To Blog or Not To Blog

Cafe au Lait dates back to 1995. I know I’m not the first blogger. Ric Ford’s Macintouch precedes me, and probably others do as well. However, I was there quite early on, I think before the word “blog” was coined. Truth is I’ve never even really thought of Cafe au Lait, Cafe con Leche, and The Cafes as blogs, even after I added RSS feeds. Most obviously they’re organized by date rather than by post. And despite occasional off-topic posts, I mostly keep them focused on Java and XML respectively.

However, Mokka mit Schlag is very much a blog. It looks like a blog. It feels like a blog. It reads like a blog. Most importantly for me, it writes like a blog instead of a static set of web pages. Most importantly for you, the reader, it is no longer limited to one topic. Here I feel free to expound on any subject that wanders into my field of vision. I have carefully categorized posts so my birder friends can read about birds and my programmer friends can read about programming and my family can read my travel stories, without having to pay attention to the parts that don’t interest them; but I still get to write about anything I like; and that’s a good thing.

2 Responses to “To Blog or Not To Blog”

  1. Ryan Cox Says:

    Since this isn’t just a tech blog, tell us about interesting intersections that you encounter. You’ve scratched around at the tech of birding. Though I’m not a birder I think some of the technology involved is interesting…

  2. George Bailey Says:

    I’ve been reading Cafe au Lait regularly for several years, and off and on since it first appeared. I’ve never considered it a blog. (Though I avoid that term so much that it might be the first time I’ve ever actually typed it.)

    I’ve been reading Mokka for just a few days, but I find it very interesting. If it’s a blog, then it would increase all the way to 1 the number that I read daily. I especially enjoyed your battle with Ruby on Rails.

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