Steve Wiseman Nails Vista

Steve Wiseman nails Vista. It’s crap like this that separates the pros from the amateurs. The reason I do most of my work on the Mac is that Apple and the Mac community seem to have a much higher ratio of pros to amateurs than do Microsoft and the Windows community.

The Mac isn’t perfect by any means. I could say a few unkind words about its file copying too. However, problems crop up a lot less often there than they do on Windows.

The Linux community mostly doesn’t even try. These days they’re pretty much all amateurs when it comes to user interface design. The pros all left when Eazel closed shop, and the money spout got turned off. As a rule, talented kernel hackers and server optimizers do not make great designers. However, Microsoft still has the money spout flowing. Can’t they hire somebody who knows what they’re doing?

On the plus side, at least the Aero dialogs look pretty, not the crayon colored monstrosities XP offered. I suspect this time around Microsoft hired a real artist to design the look and feel. That’s important, but it’s still just skin deep. The user interaction design is much more important than the graphic design, and here Microsoft is still sucking wind.

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  1. John R. Says:

    “Microsoft thinks it is perfectly fine for the UI to become unresponsive when the network is down. ”

    This is so incredibly true, yet still very sad. I absolutely hate it whenever network (or other sloow resources) become frozen, for however long it is going to take.

    This was perfectly fine back in Ye Olde Pentium days (I’m not that old) some lag was to be expected. Nowadays, whenever I sit down with an 2.8GHz 1gig RAM (it’s not very big either) that is arguably some of the most hardcore engineering available to non-professionals, trivial freezing of 0,5s and up isn’t convincing me.

    I vote a black camel to Microsoft on this one.

  2. Sam Says:

    Hey, this isn’t very relevant, but I have just come into ownership of a PowerMac G3 Blue and White with OS 9, and I have been searching for days now for some way to get linux onto it. I consider myself fairly technical, but (obviously) I haven’t been able to get anything to work. So, long story short, a post you made in 2005 came up in the searching so I thought I would ask if you had any suggestions.

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