Atom Podcasts

John LeMasney asked a good question during my RSS and Atom presentation last night to the Princeton Linux Users Group that I didn’t know how to answer. Do Podcast clients, especially iTunes, support Atom Podcasts yet? I know Atom has the necessary elements but do the clients recognize them?

Personally I don’t really listen to podcasts because I simply prefer reading and writing to speaking and listening, so I’m not up on all the latest developments in this space. Dan Sandler claims it doesn’t. He seems to be right. We need to convince Apple to fix this.

What about other clients? Does anyone else support Atom podcasts yet? Apparently Feedburner can convert Atom podcast feeds into RSS feeds if necessary.

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  1. Chris Says:

    Thunderbird 1.5 release notes say it supports podcasts, I don’t know if Atom podcasts though and have not tried it yet

  2. Gordon Weakliem Says:

    NewsGator Online, and therefore FeedStation, will support Atom podcasts, as long as the attachments are links and not inline. I believe one of the service releases of NG for Outlook 2.5 uses the same parser, so it would work there as well. For the record, I work for NG, but in fact, I implemented our Atom 1.0 support, so I happen to know it works.

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