WordPress Upgraded

I’ve upgraded the WordPress engine on this site to the latest version, 2.1.3. Initial results look positive, but holler (preferably via e-mail) if you notice anything going wrong.

I need to check out the Atom feeds. I followed the instructions to disable all plug-ins before upgrading and then re-enable them afterwards. Only then did I realize that because I’ve been hacking on the Atom 1.0 plug-in lately, I’ve actually got five different versions installed, and I’m really not sure which one is the latest. OK. Figured that out. I looked at the Cafes to see which variation it was using.

Hmm, one change I don’t like. There’s no more live preview iframe on the edit page. I wonder where that went? Hmm, found it. I’m not sure why it was hiding.

I’m hoping this upgrade will improve performance. Allegedly the MySQL queries have been heavily optimized throughout WordPress in the 2.1.x series.

There’s a new Blogroll feature. I’ll have to play with that. Looks nice. I think what I’ll do once I’ve upgraded The Cafes is move the tech blogs over there and the personal interest blogs over here.

4 Responses to “WordPress Upgraded”

  1. John Cowan Says:

    Still no preview for us, though?

  2. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    I tried installing the Filsosofo Comments Preview plug-in, but it promptly broke all comments, and in fact everything on the page starting with the Comments section. :-(

  3. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    Try it now. I’ve installed a Live Comment preview that you can see below the input box. It requires JavaScript. To be honest this is rather annoying. However, nothing else I tried actually worked. :-(

    I’ll leave this on for a little while to see what people think of it. However my gut reaction now is that I should turn it off. It’s just too distracting to have the text updating while I type. I’d rather have a simple, multistep preview then post like you see on many blogs, but none of the plug-ins I’ve tried for WordPress could handle that. It does seem like an obvious omission.

  4. John Cowan Says:

    Okay, testing the live preview. Hmm, not bad, it almost keeps up with me when I’m typing at full speed, which is not true of most live previews I’ve seen. Let’s see if it can do HTML on the fly: yup! What about a link to my home page? Yup, that displays too. All good. Thanks for installing this.

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