Steal This Font

I was so taken by the clean look of Mark Pilgrim’s latest blog entry that I just had to look at his stylesheet, and figure out what font he was using. It seems to be Gill Sans at a large size. I’ve now revamped this site to use that as its body font. (Optima is the backup for those deprived PCs without Gill Sans installed.)

On the other hand, he’s using 180% line height which looked a little too big to me, so I’ve set the line height at 140%.

I still need to play with the heading, sidebar, and comment fonts so they match–maybe I should just steal Mark’s choices for these too–but overall this font feels quite a bit more readable and modern to me.

3 Responses to “Steal This Font”

  1. wally washington Says:

    maybe he got the idea for Gill Sans from this from Edward Tufte

  2. wally washington Says:

    I’ll try again to include the url into Edward Tuftes website

  3. Rob Sanheim Says:

    Now you need to fix the neon blue on green header logo =).

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