. Eric Says:

    Dung cotter?? What the… Speak international English! and no need to insult someone here.

    For your information, i sent several messages to Volition Inc. about the possibility of a Summoner 3 coming out…. never got an answer from them. i thought it was quite unprofessional of them.

  34. Gigatech Says:

    its a line that is said in the first summoner game -_- that wasnt an insult lol. Well anyway Summoner 1 was the best of the two in my opinion i wasnt so interested in Summoner 2 as the storyline wasn’t that great and it bored me to death with the lack of material in it there were no encounters my favorite part of summoner 1 and the locations we went to were all too small. Although the detail in the graphic makeup of Summoner 2 was good it detracted from the main people play the game the storyline and the violence. Some of the characters in summoner 2 were good though lol such as Neru. A summoner 3 would be a good instalment in the series they would just have to find a better storyline and a good set of characters and bring the encounters back lol.

  35. Tim Says:

    I google this same thing every 6 months or so. I consider my self a pretty hard core gamer and i would put summoner 1 and 2 in my top 10 of all time . They do seem to be very underrated they needed better marketing. everyone i got playing this game loved it but non of them ever even heard of it

  36. Karl Says:

    I remember sitting in my little apartment back then and playin it was a great game kinda weird at forst but when ya get into it it is very addictive

  37. Septet Says:

    These games rocked! I’m going to be getting the Mark tattooed on my hand…if I could find some good artwork.

  38. Gothic Says:

    I doubt there will be a Summoner 3(Vol is dead I think), but I loved Summoner 1. I loved Medeva, Lenele, and the story behind the game. All the lore about Urath and his sisters and brothers forming the Summoner world and the Medevan-Orenian war. It would be interesting to have a Summoner where Joseph is the King of Medeva rather than Urath reborn.

  39. Stagezilla Says:

    Remake summoner 1 in 720 or 1080p for the ps3, that would be epic. Could even put 1 and 2 on the one ps3 disc like they did with god of war 1 and 2.

  40. Steamboat Says:

    nice to know that i’m not the only one still looking..

    RIP Summoner

  41. Justin Says:

    i agree exactly. i have been continuously disappointed on these new games and there gameplay. im sure summoner 3 will be terrible too because of the new style of fighting that everyone likes for some reason absolutely terrible.

  42. Dan Says:

    i’ve loved this game for since it came out, and i’ve just started a new storyline right now for the first time in 3 years, the best game ever in my opinion, its the only ps2 game i didn’t sell, but yeah thats why i stumbled across this forum, I hope that a summoner 3 does come out, even if it isn’t made by Vol, but it WOULD have to keep the same controls and the other great features that the first one had, I didn’t think much about summoner 2 tbh.

  43. Dominic Bishop Says:

    Hey everyone, I am a huge fan of the Summoner games like you and, also like you, I have longed for a Summoner 3 or at least a Summoner HD remake for a long time!

    Since I haven’t seen any on the internet, I decided to make a petition in an attempt to get something done about it!

    The games bring back many fond memories of my game-playing youth (which wasn’t too long ago, if I’m honest), although unfortunately both my PS2 and 60Gb Ps3 broke so I now have no way of playing these cherished amazing games ever again! :(

    That is why I and many like me (such as yourselves) are so adamant that we want this to be made and our voices to be heard! It happened with the Secret of Monkey Island remakes, so why not here? Ok I admit the Summoner games aren’t quite as critically or commercially well-recieved, but perhaps a next gen reboot would change all that. Considering the addictive gameplay, intriguing storyline world and immersive world, coupled with the power of modern consoles, I feel this could have the potential to become both an amazing game but also quite lucrative for Volition and THQ.

    Now we just have to convince them that this is the case, and who knows, assuming this petition is successful, we might just do it!

    I actually sent Volition an e-mail a few months ago about the prospect of summoner 3 or a remake and got no reply, so maybe with the backing of a few thousand signatures we might get somewhere.

    If you could take the time to spend a few minutes doing the petition it would make me, and potentially many others very happy!

    Ok, I know you might be thinking “who does this guy think he is?” But seeing as no-one else to my knowledge has done this I think I am being less pretentious and more caring to the wildly loyal fanbase of these games.

    The link is http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/summoner3/ .

    Thanks guys,, I will monitor both the petition and this page to see what the reaction is!

  44. Eric Says:

    How about starting a Facebook group for Summoner 3??

  45. Meb Says:

    Haha, It’s been 3 years this month since i last commented on here and i can’t believe people are still looking for it the same as i am! Still wishing they make it after all this time.

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