All My Tweets in 2009

Lightly edited, in chronological order. All times UTC.


21:14:40 I seem to get a lot more written when I don’t have to work. Holidays are very conducive for blogging. :-)

21:15:13 Final 2008 BGBY score: 159. 2009 score to date: 5.

21:15:42 Anyone know a good place in Orange County to do out of warranty Mac Mini repairs?

21:32:49 Restoring my wife’s data from Time Machine to a new Mac. Hope it works.


00:25:52 First new county bird this year: Mute Swan at North Lake (but no Ross’ Goose :-( ) . 2009 BGBY list now at 60 species. :-)


01:13:42 #455 McGillivray’s Warbler. Finally found this one at HCP today with Sea & Sage after striking out 3 or 4 times before. + 3 new county birds

01:52:39 How do I hate class loaders? Let me count the ways. I am debugging an issue where one unit test can find a class and the other can’t.


03:12:35 Why, oh why, can’t I have silence in my apartment before 3:00 in the morning? You’d think Ivine would be quieter than Brooklyn, but no…

03:14:52 My MacBook Pro won’t wake up from sleep, ever. I can type in my password, but then it’s spinning beachball of death and back to sleep till reboot.

17:14:20 It takes at least 3 or more rereadings to make sense of Haskell syntax. The ideas are good, but the syntax could be much clearer and less cryptic


18:24:30 Is it really true that the *linked list* is LISP’s fundamental data type? Or is it it just an abstract list, regardless of implementation?

19:34:24 sortLists [] = [] sortLists (x:xs) = sortLists (filter (shorter x) xs) ++ [x] ++ sortLists (filter (not shorter x) xs)

20:19:06 intersperse :: a -> [[a]] -> [a] intersperse _ [] = [] intersperse _ [[a]] = [a] intersperse b (x:xs) = x ++ [b] ++ (intersperse b xs)

20:19:33 Is there a <pre> for Twitter?

20:28:02 intersperse :: a -> [[a]] -> [a]; intersperse _ [] = []; intersperse a [xs] = xs; intersperse b (x:xs) = x ++ [b] ++ (intersperse b xs)


03:47:52 I went 0 for 3 on Classical Mechanics: one bad professor, one program that didn’t teach it, and one adjunct who didn’t appreciate Lagrangians

03:49:35 Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics

13:48:08 Wow. Random sirens before dawn. Haven’t heard that since I left Brooklyn.

18:45:40 @KentBeck Just be glad you don’t speak German. :-)

18:48:18 Finally found the White-throated Sparrow this A.M. at Mason. Took five trips. Lucky it’s in my back yard. + Spotted Sandpiper. BGBY total 79

23:43:34 @dsaff But you can get out so early before work now. :-)

23:44:27 NewerTech Voyager Q: I think I want one.

23:45:57 @mfeathers Does the D compiler enforce their purity? Or is that left up to the programmer’s honesty?


03:50:48 I think we just had an earthquake; 2nd one since we moved here and not as bad as the first

04:17:20 Yep, it was a 5.0:

04:23:04 Moderate earthquake at 7:49:46 PM (PST) on 2009-01-08 Magnitude 5.0 2 km (1 miles) S of San Bernardino, CA. hypocentral depth is 14 km

16:42:42 Why does Vanguard have such terrible latency?


00:58:03 @mfeathers and one that recombines them on the other end

00:58:53 Vanguard has been inaccessible all day, from different computers on different networks. Do I really want to trust my money to them?

04:05:35 Citibank is astonishingly incompetent. How are they even still in business?


22:18:01 Lark Sparrow in Mason park this morning near the weird wavy concrete wall. 3rd BGBY bird this year I didn’t have last year. 92 total so far.


18:40:54 Still as relevant as it was 10 years ago:

22:37:55 Remind me again why this qualifies as a democracy?


16:21:43 My high school class is now using Facebook. I updated my profile to tell them where else to look for me. Too damn many social networks.

16:22:37 Does JVM’s lookupswitch outperform if-else for several thousand cases?

16:23:20 @mfeathers Assume that the surface of a tooth is a sine function…

16:28:30 Also, is the generated byte code for lookupswitch any smaller than if-else? (and why can’t I reply to my own tweets?)


14:29:15 Cox has just horrible latency on their network.

14:30:20 What’s the equivalent of JavaDoc for Haskell?

18:25:55 I walked to work today via a circuitous route that takes me past Upper Newport Bay. Found 10 new BGBY species including Greater Scaup


02:04:17 Then I walked home and added Horned Grebe and Whimbrel. 103 total now. I didn’t get this many BGBY species last year till May.

19:55:01 is very tired of companies that give faster and better support when you flame them on a blog than when you contact official support channels


02:03:17 @timbray Are you using JDBC? If so, no, people don’t do that for a living. They use Hibernate.

13:08:50 @unclebobmartin Money is a medium of exchange, a measure of value, and a store of value

13:14:17 needs to improve the autogenerated Unicode normalization code in XOM so it’s more automatic and less manual.

13:15:44 @timbray next hook up a keyboard and a big monitor and throw away your desktop and your laptop (OK, maybe not today but tomorrow)

13:58:11 Good JavaDoc method comments are like twitter: 140 characters or less. (A little more for class comments, but only if you really have to.)

16:43:15 Haskell syntax keeps tripping me up. Even if I know the recursive, immutable algorithm, I often can’t figure out the syntax.


14:59:16 Uploading XOM 1.2b3. With a little luck, this will become XOM 1.2 release. 1.2 is a pretty minor release but some bugs need to be stomped.

15:03:37 @cshirky I’ve hacked Firefox so it can remember passwords.


02:47:51 Bored enough that I’m now installing the Android SDK

16:10:34 New feeder bird this morning: California Towhee

16:12:00 @codinghorror dl is very useful when you have a list of items with titles

16:13:41 Trying to read a tutorial in one window and use Eclipse in the other is painful. Maybe if I put my laptop on the desk?

20:59:20 @bobmcwhirter Actually I want multiple autosynced EC2 clouds, with one button to switch from one to the next.

21:00:54 No Glaucous Gull, no Ferruginous Hawk, no Tropical Kingbird but yes Vermilion Flycatcher, Herring Gull, and Glaucous-winged Gulls

22:42:51 @bobmcwhirter More-or-less. I want pretty reliable, fast backup and restore. Others may want better than that.

22:44:03 After taking macro pictures of spider eyes, I’m realizing most giant spiders in movies look nothing like the real thing.

22:44:22 Nature is far stranger and more creative than Hollywood.

22:54:34 Have there really been no Quicken upgrades for the Mac for two years?



02:04:20 Not sure I want to trust all my financial information to a remote provider. Client-side apps are simply more private and secure.

13:52:04 @codinghorror My local bank (on the other side of the country) won’t even let me bank online until I show up in person. Security is annoying

17:58:53 The poem and benediction were more memorable than the inaugural speech, though I was impressed that “non-believers” got included.


14:45:55 @mfeathers Personally I like “experimental programming” style TDD though it scares most devs even more than XP.

14:46:37 @johnatlarge Loverboy and Survivor. Gotta dig the 80’s power chords. :-)

14:52:08 @KentBeck How do you not get eaten up by credit card fees at $2/month?


00:00:56 Do merchants deliberately use disappearing ink for receipts to avoid leaving a paper trail? Or is it just coincidence?

02:36:19 More BGBY birds walking to work today: California Gnatcatcher and Ross’s Goose +2 new walking: Great-tailed Grackle and Rock Pigeon

02:40:34 Do individual Tweets have URLs? I can’t seem to find one. If not, that’s a major mistake.

19:20:55 @unclebobmartin Depends on whether the dog is “fixed or not. :-)

19:25:45 @timbray OMG. You’re still using NetSol? I thought everyone self-aware geek abandoned them years ago.

19:29:23 @mnot Thanks How’d you figure that URL out. View source? Or some tool other than the standard website? What am I missing?

22:16:51 I am not


02:03:05 Eclipse only runs TestSuites if the suite() method returns Test. It doesn’t work if the suite() method returns TestSuite! +1 for IDEA

02:04:24 @mnot Got it. Thanks!

02:08:44 I wonder how XOM does?


01:18:29 BGBY: Downy Woodpecker, American Goldfinch, Common Raven (None of these were really in doubt. Just quiet around here in January.)

15:43:07 WordPress has forgotten my subcategories. I can assign a post to Software Development but not Software Development/Haskell.

15:50:43 Wow. Another home run For the first time in well, ever, I am actually cautiously optimistic about a new president

23:55:34 Is there a good place to shop for Hermann Miller chairs in Orange County? I want to try the new Embody and Mirra.


14:36:56 @adamengst It took me three tries to find the TidBits Unsubscribe link and I’m no AOL user. The problem’s in your format, not the users.

23:54:52 @adamengst A TidBits issue is a LONG e-mail and the end is way too far away – 14 page downs. Try putting it at the front.

23:55:49 @adamengst Also you put it after a line with — which make some e-mail clients make it less prominent or perhaps even hide completely


00:02:40 Damn. I may actually win that eBay camera auction. I’ve gotten so used to losing I bid almost carelessly.

14:10:02 @KentBeck Strong bet that test ordering optimization will break people’s code. No, it shouldn’t. Yes, it will.

14:11:55 OK. Didn’t win the camera. Whew. Do I actually want it?



20:27:41 This is just insane: Prelude> ((<) 5) 6 True Prelude> (< 5) 6 False


17:57:12 Writing documentation is a vastly underused technique for figuring out just where your architecture and design has gone off the rails.


00:57:17 On Macs I never see a system so pegged that the mouse stops responding. When will Linux learn the GUI is not just another program?

13:32:19 @unclebobmartin $20B more spent on food than otherwise would be, perhaps? Putting money directly in consumers’ hands is pretty stimulating.

13:33:16 @codinghorror So why are you searching Google instead of SO? Dogfood!

16:00:40 Getting very tired of unclear, underspecified exercises in Real World Haskell. What’s the width of a Doc? Length of longest line?

16:02:31 @unclebobmartin Stimulus is needed because potential productivity is not being and will not be absorbed by the private sector.


18:08:46 @unclebobmartin Mess caused by lax (or no) government oversight of private sector. Republican borrowing-and-spending was not the cause.

18:10:27 @greenrd No, applications hang but you can still switch to other applications. The shell is not blocked by one bad GUI app.

18:11:47 @ToddCostella Any kind of documentation at all: user facing tutorial, design docs, JavaDoc, whatever. Just not the code itself.

23:40:27 @unclebobmartin

23:42:26 @unclebobmartin Lax lending standards were a result of the failure of risk management at lenders. AIG/Lehman/ et al were lack of regulation.

23:43:37 @dnovatchev That it has meaning does not make that meaning sane. One violates standard mathematical notation at one’s peril.


00:55:20 Where’s Burris Basin?

14:09:09 I thought losing might reconnect Republicans to reality, but I was wrong about that.

14:12:34 @unclebobmartin Smart. Very smart. Much smarter than Gore picking Lieberman for VP and potentially losing control of Senate.

14:13:38 @unclebobmartin Of course, this ploy requires active Republican participation. Obama can’t make anyone leave the Senate.

14:17:59 For the record, I do recommend “testing getters and setters and itty bitty methods that simply can’t fail”.

14:28:57 Time to write (1000 lines of unit test code + 1000 lines of model code) < Time to write (1000 lines of model code)

22:03:56 Revolutionary Road was a lot more enjoyable than most movies about married couples screaming at each other. I’m not sure why.

22:05:01 Gran Torino was much funnier than expected, though it’s still a Clint Eastwood tough guy movie at heart.

22:07:26 @unclebobmartin Shame on the Democrats for adjusting plans to fit radically changed circumstances! G.W.B. wouldn’t have done that!


02:31:16 Felt funny being the only non-Asian couple in Costco this afternoon until I remembered the Superbowl was on.

02:32:36 Paul Blart Mall Cop: Excruciating. I hate movies that make me feel embarassed for the characters.


12:59:43 @codinghorror Eww. I get it now, but to an amateur field biologist, “scat” mat conjures up a totally different image. :-)

13:01:53 @adamengst 30 seconds? You have it easy.

13:56:16 toString is a more sensible name than show for a function that doesn’t actually show anything

14:04:51 Need a Mac Twitter client that auto-tinyURLs URLs. Tried NatsuLion but it’s completely non-functional.

14:06:12 For that matter, since the web UI makes everything a tiny URL anyway, why doesn’t it count all URLs as 25 characters?

14:06:27 Why I’ll never use Orbitz again:

14:45:36 Look here first when something in Real World Haskell just seems wrong:

15:00:24 @GregOstravich Just tried it. The install failed due to a corrupt Air app.

15:01:40 I don’t believe developers who tell me I’m the only one having problems. I’m just the only one who knows to blame them instead of myself.

15:02:43 Most developers live in a bubble where they only hear from satisfied users and never hear from the large percentage for whom an app fails

15:05:27 Perhaps as much as 50% of software and websites have massive bugs rendering them largely non-functional for many users.

15:06:23 I’m not talking edge cases and error conditions. I’m talking big, obvious problems on first launch or install at the very first screen.

15:36:15 @mfeathers Some folks still see the world through SQL-colored glasses.

18:57:03 @mfeathers Still haven’t internalized pattern matching myself. It may take getting used to, or it may just be a bad idea. Don’t know yet.


13:50:01 I am so sick of people who attach Word docs to e-mail with content that could easily be pasted in as plain text.

13:51:09 As long as I’m ranting, why can’t people who put everything in spreadsheets learn how to format them and delete the sheets they don’t use?

13:51:49 @jstrachan No, just application/xml

13:59:19 More proof by example that programmers cannot be trusted with operator overloading:

14:05:06 Google Reader won’t show you a feed you’ve subscribed to for the first time unless it has an unread (i.e. recent) item in it.

17:48:34 New BGBY birds today: California Gull and Western Meadowlark. Meadowlark.I didn’t have last year. Got it at UCI Arboretum.


14:36:45 Maybe it’s not that information wants to be free. Maybe it’s just boobs don’t know how to charge for it: Server Error in ‘/rq’ Application.

14:37:45 I mean seriously, I’m ready to give them my credit card to purchase $4.99 worth of pure information and that’s what I see.

16:02:26 Any email that doesn’t come with a human-read reply-to address deserves to be classified as spam.


00:55:17 PC pro measures the trees and misses the forest:

00:56:32 @mfeathers No, but I just installed ScribeFire

02:00:58 The Burris sandpit is between Lincoln and Taft. Check eBird.

02:04:52 The e-mail address I’ve had for close to 15 years may be going away soon. :-(

14:34:28 @KentBeck I hate it when that happens. These days I try to only respond only on public lists so at least someone will hear me.

21:30:23 @spolsky We need to be able to back up our data and services independently of the service provider.


00:43:29 XSLT is the purest functional language ever devised. Discuss.

00:45:28 This weekend I’m going for Hooded Merganser, Black-and-white warbler, and Cactus Wren.

00:55:18 I think I’m going to take the DSLR plunge soon. Bug season is upon us. (Advantage of SoCal: 10+ months a year of insects)

00:56:00 Admittedly not everyone finds strange arthropods in their apartment in the evening to be a feature. :-)

01:05:24 Anyone know a good cheap, non-permanent way to cover a thick carpet with wood/hard plastic flooring without ripping up the carpet?

01:10:39 need a sturdy tripod I can attach to my bike or shove in my backpack somehow

02:54:32 Why do I need a 30″ monitor just to see a complete tool palette in Lightroom without scrolling? Adobe UI is usually better than that.

03:17:54 Looking for a Photo Organizer/Editor

03:18:50 @warrenellis Elliotte Rusty Harold Computer book author, software engineer, Stormwatch/Authority fan

14:05:52 @warrenellis Good morning Warren

14:16:18 Very disappointed to learn the Land of the Lost movie will be a comedy. This would have made such a great straight movie.

16:02:55 I love that Amazon let’s me see all my old orders. Makes figuring out deductibles at tax time much easier.

16:06:18 @unclebobmartin My B.S. detector is firing on that story. A lot doesn’t make sense about it. And why is the story posted in the forums?

16:08:36 @unclebobmartin More details:

16:26:32 Friedrich Hayek is becoming as much of a cult figure as Ayn Rand, and I mean that in a bad way.

16:28:19 If the Chicago School doesn’t reconnect to reality, the same thing’s going to happen to Milton Friedman.

17:36:40 @dnovatchev Purest is based on purity, not feature set. XSLT is Turing complete and there are no side effects or I/O. Haskell has both.

17:37:06 @MichelangeloPM I’m not saying XSLT is the best functional language for general purposes, just that it’s the purest.

17:37:54 @AiGameDev Except we have proof by example that it’s not useless. A value goes into the function. A value comes out of the function.

18:26:39 Why do programmers believe focus stealing pop-ups are somehow more acceptable on the desktop than on the Web?

18:27:20 I’m talking to you IntelliJ and Archive Utility.

18:28:23 @unclebobmartin Bob, I can only guess that you would have loved the Great Depression.

18:56:48 21 Goldfinches on my feeders

19:01:03 @mfeathers One of those hay piles is pretty empty right now. What else is left for monetarism to try? Negative interest rates?


01:31:48 New BGBY birds along San Diego Creek today: Loggerhead Shrike, Common Merganser, Wilson’s Snipe, and Brown-headed Cowbird


03:18:30 New BGBY birds at San Joaquin today: Peregrine Falcon and White-throated Swift. Total now stands at 122.

03:19:29 Went shopping (browsing really) on Melrose Ave. for first time this P.M. More interesting than expected.

17:01:57 Photoshop Elements 6 on Mac is crippled relative to Windows version; no organizer :-(


01:17:09 @KentBeck Nothing like learning a new language (natural or computer) to make you humble again.

01:21:08 @dnovatchev XSLT 1.0. I have no clue what 2.0 is up to. :-)

01:22:25 @dnovatchev No xsl:result-document in XSLT 1.0

01:23:58 @dnovatchev since processors are obligated to cache the initial result of document() it’s just another argument to the function

01:25:02 @dnovatchev I/O is deliberately outside the core. A tree goes in. A tree comes out. Serialization is not required.

13:52:54 Anyone know how “Auto Smart Fix” in Photoshop Elements works? What transforms/filters does it apply at what strengths? What’s the algorithm?

13:53:45 I.e. is the Auto Smart Fix algorithm documented anywhere? I want details, not just “a little white balance and an auto levels”


14:08:52 And of course they make the option not to get paperless statements relatively hidden and inobvious.

14:10:05 No way am I going paperless when you can’t show me more than 3 months of records on your web site. Amazon records go back to 1996.

14:12:58 It’s time to flat out ban all opt out contracts. Legislatures and judges should rule that they have no legal force whatsoever.

14:33:55 @dnovatchev XSLT 1.0 is the default assumption. XSLT 2.0 is little implemented and less used. Does anyone besides Saxon even support it?

15:51:57 @simonstl You’re an editor. Do something about it! (And eliminate “use” too while you’re at it. :-) )


00:09:06 @birdchick Probably not, but I’m about an hour north of there. Light-footed Clapper Rails!

01:59:00 He’s Just Not That Into You was better than expected; a few twists at the end; not everything worked out as expected; or at all really.

17:05:08 Why won’t Dell sell a Tablet PC to a home user or small/medium sized office?

17:10:36 $2612 for a Dell latitude XT2 Tablet PC with 3GB RAM and 120GB disk. What’s cheaper but still small?


18:13:58 @Carnage4Life brad DeLong’s Grasping Reality with Both Hands


10:52:39 @spolsky That’s a software design flaw. There’s no excuse for closing a window to lose work. Try Google Docs.

10:53:53 @KentBeck Get a new hub, or at least new URLs. The loss of JUnit 3 docs and links when JUnit 4 was released was a huge mistake.

15:15:38 If I were the NSA, I might start putting out the story that we couldn’t tap Skype just as soon as we’d figured out how to tap Skype.

15:45:29 New BGBY birds yesterday while walking to work: Nutmeg Mannikin and Savannah Sparrow + my 1st walking Belted Kingfisher.

15:46:35 Started reading Anathem yesterday. It’s a bit slow getting started.

15:47:11 Should I trust the WordPress automatic upgrade?

15:53:35 21,335 pieces of comment spam at Mokka mit Schlag. Didn’t realize how bad it had gotten. Thank god for Akismet.

16:01:54 OK. Backed up. Now trying to auto-upgrade Mokka mit Schlag. Fingers crossed.

16:10:18 “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” This better work.

16:19:34 Bleah. The auto-upgrade failed and left me with a disabled site. Recovery wasn’t too hard. I’ll try again later manually.

19:17:49 @mfeathers Z


15:12:18 The Dollhouse: I can’t believe Serenity got the ax and this drek got the green light. Perhaps it will improve.

15:12:52 Much to my surprise Battlestar Galactica (specifically the genesis of the Cylons) is actually starting to make sense.

15:21:50 @birdchick I hate companies that only provide acceptable service when you calumny them publicly.

15:23:51 @mfeathers Type classes perhaps?


15:33:50 @adamengst I liked Cars too the first time I saw it; you know, when it was called “Doc Hollywood”?

16:47:32 Why can’t browsers just go back to a POST page without talking to the server? They already displayed it once. Just show it to again.

16:47:52 Back != Reload (or at least it shouldn’t)

19:48:49 What’s the best/fastest high capacity Compact Flash card/brand for a modern DSLR like the EOS D50?

20:03:21 Is there any financial site that *doesn’t* have huge latency problems? tens of seconds to minutes? ING, Vanguard, WAMU, Fidelity, USAA…

20:24:07 WAMU statement savings rate: 0.01%. Online savings only 1% (and only if you have a checking account too.) My money’s not going there.


03:35:25 Confessions of a Shopaholic: Almost unwatchable. On the + side you can see the movie and still have almost no idea what happens in the book

03:53:08 @timbray A PUT because you already know the URL of course

03:55:06 Should I get the plain checks that can be read in poorly copied bank statements or the panda checks I can’t mistake for another checkbook?

03:56:18 @donxml Yes, but it’s extremely difficult to do. Even harder for teachers/authors to realize you don’t already have their context.

03:57:55 The best intro books are written by novices learning as they go since they see gaps in explanation experienced authors unconsciously fill in

23:30:35 Surfing without AdBlock for the first time in years. How does anyone put up with this?


16:21:32 The Class: the sort of movie Hollywood would never make. No happy ending. No uplifting moral lesson. No heroes. Just real life.

16:23:04 @cshirky XSLT. XPath. Namespaces in XML. DOM Level 2 (not that that was a good thing). XQuery is coming on strong, and SVG has a niche.


19:58:23 Planning a trip to the Salton Sea March 21 and 22nd. Anyone want to come?

19:59:41 Then onto Prospect Park 3/29. Perhaps somewhere else in NYC on 3/28. Jamaica Bay? Central Park? Will probably just go to Prospect instead.

23:48:23 My first Twitter spam. Blocked.

23:48:56 @schampeo Hey, you’re down the street from me. What brings you to the OC?


05:00:14 My new EOS 50D with Tamron lens has a much smaller depth of field than I’m used to.

05:01:18 @birdchick parlez vous français?

05:31:22 Why does Lightroom confirm every photo I delete? This is *bad* UI. Never confirm. Always allow Undo.

05:34:42 Is it just me or does Lightroom’s UI really, really suck?

05:34:46 I thought I just needed to get used to it, but the more I use it, the more flaws I find.

14:06:46 @birdchick moi aussi

14:37:26 @mfeathers In some jurisdictions an explicit copyright notice eliminates the possibility of an innocent infringement defense

14:38:00 @mfeathers It can also increase the amount of damages you’re entitled to, again in some jurisdictions; not all.

14:38:42 @mfeathers Plus it’s expected, and tells you whom to contact if you do want to license some content.

14:40:33 @mfeathers The Google home page uses © as EOF marker:

17:16:17 Found my SoCal Birding book in car. Planning for Salton Sea continues.

18:08:35 Another reason Linux on the desktop sucks: Mac and Windows have done this right for a decade+. Linux still not yet

18:10:50 @greenrd Confirmation dialogs are a crutch for badly written software:


01:46:00 @klandry If you’re using W3C XML Schema, ask me about RELAX NG. If you’re using DOM, ask me about XOM. XML shouldn’t hurt.

01:55:19 @mfeathers Could be worse. I’m on the other side of the country from my Watchmen collection. :-)


15:33:51 How could I have used Photoshop all these years without learning about the Magnetic Lasso Tool? This is so cool.

15:36:21 Probably because I learned Photoshop with version 1.0, and then 2.0. I’m a wizard with magic wand and paint bucket.

15:36:34 Never really learned the later versions.

15:37:44 Dummies Books are severely underrated. They’re a few stinkers, but on average they’re some of the best written computer books on the market.

15:38:47 Not so much for developer topics, but for anything else it’s hard to beat a Dummies book.

15:39:15 @timbray Try Picasa

15:41:50 3rd ed. Digital Photograpy for Dummies, 10 years old, provides more practical, technical detail than a stack of thick DSLR books.

15:50:16 Book 8 in the Incarnations of Immortality? When did that come out? Reaching for credit card now…

15:51:59 @mlydy Lightroom UI can’t fit on a 23inch widescreen monitor. Sorry, but that’s de facto evidence of an excessively bloated UI.

15:52:22 @greenrd Is there somewhere I can report Twitter spammers?

15:52:56 Off to seek the elusive Tropical Kingbird, and perhaps a Glaucous Gull or two.


01:17:16 Any way to find out what’s slowing down my Mac? Inadequate CPU? Inadequate USB bandwidth (my guess)? Badly written apps? If so, which ones?

01:17:39 I need a faster machine but I’m not sure which parts to optimize for.

01:29:09 Now planning a trip to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park next weekend. (Wife wants to see flowers, but there are great birds there too.)

03:02:18 #460 Glaucous Gull at Doheny State Beach this afternoon at 3:00 P.M. Just what you want a life bird to be: obvious and standing in the open.

03:03:43 Whiffed on the Tropical Kingbird at Huntington Central Park though. 3rd miss this year. Did find the Red-throated Loon there though.

14:34:40 @zeldman But some writers like me do publish a blog (multiple ones in fact) just like some editors publish magazines.

14:45:20 @mlydy Only three palettes open and I have to start scrolling to see all the tools. :-(

14:46:26 Photoshop, at least older versions, did a much better job of only showing you what you needed. I want my floating palettes back!

14:47:21 @mlydy Not sure why devs these days feel the need to cram everything into a single window, and avoid multiple windows at all costs.

14:48:17 @mlydy Even at the cost of reinventing multiple windows in the form of tabs. MDI was a bad idea 20 years ago. It still is.


14:31:36 @KentBeck Experiment trumps theory, even in programming:

17:11:18 Lots of reports of Safari 4 Beta 1 crashes and other problems; strongly recommend waiting for beta 2

18:47:53 I am so sick of Firefox failing to copy text to the clipboard for no particular reason.


02:31:50 @JeniT All of them

03:10:42 In 2010 I remain amazed at the number of completely incompetent e-commerce web sites.

14:52:31 @bobdc Brian May impresses me. Rock star gets a real Ph.D. Not an honorary doctorate, or some cultural studies mail order claptrap.

14:54:24 @Ihnatko Only if it has handwriting recognition. No writing == no tablet PC. Do you still have a Newton? You know this.

14:58:36 @kurt_cagle Could eXists power Twitter? Could you dump all of twitter over all time (OK three years) into eXist?


13:04:35 @LaurieP Readers are boring. I want a touch screen *writer*. Why, oh why, did Apple abandon the Newton?

13:10:25 Why does my FTP client need half a gig of live RAM and over 1.5 GB of live memory?

13:58:54 Trying Oxygen XML Author. Still way too much like an IDE and too little like a word processor. I work on documents, not projects.

17:55:10 Whoever thought I’d be trying to convince myself that a Say’s Phoebe was an American Robin instead of the other way around?

17:57:23 Apparently the aperture range on this zoom lens is a function of the focal length. Didn’t expect that, but apparently it’s S.O.P.

18:04:02 @timoreilly I bet you could publish Head First Books in HTML, just not with the authoring tools you’re using now.

18:06:23 public static final or public final static? Why?

21:27:32 When a superclass only has one subclass, it’s time to merge them.


13:25:34 Is it obsessive-compulsive to eat M&M’s in spectral order?

15:02:56 Yet another program that is *completely* non-functional. Won’t even launch. How do these things get released?

16:28:46 @btusdin Self-publishing and vanity presses are very different things. Extreme pro writers self-publish. Rank amateurs use vanity presses.

16:30:10 @btusdin Self-publishing is what you do when you can do (or think you can do) better than the publisher who wants your book can do.

16:30:51 @btusdin Vanity presses are what is used when no publisher wants your book.

16:32:37 @btusdin Self-publishing is an investment and a business. Vanity presses are money spent on a hobby.

16:33:23 @btusdin Self-publishing is an attempt to get a better deal and more money for yourself. Vanity presses spend your money.

16:39:06 @btusdin Tech has made self-publishing is a lot easier than it used to be, especially for XML wonks like us.

16:40:50 @btusdin However you still need to want to do a publisher’s work. Personally I prefer to leave those tasks to a pro like O’Reilly or AW.

18:02:29 I so badly want OpenID to work and yet I’m so sure it won’t. :-(

18:06:25 Unsubscribing from all mailing lists that send e-mail that can’t be viewed on my Android

22:40:30 f/3.5-6.3 means maximum f/3.5 aperture at wide end and maximum f/6.3 aperture at long end. Minimum aperture is not listed. DOH!


00:36:51 @dehora Maybe Kindle NG will finally kill print books, but the Web won’t. When I want to learn a subject, I buy (or borrow) a book.

00:37:29 @dehora The book form factor/user experience is just so much better than the Web even (especially?) for computer topics.

00:39:03 @dehora The Web has killed reference books–I can see this in my royalty statements–but tutorials and textbooks will live on.

00:40:08 @dehora The Web is spectacular for quick, short answers. It is poor for long, involved subjects.

00:41:31 Lately I’ve been trying to learn 2-2.5 new subjects (Haskell, Lightroom, DSLR). Even though the books I’m reading are online, I buy paper.

14:26:46 Multiple paths for network API method arguments are an antipattern. Put it all in the URL, or all in the HTTP header, or all in the body.

14:29:04 @dehora I think the correlation is very real. Book sales today predict what we’ll be using tomorrow.

14:29:53 @dehora An upswing in sales of books in one language is a good marker that that language is picking up steam.

14:31:14 @dehora A dropoff in sales of books about a language usally means the language has peaked, plateaued and will drop slowly over time.

14:32:09 @dehora However book sales amplify the signal. They grow and drop faster than language adoption itself does.

14:33:58 @unclebobmartin Republicans

14:34:56 @unclebobmartin Or did you forget the deficits run up by Reagan and both Bush’s on unproductive wars?

14:36:17 @unclebobmartin The real question is who among us would not borrow now to invest in our childrens’ future? Again the answer is Republicans.


02:41:59 You don’t think of California as a desert state like Arizona Or Nevada, but east of the first mountain range, it really is.

02:44:06 4 life birds this weekend: Black-throated Sparrow, Costa’s Hummingbird, Verdin, and Black-tailed Gnatcatcher

02:44:41 But I missed Ladder-backed Woodpecker, Leconte’s Thrasher, Swainson’s Hawk, and Canyon Wren

02:46:42 @timbray I live in a city by the sea so I went to the desert this weekend. :-)

15:40:29 Noticing most of my raw photos come out distinctly reddish in Lightroom. Need to figure out how to compensate.

16:00:25 @abcoates I don’t print. Web is where it’s at. Monitor calibration needs some work.

16:00:59 Finally photographed a real Black Widow spider!

16:27:10 @bobdc RDF is useless on the public Web because user-supplied metadata can’t be trusted.

17:42:44 A Bugguide first butterfly photo! Even if only for a subspecies:

17:43:38 @martinfowler Focus stealing is evil. Operating systems should prevent it.


00:36:28 My San Diego County list is still only 27 despite getting 4 life birds there this weekend. Riverside is only 8. I have to get out more.

02:14:02 The business press won’t notice, but if Citibank goes under incompetent website design will have been a contributing factor.

13:51:09 @bobdc Bingo. When data is separated from metadata, the metadata lies. We know this from experience.

14:20:39 I believe we’ll invent real AI, probably in my lifetime; but I don’t believe it will come from a Turing machine.

14:21:41 @mfeathers Explain it. Unlike YAGNI, DRY, KISS, and Loose Coupling, the name has nothing to do with what the law says.

14:22:54 @mfeathers I know this because despite having encountered it repeatedly I still can’t tell you what it says without looking it up. :-)

14:24:46 “Principle of Least Knowledge” is a better name. “Only talk to your closest friends” is better still, if only it had a memorable acronym.

14:26:14 @mfeathers Don’t expect 3GL laws to apply to 4GL languages. Declarative languages do not and should not follow OOP guidelines.

14:27:44 @unclebobmartin Why don’t the links on the home page go staright to the stories?

14:33:39 @unclebobmartin When I did click through to the story on it was 404. :-(

14:34:57 @mfeathers You’d need to convince me. I just don’t see Demeter being an issue in SQL at all, and only marginally in XQuery.

14:38:16 Surprised how many people are giving up TV. Networks are toast. Not just broadcast networks either. This is the tip of the iceberg.

14:39:29 Within my lifetime, the primary way to consume TV will be by watching a la carte shows downloaded/streamed from the net. DVRs will be moot.

15:03:47 @mfeathers Sounds like either or you or I is misremembering what Demeter is about, which just proves the point that it’s badly named.

15:07:02 @mfeathers I don’t see DOM as a Demeter issue. API stability is about published interfaces. Demeter is about internal interfaces.

15:09:27 XOM 1.2 released. API is backwards compatible. Bugs fixed. Performance improved.

15:19:58 Cliff Swallows have arrived in Santa Clara county a few hundred miles north. Why haven’t I seen them around here yet?


00:32:47 I think the first paragraph of the Infrared page on Wikipedia is botched. (4:30 PM PST). How long to correct it?

13:15:32 Looks like I need a new USB hub. My Belkin seems to have died. So many crappy ones out there. How to find a reliable, fast one?

13:16:41 @unclebobmartin You don’t think $3 trillion poured into the sand of Iraq has anything to do with the mess we’re in?

13:17:42 @unclebobmartin Admittedly the last major terrorist attack on this soil did harm the economy too. Now let me see, who was president then?

13:21:22 @unclebobmartin Immigration never was a problem. It’s a solution.

22:56:49 John Yoo is an evil person. Offering him a faculty position is as bad (maybe worse) as offering one to an unapologetic murderer.

23:00:39 John Yoo is substantially more evil than Bill Ayers, even if one compares him to a young Ayers circa 1970; much more so the Ayers of today.


13:34:20 I really wish Google wouldn’t correct elliotte to elliot when I’m searching for things I’ve written.

14:08:18 When I leave an Android app “page” does the app quit or is it still running?

14:12:22 Finally activated my Android. World domination commencing in 3…2…1…

14:12:40 What’s a Retweet that changes one word?

14:13:09 If you’re a Safari Books Online subscriber, you can access your books on the *Android* at

14:17:56 Hmm, seems my Twitter password has characters that don’t even exist on the Android keyboard.

14:18:26 Passwords like {A3=MnrD._AqJ”C5}K are secure but don’t really work in the mobile space.

14:19:10 Given that a mobile device is a token, can’t we come up with better auth schemes than username/password?

14:22:09 @unclebobmartin Crimes by those in power are far more serious than crimes by those out of power.

14:27:27 @PrintsCharming Simple solution: make legal immigration cheap, simple, easy, and available. Stop wasting money on walls.

14:29:01 @PrintsCharming After all, it’s not like anyone wants to walk across the desert if they could just cross the bridge from Juarez to El Paso.

14:41:27 @unclebobmartin One can’t commit violence against a country, only against people. Yoo committed more violence than Ayers ever did.


01:05:59 When did System.out.print() start appearing before the next new line? Maybe that’s just on Linux?

13:55:46 @PrintsCharming What fantasy world do you live in where immigrants don’t pay taxes?

13:57:30 @PrintsCharming Immigrants paying into social security but not getting anything back is a major component of social security accounting.

13:58:30 @PrintsCharming Illegal immigrants have taxes withheld just like everybody else who gets a W2.

14:17:01 Trying to think of a plausible but safe password I can type on my Android

14:18:22 @JeniT I’m scared that eXist still isn’t robust enough for real work. We desperately need the XQuery equivalent of MySQL. MyXQuery?

14:23:53 XOM 1.2.1 is out. Fixes about the most trivial bug imaginable, but once it was found it itched too bad not to scratch.

14:25:36 @birdchick If you already own binoculars, birding in your local park is one of the cheapest thrills available.

14:27:14 It should be illegal to dial the same number to reach someone more than ten times without success.

14:28:47 My CA home phone still gets automated debt collection calls at 6:30 A.M. every morning for some “Yu Kim” who had the number before me.

14:30:38 @MacHeist Yeah, I’ll take a free copy of DEVONthink! #MacHeist #free

14:45:56 Tweeting from android. Reading good. Writing…not so much

15:19:31 Thinking that WIKIs might be a better format for standards discussion than mailing lists, especially with HTML 5, TAG, and the like

15:20:13 Mailing lists just keep hitting the same points over and over; and yet the discussions can’t be followed in less than 20 hours a week.

18:07:46 @greatjava So why not let people deduct their rent at the same rate as mortgage interest?

18:29:29 I need this:


03:16:28 Irvine: 20 people in theater 20 minutes before Watchmen premier

15:04:38 @greatjava So govt. handouts to help the rich buy McMansions is cool but helping the poor rent 2bdrm apts is welfare, right? Got it.


00:34:35 Watchmen: good but not great. Part of the ending was improved. Part was massively screwed up.

00:35:22 Zack Snyder fixed the most unrealistic part of the story by changing what Ozymandias does without changing why he does it.

00:37:17 However Snyder blows it in the end by shifting the most important lines of the entire story from Veidt and John to Dan and Laurie.

00:38:16 Would have worked better as a 12-hour miniseries. The transition points at the end of several issues were very obvious.

00:39:19 Sort of like watching a BBC show on the SciFi channel. Shows designed with/without breaks don’t work so well when they don’t/do have them.

01:15:17 Quicken continues to astonish me with its incompetence. Why can’t account names have spaces?

13:16:41 @wrox Jim. Stop worrying about it. The only books I ever made significant bank on were the ones that were pirated.

14:39:24 Moth Monday returns with a little known desert species:

14:42:21 @simonstl HTML 4.2 only sounds saner because there’s no there there, just a name. Everyone can read into it their own beliefs and ideas.

14:44:00 @simonstl Only once there’s an actual proposal or plan on the table can we reasonably consider whether it makes sense.

16:14:55 Won’t be giving any more money to Nature Conservancy after they phone spammed me. Many other deserving environmental charities to support

16:17:26 Desktop Linux may yet succeed, but if it does it will be in spite of Ubuntu and Gnome, not because of them.

16:18:32 Trying Hardy Heron for the first time. Somewhat prettier than Dapper Drake, but still fundamentally broken.

16:18:50 If they haven’t learned by now, they never will.


00:06:09 Something I have to learn over and over: when the code has a bug, listen to what the compiler says the problem is; not what you think it is.

18:34:11 It’s easier to add necessary complexity to a simple system than remove unnecessary complexity from a complex system.


14:42:56 Really glad I didn’t carry through on my plans to simplify finances by combining accounts from 4 brokerages and 4 banks into one.

14:45:19 Between Madoff, Lehman, Reserve Primary Fund, and WAMU diversification of accounts seems next in importance to diversification of assets.

14:46:12 @KentBeck Call me a cynic, but I don’t lose a lot of sleep worrying about what will happen when hypocrisy ceases. :-)


12:57:13 @ndw XML 5e == XML 1.1 in sheep’s clothing.

12:57:55 Making some changes to my blog theme based on what I’ve learned from Twitter.


13:56:02 Jon Stewart is an American treasure:

13:57:36 Why is only Comedy Central willing to do actually challenging interviews? CNBC, CNN, MSNBC should be ashamed of themselves.

13:57:56 Fox, of course, has no shame.

16:48:41 The Cliff Swallows have returned to Irvine. Nest building and repair under the Macarthur overpass at University. Haven’t reached Campus yet

16:51:23 @johnatlarge Google Docs; alternately GMail.


13:35:51 @mfeathers Worse yet: they have 15 places serving scrambled eggs. I defy you to find eggs over easy at JFK. :-)

13:38:52 Why won’t Safari load 3rd party Picasa images? Note lack of Great Blue Heron. Is there a pref to control this?

13:58:15 @unclebobmartin Coulter calling the left zealots? Pot: kettle calling. You’re black.

13:59:48 @unclebobmartin Bob, it seems neither you, Coulter, nor Fox know what “far left” actually is. God help you if ever encounter real leftists.

18:27:52 I remain amazed at the number of incompetent sites. Today’s offender JetBlue won’t let me buy a ticket after I search for an award ticket.

18:29:19 Is the problem one of education, tools, or the underlying platform?

18:30:17 Clearly something’s broken if Google-level employees are required to create an acceptably functional web site.

18:31:04 There aren’t that many geniuses to go around, nor can most sites afford to pay for enough of them.

18:57:55 Why can’t I follow a hash tag?


00:02:45 Just back from a day trip to L.A. trying to expand my county list. Started with 76 county birds and 11th place, right behind Westchester.

22:28:40 In hindsight, it was obvious Walt would be written out of Lost since there’s no way an actor could play an early teen over 7 seasons.

22:33:14 @abcoates Anyone still using DOM to XML in Java is just a masochist. There have been much better options for years.

22:35:12 @crazybob Exactly. Outside a few religious universities, it’s no more or less acceptable to be a practicing Jew than a practicing Christian.


14:01:05 Why would I ever pay $2000 for a plain Windows laptop when I can get a Tablet PC or a MacBook for less?

14:04:14 RT @birdchick RT @lab_of_O This is so true:

18:20:46 Is there a name for a reverse of the tragedy of the commons? I.e. systems that become more valuable as more people use them?

18:21:27 Think telephone networks, WIKIs, or e-mail. The more people who read a WIKI page, the better it becomes.

21:20:26 Why can’t I promote a tab to a window?


13:18:21 Reading a Bird Behavior book from 1984, noticed that wildlife photography has improved dramatically in the last 25 years.

13:19:47 Many photos in this book would no longer be considered publishable. DSLR has dramatically increased the state of the art.

13:21:09 @ByteMaster Both his views are fanatical, but he’s only right about one of them, and it’s not the “right” one. :-)

15:39:53 EasyMock nice mode is only useful for fakes. Nothing is verified. Strict mode checks everything. Regular mode check all except order.

15:40:35 We need a fourth mode that verifies the methods I tell EasyMock about, and ignores the rest.

15:42:18 Sun has killed so many good companies by acquiring them over the years. Is karma coming home to roost?


15:11:44 The smartest thing Twitter did was put the writing and reading UI on the same page.

15:13:06 Memo to chefs not from Lousiana: The one thing you never, ever put in gumbo are tomatoes. If there are tomatoes in it, it’s not gumbo.

15:15:18 @aaronte But Firefox can see the exact same pages with no problems.

15:18:38 The stupidest thing Twitter ever did was getting rid of the next link at the bottom of the page.

15:19:48 Well, maybe second stupidest. Turning down Facebook’s offer may have been a blunder, but I could be wrong about that

17:49:59 Just because you’re a development tool is no excuse to write to stderr. Yes, JProfiler: I’m talking to you.


18:07:16 If Linux can’t even get something as basic as Caps Lock correct, there is no hope for it on the desktop. None. Zero Zilch. Nada.

18:08:23 It’s called “CAPS LOCK”, not “Reverse the meaning of the shift key”.

20:55:05 When optimizing always remember there are two ways to eliminate a hot spot: make it faster or make it less frequent.


03:04:47 Please start using instead of when sending e-mail to me. Trying to restore e-mail sanity.


04:20:43 465 Abert’s Towhee and 466 Common Ground-Dove. Still looking for Yellow-footed Gull but I may be too late. Perhaps Gila Woodpecker instead?

04:22:15 What a shame. Battlestar Galactica waited to the last episode to jump the shark. :-(


01:08:25 Wow. An episode of Dollhouse that actually didn’t suck. Maybe there’s hope for this yet.

15:12:52 The Salton Sea: where trailer parks come to die.


15:13:13 @unclebobmartin There’s not nearly enough wheat to feed the world now. We need to turn chaff into wheat.

15:14:23 That’s an analogy, by the way; not an actual statement about the world’s food supply.

15:15:18 Bottom line: programming is still way too hard. There aren’t enough competent programmers to do the work that needs to be done.

15:17:07 Bob, you and I both have tried to improve the situation through training and education. We’ve failed. More education will not close the gap.

15:18:41 I think we have to lower the bar: develop tools and languages that make good programming more accessible to more people.


02:23:55 The Great Horned Owl nesting behind my apartment has fledged at least one Owlet! Incredibly cute.

13:15:58 RT @birdchick Border Patrol to poison border plants…

14:13:32 @unclebobmartin Did JUnit dumb down TDD? Did Java dumb down memory management? Did C dumb down assembly language? Yes, and it worked.

14:46:52 Diax’s Rake: You should not believe a thing only because you like to believe it. (Neal Stephenson, Anathem)

14:51:48 Why can’t Quicken restrict a search by date?

17:08:48 Anyone know any good, airplane safe games I should download to my Android?

17:10:57 @timoreilly Separate URLs should not be needed. CSS+semantic XHTML can handle this from a single page.

17:12:24 @unclebobmartin No, the country where the user is most likely browsing from should be first in the drop down.

21:16:36 Why don’t cell phone keyboards put # and * on non-shift keys?


18:15:15 Should I be using instead of Twitter? Are there clients to handle both?

18:17:08 @wrox Same as for any other book: HTML. Full Stop. PDF trades more work for readers for less work from publishers.


22:27:08 Back in Brooklyn, doing spring cleaning in my apartment. In the last year I only missed two things I left behind:

22:27:26 My Watchmen comic book and my 2006 tax returns. This is good incentive to throw a lot of crap away to make space.

22:28:00 Only need the 2006 tax return because some yutz at the IRS miskeyed a 1099 and thinks I was paid $20,000 more than I was.

22:29:36 Missing the Southern California weather already though. Went birding in the rain this morning in Prospect Park. Back to Irvine tomorrow.

22:31:51 @zeldman Mobile editions are an HTML antipattern. CSS should be different; not the HTML. :-(


12:27:16 New JetBlue Terminal 5 is quite nice. Probably the nicest U.S. terminal I’ve encountered.


01:54:22 @birdchick Eskimo Curlew?

01:55:34 @codinghorror English has the distinct advantage of being relatively easy to speak badly; far more so than, for example, French.

13:53:35 If it’s too hard to unsubscribe from a mailing list, then it’s spam.

14:21:49 Wow. It’s so annoying when a story is 180 degrees wrong, you know the real truth, and you can’t say anything.

20:03:10 Achieved Inbox 0 — but only by switching to a new e-mail program into which I have not yet imported my old messages. :-)


16:40:02 The Microsoft ads are right: you can buy a heavier, uglier, fatter PC laptop for much less than the cost of a sexier, thinner MacBook.

16:41:56 Apple hasn’t competed in the bigger but cheaper space for years, in laptops or elsewhere.

16:42:34 I’d be more impressed if a same-sized, equivalently configured Windows laptop were $500 cheaper than a MacBook.

16:47:32 @birdchick If that’s an April Fool’s joke, it’s just cruel.

16:59:43 @timoreilly Honeybees are an exotic species in the Americas. No honeybees at all here until a few hundred years ago.

21:38:11 I remain amazed by the power of TDD to solve problems even when I don’t understand what’s going on. Experimental programming rules!


11:53:56 Inbox 6624 and dropping. :-)

12:16:17 Inbox 5674 and falling


03:49:39 “Our opponent is an alien starship packed with atomic bombs,” I said. “We have a protractor.”

13:04:01 @mmDonuts It’s a good line, but my favorite is still Diax’s Rake.

13:20:49 Inbox 3524 and climbing. Usually I manage to get below 1000 before giving up. Are ThunderBird and GMail organization schemes compatible?

13:34:25 The new Freshmeat design is a step backwards that favors form over function. :-(

15:30:11 HATEOS is doomed by a bad acronym.


02:36:06 Owlets grow up so fast. I swear they’re twice the size they were two weeks ago.


02:56:29 Memo to self: take off lens hood before using flash in macro mode.

02:58:33 #467: Black-chinned Hummingbird at Santiago Oaks with Linette Lina. Should have had this one last year. Next: Black-chinned Sparrow.

13:49:53 Now the HTML 5 WG wants to change XPath too: The only thing they hold sacred are 10-year old browser bugs.


13:58:29 @mfeathers You need to distinguish the reality from the rhetoric. In fact, “conservative” has a very consistent meaning in practice.

14:02:05 The reality is just not strongly correlated with what conservatives say they believe. However there are consistent threads.

14:03:42 It’s not hard to predict conservative positions on issues provided you don’t expect them to match the rhetoric.

14:15:13 @mfeathers Aside from Ron Paul and maybe Bob Barr, it’s hard to think of a single libertarian conservative to hold office.

14:16:43 @mfeathers Libertarianism has been nothing but a convenient figleaf for the true conservative ideology.

14:18:11 Why do I have to restart Windows to install IE8? or anything else for that matter? Nothing short of a kernel update should require a restart

23:40:53 Saw Fast and Furious last night: almost as exciting as and only a little less plausible than Speed Racer.

23:55:17 @unclebobmartin No, but conservatives have gotten too much leeway by confusing Burkean philosophy with conservative politics.

23:56:48 In 2009 you can be a conservative or a Republican office holder. You can’t be both.

23:57:45 It’s time to redefine the meaning of “conservative” or to admit that the Republican party hasn’t been conservative for decades.


17:12:51 @adamengst Crappy UPS. 1000VA is more than enough power. Consumer grade UPSs are more likely to cause problems than prevent them.

17:15:29 @timoreilly Adobe still hasn’t realized screen and print are 2 different mediums. They are the last folks I want designing eBook standards.

17:17:11 I guess I didn’t want Wiretap Pro after all. Of course now I will never pay more than $39 for it if I do need it.


04:01:32 Just finished Anathem. Wow. The most original book I’ve read in a long time. Fascinating. Highest recommendation.

21:33:30 The smartest thing Massachusetts has done in a long time: Noncompetes are why Silicon Valley outpaced Rt. 128.


03:52:25 Why is Firefox on the Mac so pathetically slow and beachball prone? I swear it gets worse with every update. Time to switch to Safari?

03:52:48 But Firefox on Linux is just as bad. :-(

04:02:19 #465-466 at the Salton Sea:


13:40:20 Linux needs an App Store. Thanks to Scott Wickham for the idea.

13:42:02 I am astonished that Dollhouse can continue to suck this badly. If not for Firefly, I would now be convinced Whedon’s a 1-hit wonder.

13:43:34 I mean seriously, Dollhouse is everything Buffy wasn’t: boring, unfunny, predictable, sexist, and most of all unbelievable.

18:48:15 @abcoates Yes, they need a plausible UI for one click software installs. Downloading apps from a web site is too hard.

18:49:14 @lazycoder Some of us want less computer: specifically less weight and less size.


12:26:18 Seeking Birdathon sponsors: Select the Wandering Twitchers team or contact me directly.


14:26:04 @unclebobmartin java.util.Date/Calendar etc. are deprecated (or should be). Use JodaTime instead. It sucks less. Still need to fix in JDK

14:49:02 I find random pieces of paper in my pockets. Sadly they are usually not money.

15:29:02 @spolsky That you have to look hard for that example and can’t find it yourself says something about Google search quality.


05:17:48 What moron builds a clock without a way to set the time?

05:20:11 Marriott Execustay: Can’t even answer the phone during non-business hours. FAIL. Won’t be staying with them again.


15:00:21 When you make immigration a crime, only criminals will immigrate.


13:39:43 Big Day 468 Western Screech Owl 469 Common Poorwill 470 Varied Thrush 471 American Dipper 472 Yellow-billed Magpie 473 Tri-colored Blackbird

13:40:02 Missed the Cassin’s Vireo though. :-(


13:48:12 Updated my personal home page to valid XHTML along with other fixes

15:38:51 It’s not harsh interrogation. It’s torture. Call a spade a spade.

15:39:58 LOTR Install FAIL:

16:20:08 Why won’t Avast uninstall itself? And why did Dell install this piece of crapware on my Windows box in the first place?


00:38:59 A website form does not equal e-mail support. Why can’t companies figure this out?

12:26:16 Warhammer install failed too. The software industry is in extreme denial about just how bad the situation is.

12:28:24 Many programs have a complete FAIL percentage in the double digits. These aren’t just bugs. These programs don’t even launch or install.

12:29:50 Self-selection effects keep most vendors from noticing this. Potential users who tried to run a program and failed simple aren’t counted.

17:23:55 Atlas looks cool: I wonder if they get URLs right or break the back button?

17:27:40 @timoreilly Because wealth and the pain of the new depression is distributed very and increasingly unequally in modern capitalist society?

17:32:02 What does one do with a charity that won’t accept an online donation unless you give them an e-mail address?

18:57:24 @simonstl If?

21:32:18 How far we’ve come: Obama is to the right of Ronald Reagan. Reagan signed the Convention Against Torture Obama is refusing to enforce.


17:10:05 Renai Lemay thinks Jackalope has exceeded Mac/Windows: I’m skeptical. I’ll believe it when I see it.

17:11:59 @unclebobmartin Lawyers have a professional obligation to follow the law, even over the interests of clients.

21:08:52 Start panicking:

21:12:14 @unclebobmartin No, they were rationalizing in a deliberate effort to evade the law. What’s left out is what’s important there.


14:51:08 Was going to look at a house, but real estate agent’s site wants me to register before I can view photos. Not worth it. FAIL.

15:12:08 Wow. The agent’s e-mail bounces too. She really doesn’t want to sell that house.

15:12:46 I happen to know the owner of this unit, and I think it’s time to politely suggest she switch agents.


01:54:24 @unclebobmartin Good analogy. I was thinking of that too. However like some tax lawyers they pushed well past the limits of the law.

01:57:00 @unclebobmartin 1. Effectiveness is not an excuse for such despicable behavior.

01:57:25 @unclebobmartin 2. Of course, torture isn’t effective anyway. And in fact contributed to the deaths of many:

13:34:19 Getty Villa was interesting, even if they did consistently mistranslate hetaira as “girl” or “woman” in every caption.

13:37:37 @unclebobmartin I do not agree that they they acted in good faith. The lawyers, in particular, knew they were violating the law.

13:38:55 @unclebobmartin Nor I do I agree that they were acting in defense of the American people. They made us less safe, not more.

13:40:47 The Bush torture regime was not a well-intentioned but misguided response to a crisis. It was a naked power grab and revenge fantasy.

14:57:30 USAA now allows scanned checks to be deposited from my computer. Is there anything I still need a local bank for?

14:58:22 Perhaps change counting, cashier’s checks, and large cash withdrawals. Can’t think of anything I commonly do though that requires local bank


14:16:37 Do you know this moth?


01:29:32 @dsaff X == JUnit, Y == TestNG?


12:55:40 Firefox 3.5b4: Ugly. No scrollbars. Broken AppleScript. Broken GMail. Password popup spam. And that’s just the first 10 minutes. FAIL.

13:43:57 Has anyone ever actually tracked a package with the U.S. Post Office? To date USPS has never once found my package by tracking number.

13:46:23 UPS can track packages but still can’t figure out which country I’m in.


02:22:08 New feeder bird: Black-headed Grosbeak. Still trying for a photo.

02:29:25 Wow. GMail is like 1000 times faster in Safari 3.2.1 than Firefox (multiple versions, multiple platforms).

14:50:08 Now there’s a female Black-headed Grosbeak at my feeders. I wonder if they have a nest nearby? Still no photos. They’re skittish.

14:51:16 New IBM developerWorks article: Easier testing with EasyMock:

14:54:02 Shopping for a recliner: where should we look?


13:13:20 Firefox gets slower, buggier, and uglier with each release but it does have good plugins. Should I switch to Camino or Safari?

20:23:09 @abcoates Because I’m not a masochist? Because I have better taste than that?

20:32:50 I’ve noticed that I’m a 3-4 finger typist: 2-3 on the right hand and one on the left.


21:57:49 Mobil editions are an antipattern of the Web.


01:31:43 I Love You Man was amusing and not totally predictable variation on standard 3-act boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back plot.

14:46:47 Dollhouse starting not to suck. Just realized it makes more sense if most of the Dollhouse employees are themselves dolls.


15:07:19 Time Machine is broken again. Why can’t anyone write reliable backup software?

15:07:54 Or for that matter, a reliable desktop operating system?


01:47:59 Reading Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development:

01:48:43 After all these years, a book is still the best way to start learning a new platform/technology/language.

13:21:23 This log mean anything? (Error) Import: importer:0x840400 Importer start failed for 89 (kr:268435459 (ipc/send) invalid destination port)


12:59:09 @dandiep Since when do rock star nerds wear ties? (Except Vint Cerf of course.)

13:37:08 Where is Canon hiding my JPEGs?

13:43:15 Looks like half my recent Twitter followers are spammers. I’m surprised it took them this long. Where’s my “Report Spam” button?

13:45:44 @unclebobmartin @mfeathers Social security is *NOT* a Ponzi scheme, not even close. It does not promise exponential growth.

13:47:33 @unclebobmartin SS is backed as solidly as U.S. government bonds. (You can read this comment in two ways. :-) )


13:58:51 @unclebobmartin Why would any sane person still use malloc? In 2009 manual memory management is poor software craftsmanship.

14:00:56 @unclebobmartin malloc/free correct C isn’t possible with TDD either. Garbage collection is is your friend.

14:01:46 @unclebobmartin

14:47:14 Star Trek: Good but not great, and ultimately disappointing and franchise destroying. Paramount should have let the old crew rest in peace.


01:40:57 ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/400s shutter speed gives good results, though it would be nice to get the aperture higher. Is ISO 200 good enough?

17:47:39 More evidence desktop Linux isn’t ready for prime time: Even I can type faster Gnome can display text. (30 WPM at best.). There is no snappy


14:28:48 Star Trek is dead and J.J. Abrams killed it:

14:31:41 @dpawson The hardware I’m using is confidential, but let’s just say it’s way beyond what any normal person has on their desktop.

17:49:06 NYC RFI on “City Wireless Internet Access for New York City Parks and Other Open Spaces” @nycwireless

22:14:35 Lesson of the day: remember to call c_str() before passing a C++ string to printf. (Why won’t C++ just die already!)


16:15:16 Credit cards need to stop requiring billing addresses for verification for reasons of privacy. Porn sites shouldn’t know home addresses.


03:42:38 Earthquake in Irvine: brief but strong; shook the house. No obvious damage.

13:05:25 Fun with a macro lens:

21:43:19 I wonder how hard it would be to Hackintosh an Aspire One AO751h? Full-sized keyboard is a must.

23:57:41 When code coverage tells you a class/method/line isn’t covered, see if you can delete the uncovered item rather than writing another test.


22:51:48 Small earthquake a couple of minutes ago in Irvine; on the edge of perceptibility


20:26:35 Dare I open my MacBook to upgrade to a 500GB, 7200 RPM internal drive? If only TekServe had an Orange County branch.

23:59:23 Does anyone else think of John Waters’ “Pecker” instead of taxes when they hear the phrase “tea-bagging”?


04:15:11 No matter how powerful your macro lens, there’ll always be some critters just a little too small for it.

04:26:45 Need to remember to reduce the ISO when shifting from bugs to birds.

15:31:15 I thought my DVD burner was acting up. Turns out I just had a bad batch of Sony DVD-Rs.


13:07:35 Want to speed up Lightroom processing of raw files dramatically. Would upgrading to a MacPro from my 2.2 GHz 4GB MacBook be worth it?

16:07:39 @LightroomQueen raw images are stored on an external Firewire hard drive. No way I could fit them on my stuffed internal.

16:44:20 Does anyone actually use Canon software for converting raw 50D images, or is it Adobe all the way?

16:45:16 Trying Digital Photo Professional to see if the Canon software gives noticeably different raw conversion results.

17:17:14 The Canon software converts raw images very differently than Lightroom does. I’ll need a color card to figure out which one’s more accurate.

17:23:23 The Canon conversion is clearly superior to Lightroom’s for insect photos. Way more detail is visible on the bugs.

17:26:57 Unfortunately the Digital Photo Professional UI sucks donkey balls. Is there a way to get Canon conversion algorithms as a Lightroom preset?

18:12:14 Adobe Standard profile with the brightness turned up to 78 (+28 over default) come pretty close to the Canon settings on my test midge.

18:13:23 @TheLightroomLab In practice, those built-in profiles are very noticeably different (and IMHO inferior).


03:06:55 Terminator Salvation: Least plausible member of the franchise yet. They should have stopped with T2.


17:30:29 Why don’t UIs make all text drawn on the screen copyable by default? Read-only labels and text should still be selectable and copyable.

21:28:33 @ndw A little subtler: the new app should indeed get focus, but should not steal it back if you switch out while the app is loading.

21:32:02 Wow have I hit a string of bad movies lately: Management, Terminator, and Little Ashes. Fell asleep in Little Ashes. It was that boring.

21:33:40 @nsushkin Not in Eclipse it isn’t. That’s what inspired my tweet :-( (Not that Mac or Windows are any better here.)


03:54:35 Imagine There’s No Null:

14:07:49 RT @zeldman Mullet with headlights. #literalvideos Total Eclipse of the Heart (via @melissapierce)

23:54:08 @simonstl Java JavaFX PDF Canvas SVG VML JavaScript DHTML XForms off the top of my head.

23:56:07 @unclebobmartin Add religion and you have a deal. :-)


14:03:14 Dogs are not good pets for INTJ types. Cats work much better.

14:20:35 MacUpdate Spring Bundle is one of the best deals on payware I’ve seen in, well, ever: $50 for Parallels, RipIt etc.

18:45:27 @unclebobmartin Not at all. They could have spent 10 times what they earned (and just bought a house).

22:38:33 Dependency injecting mutable fields into an object is as bad as returning them from a getter method, and for the same reason.

22:39:07 Dependency injection is not a sufficient excuse for violating data encapsulation.

22:44:04 @unclebobmartin Infrastructure investments and R&D are very real investments. Admittedly B1 bombers are a complete waste of money.


19:04:46 @KathySierra “user” is a plausible word but “use” is vastly overused and can usually be omitted or replaced with a better word. :-)

19:06:49 @timbray This is back to basics. Same way he treated Nixon, Ford, and Carter.

19:08:23 @timbray Caricatures of actual people have never really been Trudeau’s metier. Many other cartoonists do that better.

20:17:50 @johnperrybarlow How do you recognize an extroverted programmer? He looks at *your* shoes while he’s talking to you.


02:45:26 Considering subscribing to Marvel Digital Comics, but why are so many issues missing? BitTorrent has them all.


18:43:41 @unclebobmartin In case you missed it, the govt have been planning out and dictating our transportation for decades.

18:45:45 @spam @twinfluence is spamming


13:53:06 Maybe it’s time to learn Scala?


14:22:08 In Praise of Draconian Error Handling, Part 2

14:23:33 @unclebobmartin Bob, you may be old enough that you’ll never have to ride a bus if you’re lucky enough to still be able to drive in 20 years

14:24:59 @unclebobmartin But for your grandkids the choice is going to be bus, walk, or bicycle no matter what the govt. says now.

14:54:34 Happy 100th Birthday Brooklyn Bird Club!


00:28:07 @RogerSPress DOM: the only winning move is not to play. (But do see Processing XML with Java)

00:31:35 @unclebobmartin The government sucks at most tasks. The myth is that private enterprise is any better.

15:05:14 XSD (W3C XML Schemas) is a failed experiment. It can’t be fixed in XSD 1.1 or 1.2 or 2.3 or 9.8 or by profiling it. Shoot it and move on.

15:10:09 @unclebobmartin Most govt. contractors and independent corporations can’t build and market an iPhone either. You exhibit survivor’s bias.

15:16:25 Anyone think we can talk the W3C into rubber stamping RELAX NG as W3C XML Schemas 2.0? Nothing else need be done to declare victory.

15:30:08 @michaelhkay Let them convert at their own pace, but for sanity’s sake stop building new buildings on top of this massive fault line.

15:33:08 SAT for programmers: XML is to XSD as OOP is to A) Waterfall Model B) Big Upfront Design C) Intercal D) Pointy Hair E) All of the Above

20:14:08 Could almost go for the new MacBook Air if I weren’t lured by the possibility of a tablet in 2010.

20:14:58 @AlexaMorales Major disasters scare us more than widely separated but more frequent individual tragedies?


05:57:52 Up: Pixar hits another one out of the park.

18:39:50 Anyone know a good Clam Restaurant/Oyster House in Orange County?

23:02:43 Wondering how the Android in my pocket compares to the old VAX/VMS in college, or the VM/CMS mainframe or Sparcstations in grad school.


04:03:02 Maybe I’ll try to go to the Rio Grande Valley Bird Fest this year:

04:07:55 @Carnage4Life 2009 Prius isn’t that different from the 2008 Prius; a 2009 iPhone is much better than the 2008 model.

04:09:35 @ndw Only 20 minutes? You were lucky. :-)

04:09:46 RT @ndw Twenty minutes lost because JSON doesn’t enforce well-formedness with draconian error handling. XML FTW!

14:52:59 Lightning at one data center knocks out some EC2 customers. Why doesn’t EC2 use redundant data centers? Single Point of Failure is bad.

15:02:21 @seesee If it’s forgiving it’s not an XML parser.


13:33:50 @lazycoder Firefox too with about:config keyword.enabled = true keyword.URL=

13:37:28 @fribeiro1 Don’t they have multiple U.S. data centers? 1 data center is at least is at least 2 too few.

20:36:30 Until OpenOffice gets normal and outline views, it’s never going to be an adequate replacement for Microsoft Word for longform writers. :-(

20:52:35 Demand Normal View in OpenOffice!

23:44:43 Can anyone explain why Mac Help menus are so different than every other menu on the system? And so slow?


13:15:17 @KentBeck The word you’re looking for is “network effect”:

13:17:21 Shit. Comic-con is sold out already. Wife is going to kill me. She really wanted to wear her Poison Ivy outfit.


00:40:53 Once you get the hang of it, Lightroom is magic at recovering IDable photos from crappy exposures. Sadly doesn’t help much with poor focus.


13:30:58 Away We Go: mildly amusing.


15:38:02 Firefox is too slow, buggy, and insecure. Should I switch to Camino, Safari, or something else?

19:57:06 47th Street Photo mails me a tracking link straight to my package. Why can’t other merchants (Amazon?) do this?

20:04:23 Looks like Bing missed a chance to go steal a march on Google by properly indexing application/xhtml+xml documents.

21:04:52 Why do *phones* have QWERTY keyboards? It’s not like anyone can touch type on them. Surely we can design better.


13:42:10 #helpiranelection – show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click –

13:44:50 @unclebobmartin @RonJeffries @timoreilly Just realized you’re talking about Bill O’Reilly instead of Tim. :-)

13:54:07 If the media were really liberal, liberal pundits wouldn’t have to sneak in as movie critics, sportscasters, or comedians.


11:45:59 An only in New York bird story: #birds

13:09:34 Chase incompetents are breaking the WAMU website. :-(


16:30:10 Using query strings instead of path components to pass arguments to server side programs is a relic of mid-1990s technology. Let’s stop.


20:17:57 @unclebobmartin 6. Ban rescission. 7. Ban cherry picking of customers. 8. Require insurers to pay for MD recommended care.

20:18:41 Insurance is weird economically: the less care that’s supplied the more money the insurer makes.

20:19:42 For most products, profits scale roughly linearly (and at least positively) with sales growth.

20:22:18 @schampeo 1st interview question for aspiring designers: tell me about Jakob Nielsen. Often don’t have to ask a 2nd. You failed by the way.


20:07:48 @schampeo I want a web site that’s tested and proved to satisfy users’ needs; not an art school grad’s wankfest.

23:27:58 Clarence Thomas thinks it’s OK for adults to peer inside 13 year-old girls’ underpants. Why am I not surprised?

23:29:45 @schampeo Nielsen tests sites for users’ comparative ability to accomplish tasks and measures results. You can’t argue with results.


15:02:31 HTML 5 now breaks XSLT and XPath: Cue Thomas More.

15:03:13 Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat?

15:04:56 I suppose it’s not like the W3C hasn’t broken XML compatibility for no good reason before:

15:08:22 @schampeo Nielsen has real evidence to back up all his ideas. Disliking his results doesn’t mean they aren’t true.

15:09:47 @schampeo The only thing Nielsen has resisted are sites that don’t work. If it measurably works, he’s for it.

15:16:24 @timbray I’m increasingly convinced that there never have been any real conservatives in American politics outside of textbooks.

15:19:48 @unclebobmartin Bob, don’t you think it’s disrespectful and hurtful for a 13-year old girl to be strip searched for no good reason?

15:23:46 @AlexaMorales Michael Jackson’s/Selena’s/Diana’s deaths didn’t affect me at all.

15:24:05 @AlexaMorales I do remember the deaths of Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Abbie Hoffman, and Richard Feynman.

18:15:57 Surprise: Scalia and Thomas get one right for a change in an unusual 5-4 split:

20:03:47 Once again I am reminded that the code that’s too simple to fail, isn’t. First test I write reveals a major bug.


15:09:50 Whatever Works: Woody Allen’s funniest movie in a long time, even if there wasn’t anyone under 40 in the audience.


16:19:30 @avinashkaushik It takes longer than a decade.


12:50:02 Why Pair Programming Works:

12:51:51 @martinfowler Top posting is an abomination. Better not to quote at all. Bottom quotes are a waste of bandwidth.


00:57:18 Just discovered I have an Erdos number of 5.

15:00:00 If this works, it’s the most important cryptographic discovery since public-key encryption.

15:14:32 @testobsessed Only when you can’t control and inspect the showerhead programmatically. We need better APIs to manipulate and query GUIs.


15:27:53 RT @Carnage4Life Surprised by the number of spammers and marketers that have started following me. Twitter needs report-as-spammer button

15:29:27 XHTML is still very much alive. XHTML 2 was a mistake that has been thankfully aborted.


14:57:14 Why has everyone suddenly forgotten that Michael Jackson was a creepy child molester?

16:41:38 @zeldman User comments should be carefully stripped of all potential errors.

16:42:46 @zeldman You aren’t even catching bad UTF-8 in comments? Dude, that’s like way easy to do. Firefox is helping you find your bugs.

22:26:18 @DaveTaylor Do you mean UTF-8 or Latin-1? or do you really want comments in Welsh and Gaelic?

22:27:25 @DaveTaylor What CMS/Blogging platform are you using for the comments?

22:34:29 @zeldman Your CMS/blogging/database platform should never have let the malformed comment through. What are you using?

22:36:00 @testobsessed The metaphor only stretches so far. If the GUI/showerhead is the public interface, that’s what you test; but debug deeper


00:19:42 @AlexaMorales Because experience has taught you that speaking up doesn’t matter either?

00:21:01 @AlexaMorales Just because you know a situation is doomed to fail doesn’t always mean you can improve matters by speaking up now. :-(

03:12:23 The Return of Moth Monday:


15:25:01 Ordering CollidEscape for my windows: #birds


00:00:24 Proof desktop Java is dead: no one uses Twitter clients written in Java. :-(

00:09:26 TweetDeck finally installed, but has some perhaps fixable UI flaws: Preferences in wrong place, wasted screen real estate,

00:09:58 Page down key doesnt work, Tweet input field hidden. We can do better.

00:17:46 TweetDeck menu bar is a complete disaster. Missing items. Menu items that just don’t work. Common to all Air apps? Or just careless coding?

00:18:20 On the positive side, TweetDeck is much faster than Twitter website in Firefox.

15:34:27 Seesmic Desktop fixes of the UI problems in TweetDeck: broader columns and Tweet textbox always open. Non-standard close button though. :-(

15:35:50 Seesmic Desktop has almost exactly the same menu flaws that TweetDeck has. I suspect these are common to all Adobe Air apps.


02:48:14 John Yoo should be disbarred and prosecuted. He acted as co-conspirator, not an attorney.

13:51:38 Interesting business idea: I hope this succeeds. It fills a real need.

13:52:17 @birdchick Collidescape

22:29:47 @timbray: I’ve seen many arguments against checked exceptions. I’ve yet to see one that holds water.

22:30:27 The only real argument against checked exceptions is that Java has shown they’re too complicated for some programmers to understand. :-(

22:31:23 If checked exceptions are too complicated to include in a language, then closures and generics are even less plausible.

22:32:22 @gnat


03:34:13 @RonJeffries Exceptions, especially checked exceptions, are no more action at a distance than return values are.

03:36:03 @KentBeck The precise point of checked exceptions is to force you to care about unpredictable error conditions, even if you’d rather not.

03:38:51 @frumioj Everyone up and down should take the fall, from the people in the room to the president who ordered it.


18:19:57 Correlation, not causation:

18:20:55 Universities responsibility is to the truth, not to balance. When one side is living in fantasy land, don’t expect it to be treated equally.

21:15:31 Mountain Bluebird, Wood Stork, Black-chinned Sparrow, Mountain Quail, White-headed Woodpecker Pinyon Jay, Yellow-footed Gull Gila Woodpecker

21:16:50 Which of these would be easiest to find in SoCal summer? Best Route? Island Scrubjay, California Condor, Cassin’s Vireo, Ferrugious Hawk


01:18:36 Killer feature for all Twitter Clients: Report Spammer button. Please implement post-haste.

21:04:21 @ndw Time Machine is your friend.


01:55:36 Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince was worthwhile, even if I did notice multiple things they left out. Also included scenes I forgot.

13:56:56 Opening tech support at 8:30 AM Pacific Time is customer hostile. KOWA #fail

13:58:26 Is there anyway to combine location and search bar in Safari as in Firefox?

14:27:11 Bye Bye Firefox. It’s been nice knowing you, but you ignored my bugs for too long. Hello Safari. Glad to meet you.

15:36:19 Latest Cyberduck update horribly buggy and Crash Prone. DO NOT UPGRADE!

23:11:30 @timoreilly Are Chinese editions less commonly available in source HTML/PDF/CD than the English editions?


14:51:42 15 species on a seawatch this morning

15:00:06 @hsivonen It’s been reported for years. They just keep moving the issue around from one bug to another and reassigning it.

15:01:42 @michaelhkay Balisage conference is great. Hotel is awful. Recommend you stay elsewhere.


00:01:27 @unclebobmartin And this differs from HMOs how exactly? You and your doctor don’t control today. Ban HMOs if this bothers you.

00:02:07 @unclebobmartin I’ll take decent health care for everyone over premium health care only for the rich.


22:42:20 @unclebobmartin Right now HMOs define decent, and that’s clearly not working. I trust the U.S. government more than I trust HMOs.

22:43:37 Who do you trust more to take care of you? Profit-maximizing HMOs or the non-profit U.S. government? That’s the real question.


14:50:27 @KentBeck JBoss and Red Hat come to mind.

14:53:31 @unclebobmartin No HMO == no health insurance. There are no other options in the U.S. today. For many sick people, not even HMO is possible.

14:58:38 Do I buy Woot’s $700 Tablet PC today? Tempted, but after checking current prices it’s not really a good deal. Continue to wait for Apple.


03:34:29 @birdchick At least 3 nights and 2 FULL days for NYC. 1 day for Central Park/MONH; 1 day for Jamaica Bay/Breezy Point/Fort Tilden

03:36:22 @cshirky What about Fisher space pens? :-)

03:53:13 Moth Monday: Along Comes a Spider

03:55:01 Safari way too prone to spinning Beachball of Death


13:52:48 @unclebobmartin Typical Coulter: The falsehoods start in the first sentence, and just keep coming. It’s not even remotely close to reality.


17:04:12 If x is 23% of y, what do we call y? E.g, if 23% of cattle on the farm are shorthorns, what is the term for “cattle on the farm”?


01:58:23 Tamron AF28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) on a tripod at 300mm needs <=1/400s, <=ISO 200, <=f/8.0 to achieve adequate sharpness.

03:10:45 Children of Earth jumps the shark at the last minute:

21:47:59 When did USA Network turn into the All Rape All The Time channel?


12:55:47 Capitalist economist Paul Krugman explains why free market simply does not and cannot work for health care:

12:56:42 Too many people take the free market as a matter of religious faith rather than a means to an end appropriate for some goals but not others

13:05:26 Maxtor drive still broken after return from warranty service. Maxtor is now on my DO-NOT-BUY list.

13:51:49 Can’t remember the last time I booted Windows and did not need to install a critical update.

14:06:21 Formatting disk in Vista doesn’t show progress bar. I expect this sort of UI incompetence from Linux but thought MS was better these days.

14:30:18 My mistake. Vista does have a formatting disk progress indicator. It just took 20 minutes to appear for the first time.

15:35:08 Is there any way to make Safari 4.0.2 combine the address bar and search bar as in Chrome?

15:36:31 @unclebobmartin We might more plausibly draw the conclusion that killers in a war zone are are more likely to be rewarded than prosecuted.

15:39:23 I found the Seesmic desktop Report Spam button hiding under * menu! Now how to test it? porn mesothelioma mortgage penis enhancement Viagra


15:16:31 NetFlix doesn’t seem to have a customer service e-mail address, not even a contact form, but they have a phone number. What is this? 1982?


02:18:04 @codinghorror URL parsing code that doesn’t follow the spec should be drawn, quartered, and shot.

02:18:25 Funny People was anything but. Avoid at all costs.


13:02:33 The only way to learn to distinguish similar species like Forster’s Tern and Common Tern is to spend time where they’re a lot of both.

13:22:27 Not such good luck at Bolsa Chica yesterday. Need to experiment shooting wide open (as much as possible, f/6.3) at 300mm to reduce blur.

16:45:32 The next time the AP wants to interview me I’m charging them by the word:

19:53:05 Obfuscated Python is an oxymoron. Obfuscated Perl is redundant.

20:01:36 @michaelhkay Penny wise pound foolish: keeping users from evaluating improved new versions because they rejected older buggier slower ones.


14:20:21 What’s the difference between Perl and line noise? Line noise is more compressible.

14:22:23 @marick So do you think regime change in Iraq was left-wing or non-political? Same question for Iran?

14:25:17 Do the birthers remind anyone else of objectivists?

18:46:55 @marick And that change happened as a direct result of massive, right-wing political violence.

18:47:51 @marick Iran regime has protected itself through massive right-wing political violence committed against citizenry.


13:09:45 RT @dangillmor: NYT details pharma-industry ghosting of medical scientific papers MDs whose names appeared should l …


15:14:28 Curious: Sounds like it’s a problem in parameter entity handling.

15:17:13 @mnot No surprise really. Markup is the poor stepchild of HTML 5. An afterthought at best. HTML5 preferences imperative code over markup.

15:18:59 @mnot The whole point of HTML5 is to tell browsers what to do, not say what documents mean.


18:56:23 Has anyone else noticed that the anti-healthcare Republicans are accusing Obama of planning to do exactly what HMOs do today?


14:09:18 @gnat Unix hasn’t done squat about usability for 40 years. They’re not going to start now.


04:36:02 RT @dangillmor: Salon: Palin’s “death panels” exist right now — insurance companies decide who lives, dies

15:00:26 Irredeemable is shaping up to be the most interesting reinvention of the superhero since Watchmen.

18:35:31 Quine this article: (she commits everyone of the sins she’s writing about, right there on the page)

23:33:23 Objective C is proving an unbelievably boring language. Basically it’s Java–. Scala and Haskell were much more fun to learn.


14:07:16 Crashplan Unlimited looks like a good deal. How fast can I upload data? I have over a terabyte I’d like to backup.


12:27:13 @CBR: “Marvel Universe Begins Major Changes In Dark Reign: The List” only to renege on all of them a year later


01:25:49 Upgrading WordPress to 2.8.4. This always scares me. I wish WordPress had reliable XML export and import, not SQL.

02:30:13 RT @codinghorror: Opera is like the honors student who occasionally snaps and goes on a random killing spree.

13:17:48 Is anyone else concerned about Clark Kent and Peter Parker’s journalistic ethics? Secret identities incompatible with truthful reporting.


15:42:25 @nytimes: Defollowing @nytimes because it doesn’t show the whole article when I click through

22:31:26 How do cats know to hide when it’s time to go to the vet? And what strange feline dimension do they hide in?


17:11:22 Safari Cookies for the win. Now if I could just get keyword search in the URL box my Safari migration would be complete.

17:15:41 @codinghorror The new thing about the iPhone app store is Apple’s ability to enforce its secretive, authoritarian nature. Macs don’t do this

23:17:05 I don’t want to prefix my query terms with anything. I want to combine the location bar and the search box. I.e. keyword search in Firefox


01:07:21 How do you change a wireless password for an existing network in Mac OS X 10.4?

03:46:21 Moth Monday from Santiago Oaks: Red-bordered Wave Moth:


04:00:14 Why are bank and brokerage sites so poor? Is it security through bad usability? I can’t think of 1 bank that isn’t slow or awful or both.

14:31:34 @kurt_cagle No, it couldn’t. Folding, recursion, and fractals do not introduce fundamental non-determinism or non-locality.

15:35:05 sRGB or Adobe RGB?

16:44:56 Is it possible to sell a car on Picasa?


00:41:33 Dare I start playing Warcraft again? I’ve saved so much time since I quit at Lich King, but Cataclysm actually sounds intriguing.

01:28:49 Orange Bishop – Not #474

01:49:40 Anyone want to buy a Prius in Orange County?19,500 miles. Great condition.


00:19:56 George W. Bush and every SEC political appointee during his administration should be held personally liable for Madoff’s losses. SEC #FAIL


21:13:37 Are JVMs required to stack overflow on infinitely tail recursive functions?


16:58:19 Back in Brooklyn for the foreseeable future. My life is in boxes. Borrowing neighbors wireless (with permission) until FIOS is connected.

17:04:47 FIOS cable not available yet. Cablevision or DirectTV? Cablevision has TV5 and no BBC America. DirectTV has BBC America but not TV5.

18:24:55 Astonished at just how incompetent cable company’s web developers are. They can’t even make a simple link that works. :-(


23:58:02 What’s the best simple postage meter for low-volume home office use? Mac/Web-based solutions acceptable. Windows-based software is not.


11:20:19 @dpawson It’s necessary to print the postage, not just calculate it. Stamps are no longer reliably accepted by letter carriers. :-(


22:08:06 Verizon FIOS installer failed to show up, despite full day window. #VERIZON #FIOS #FAIL

22:18:26 Verizon FIOS support closed at 6:00 PM; online chat is malfunctioning; #VERIZON #FIOS #SUPERFAIL

22:39:39 Verizon billed my credit card but still can’t find my order. #VERIZON #FAIL

23:45:48 @PBCares Until you support the Mac,Pitney Bowes is a non-starter.


02:04:13 @jstrachan Java closures are a bug; not a feature.


20:25:59 The Chicago School has been morally bankrupt for decades, but more recently it’s proven itself intellectually bankrupt too.


10:45:09 When is a square not a rectangle?

10:56:22 @wrox Thou shalt not steal != Thou shalt not pirate. Piracy of IP is not theft, legally or ethically. They are distinct actions.


00:22:20 Snow Leopard ate my hard drive. Restoring from Time Machine backup.

00:31:13 Incredibly sick of my G1 locking me out because of too many pattern attempts in my pocket or on the kitchen counter.

00:31:53 Anyone know how to disable the maximum number of G1 unlock attempts without turning off protection completely?

00:33:24 @wrox Sorry, Jim. Copying != Taking ==> Piracy != Theft. Theft deprives the owner of their property. Piracy does not.

00:34:16 @mfeathers Because I can never keep LSP, Law of Demeter, and 6 other principles straight in my head. I know them all but not which is which.


01:35:15 RT @abcoates: @dpawson XOM is the best of that genre of Java APIs for XML, but it still fails the brevity test, as compared to Scala.

01:37:22 @abcoates If you want a language designed around XML, I suspect XQuery works even better than Scala.


10:39:13 Don’t you just love software that forgets your serial number when you upgrade the OS? And then won’t email it to you? Snapz Pro X #FAIL

10:40:31 Speaking of failure, how about a web host that turns off sites when they actually get traffic? Pair Networks #FAIL

10:41:48 @davidrisley Pair Networks is unreliable. Turns off sites and lost a year of my e-mail. Does not backup adequately. Avoid like the plague.

10:42:16 @ferrous Pair Networks is unreliable. Turns off sites and lost a year of my e-mail. Does not backup adequately. Avoid like the plague.


21:06:05 Why can’t Apple make FileVault and Time Machine compatible? For that matter, why can’t Time Machine encrypt backups?


09:54:02 Why are Firefox 3.5 Mac widgets so ugly? The font is wrong and why is there a shadow across the middle of each button, label, and textfield?

10:12:45 @tedneward Piracy != theft. Copying != stealing. Stealing a book prevents the owner from using it. Copying a book does not.

12:22:55 @tedneward Copying is not theft. Anyone who believes they’re the same does not know the meanings of the word theft, copy, or both.

12:24:06 One More Time: Piracy is not Theft


11:25:01 @tedneward Are you a criminal for driving two miles over the speed limit? Arguably yes, but it’s hardly the same as stealing a car.

11:28:43 @tedneward Civil offenses are not crimes, and people who commit them are not criminals. Many copyright violations are civil offenses.

11:29:16 @tedneward That any copyright violations are criminal offenses is a very recent change to the law in most jurisdictions.

11:36:17 @jbrains Why any Europeans still come to the U.S. for anything these days, I can’t figure out. It’s just not worth the hassle.


14:53:28 What’s the cheapest, simplest way to get a legal copy of XP/Vista to install on my Mac? Surely there are used copies around?

16:37:37 @danja Occasionally I still have to write about Windows and take screenshots of this. (Look for my next article.)

19:50:48 Case sensitivity is a user interface antipattern. Passwords and file names are *not* excepted.


00:17:12 Why don’t Macs support multiple monitors? ?

11:41:44 Many moths I’ve shot lately have been rather, small, brown, and dull but not this week:

11:58:55 @wolfpaulus Case sensitive file names and passwords waste many hours of users’ productivity every day yet provide no practical value.

20:33:14 Does Parallels Switch-to-Mac migrate Windows Vista from my PC to a new VM, as well as files, apps, and data?

20:39:52 Hmm, looks like VMWare Fusion can import my PC for free instead of $59.95 for Parallels: I’ll try that first.

20:49:34 Actually it looks like Parallels may be able to do this for free too if I bring my own cable. Have to try that.

21:05:53 @leighklotz No, I’m not familiar with Jim des Rivieres.


15:07:14 Memo to Web designers: please stop believing you can control my font size. You can’t, and your pages look like crap when you try.

22:39:21 How can I deactivate Verified by Visa? Do I need to cancel the card and use American Express?


01:10:35 @chrispirillo Controlling your own Wikipedia biography would be a massive conflict of interest and violation of neutrality.

01:13:02 @dsearls I have no objection if anyone cares to delete my Wikipedia entry. Not quite sure why I qualify as notable.

10:18:51 @codinghorror Few programmers even consider writing reusable libraries, even when that’s exactly what they’re doing.

10:38:18 Firefox 3.6 feels very solid, but switching back to 3.5 for the time being because only 1 of my add-ons works with 3.6 yet.


12:09:44 Why does the media only pay attention to the Black Helicopter wack jobs during Democratic administrations?


23:50:06 Turns out Praying Mantises can fly! Who knew?


21:22:23 Why does Dell make it so hard to compare their models?


10:20:59 @pennjillette War is Bullshit?

10:39:34 @al3xbrown Point and shoots have been better than DSLRs for casual photography for years.

10:41:46 @al3xbrown But for macro/sports/telephoto/scientific/etc. DSLR still has no remotely plausible competition.


11:09:38 JavaScript links are evil!


15:17:23 Fame (movie) was disappointing. Not nearly as much heart as the original. Perhaps a movie too tied to a time and place.

15:30:10 In U.S. nearly 40 percent of babies born in 2007 had unmarried mothers, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. (@nytimes)

18:59:49 @RonJeffries Cur Borders delenda est?


10:55:56 RT @Maitre_Eolas Je n’ai rien contre Obama, loin de là, mais le prix Nobel, c’est ridicule.

11:04:56 AskTog comes out of HIbernation:

14:28:33 Unit tests only slow you down when you’re willing to ship code that doesn’t actually work.


00:38:32 Sedge Wren in Central Park (Manhattan, not Huntington Beach)

23:32:43 Anyone have a free registration code for the exhibits at Photo Plus Expo in NYC in 2 weeks? I missed the free cutoff. :-(

23:33:13 Where are Canon’s EF-S L Lenses?


00:28:31 Zombieland was big fun. Wife laughed out loud all the way through the movie, then claimed she hated it. :-)

12:36:52 RT @dandiep Sometimes I miss the day when a link was a link and not a call to magical javascript.


09:20:07 RT @doctorow Any time someone mentions interoperability and DRM in the same breath, theyre engaged in wishful thinking #tocfrankfurt

09:20:27 RT @doctorow The use of unprotected to describe DRM-free is very objectionable. Why not unrestricted? #tocfrankfurt

10:17:49 It’s becoming obvious I really have to move Cafe au Lait and Cafe con Leche to WordPress; that or write my own XQuery based blog platform.


00:22:30 Just spent 20 minutes taking pictures of a beer can in my living room.

00:28:02 Gold standard sharpness: 100 mm prime macro lens at f/4

00:59:06 Quick test of 3 lenses at hand, and it looks like 1-2 (usually 2) stops down from maximum aperture gives the sharpest results.


17:55:53 @marick new car, sportswife?


13:05:34 Prefer list.isEmpty() to list.size() == 0. It’s more readable and much faster for some list implementations, especially lazy lists.


23:46:59 Are there remote control tripods that work with DSLR still cameras? I know videocams have these.


12:10:24 Updating Eclipse to 3.4.2 and trying to make sense out of Jaxen repository on Codehaus.

22:39:41 Does the Java Language Specification require names of private fields and members to be retained in .class files for purposes of reflection?


13:33:49 Just noticed some boilerplate where closure or aspects almost make sense. Still not worth contorting the Java language to add them though.


13:47:58 “Cloud computing” is like “intellectual property”; too vague a term to be accurate. GMail is very different from E3 or AppEngine.


11:39:55 Why does VLC Player audio hum?


13:01:32 Converting my Amazon wishlist into Brooklyn Public Library holds. Much cheaper and the books go away when I’m done. :-)

22:12:17 @AlexaMorales Just saw you quoted in “Questioning Extreme Programming” Now that I’m back in NYC, subway gives me a lot of time to read. :-)


13:22:31 Wife just got her first Facebook Trojan Horse and wanted to know if it was legitimate. She uses a Mac so no damage.

14:23:01 I am so sick of 3rd party sites asking me for other usernames and passwords. We need oAuth now.


01:33:55 Why do MS employees pick GMail over HotMail when they finally have a free choice?


12:50:34 Carly Fiorina now wants to do to the Senate what she did to Hewlett-Packard.

12:52:06 Not that CEOs ever make particularly good politicians, but if you want to elect a CEO wouldn’t you at least want to elect a successful one?


16:55:14 Anyone know of a Thompson NFA regular expression library for Java?


12:51:23 Looking at the prices of new Mac Pros I’m seriously considering buying from Psystar.


13:19:12 Why can’t Firefox understand that and different accounts with different passwords?

13:20:51 Twitter persists breaks the web and the back button more with every update. One more time: different resources should have different URLs.

13:21:42 @michaelhkay The user wants XML 1.1. Does the user need XML 1.1? Do they even understand what it is beyond a shiny new version number?


12:44:34 @testobsessed Because FedEx routes everything through Memphis.

23:11:02 @jamesgmoss Very little uptake. Very few products (basically 1). No browser support. Just hasn’t caught on. Only Dr. Kay invested in it. :-(


10:18:06 Dragon NaturallySpeaking doesn’t seem to integrate very well with chrome. I can dictate, but not edit. Back to Firefox.

12:57:58 Finally got my MacBook to read files from the Windows PC. However file sharing in the other direction still doesn’t work. :-(

12:59:09 The UI disaster that is Mac file sharing is surpassed only by the UI disaster that is Windows file sharing.

13:01:10 We’ve had file sharing for what, 20 years now? And it’s still as if no one has bothered to do a basic usability test? Apple/Microsoft #FAIL


22:26:40 Embody or Mirra? What’s the verdict?


00:02:38 Why does voice recognition software have medical and legal editions, but no programmer’s edition?

14:22:31 Space thief found. TechTool Pro eating over 220GB of my internal hard drive.

17:37:39 @michaelhkay But because more programmers are good at typing, more of us have serious and painful RSI. :-(


01:17:27 ant -diagnostics for the win. Why didn’t I know about this command years ago?

01:19:51 @hunterhacker Just keep your cats and small dogs indoors, and the bobcats won’t bother you.


23:17:38 Precious: very possibly the best movie of 2009. Mo’Nique deserves an Oscar. Go see it now.


01:20:06 Unfollowing @nytimes because they rarely actually show me a story when I click through.


22:13:46 Held an Apple Newton today for the first time in years. I was astonished at how big and heavy it was.


13:01:59 how can I stop Dragon NaturallySpeaking from recognizing certain words as links and tab titles when editing in Firefox?

13:05:16 is there some way to type camel cased words such as getOnlyChild() in Dragon NaturallySpeaking? ie. to not put a space before the next word?

20:08:13 Green Revolution created the Bhopal disaster:


01:28:42 going to try one more time to get my Windows box to read files from my MacBook. Other direction works.

02:01:51 Typing in Windows Vista under Parallels on a MacBook 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM. Passable but unpleasantly slow.


16:53:13 @jonoabroad No, main hard drive

17:15:08 @mikeloukides If true, you have a much better than average ISP.

21:11:57 Just submitted the first draft of my next developerWorks article. :-)

21:38:25 Where should I go the Caribbean?


12:37:20 Finally, Dragon NaturallySpeaking has finished its morning optimizations so I can get to work.


18:32:48 A gigabyte here, a gigabyte there; pretty soon you’re talking about real memory. :-)

18:37:49 Faith kills:


23:16:02 42 species today at Floyd Bennett field. Canon 300mm f/4L IS + 1.4x/2.0x teleconverters. Looking at photos now.


00:12:51 300mm f/4L IS doesn’t work well with 2x teleconverter: no autofocus and excessive fuzziness. 1.4x works much better.

13:54:27 @martinfowler It’s reversed: f#’s are fractions so you need an f/2.8 for autofocus with a 2x converter. f5.6 minimum after the TC is added.

21:10:38 Thinking the Copamarina in P.R. looks like a very good compromise vacation: birds, beach, bicycles, tennis, spa, and cheaper than St. John.

21:13:06 For just myself I would have picked Asa Wright in Trinidad, but that’s all birds, all the time. Wife not so fond of that option. :-)


13:12:45 Apple Software Update hosed my MacBook. Attempting to recover,


11:38:11 Nuance refuses to provide upgrades to Dragon 10.1. Does not recognize my serial number. horrible customer service. :-(


13:07:51 Iraqi insurgents are better at breaking into U.S. systems than at protecting their own laptops:

18:56:20 Once again writing a unit test merely to cover a line that wasn’t covered (and obviously couldn’t fail) finds a real bug. 100% coverage FTW!

21:15:51 Another bug found by testing a line of code that was too simple to fail!


00:07:23 Department of Homeland Security should ban anything that discourages software updates including mandatory registration and activation codes.

00:09:27 @WeLoveOurPlanet eBilling gives corps permission to take money out of your bank account when they feel like it, whether you have it or not


18:35:20 Everyone comments on how much Lady Gaga owes Madonna, but personally she reminds me more of Boy George and Leigh Bowery.

18:48:07 @chrispirillo sexting is not a problem. Cowardly district attorneys looking for easy wins in child pornography witchhunts are a huge problem

21:25:41 Upgraded Dragon NaturallySpeaking to 10.1. Why does it obfuscate the serial number? Perhaps now it will stop dying with internal errors.

21:26:22 Programs that require serial numbers to upgrade should make serial numbers easy to find. Dragon NaturallySpeaking #fail


11:44:02 What to do over Christmas break? Read? Catch up on e-mail? Write code? Take pictures? Watch birds? Fix old code?

11:46:51 @gnat Anything that involves software development (and what doesn’t nowadays?) is not a core competence in almost all organizations.

12:10:14 @unclebobmartin Testing through the GUI tests that the parts the GUI is wired to actually work AND that the GUI itself is wired correctly.


01:17:08 RT @JPBarlow Can someone explain to me why futile efforts to prevent American dope-smoking are worth turning Mexico into an anarchy?


15:46:13 @simonstl shims ftw

18:31:10 Benny Grunch live at Walgreens


15:31:04 Converting my mother from ATT’s Yahoo Mail to GMail. Next up: degunking the parents’ Windows PC.


01:21:42 Why does TechTool Protection use 231GB on my boot drive, and is it worth it?


01:11:58 RT @JPBarlow The TSA, accountable to no one, imposes idiotic new rules which the public can’t appeal.

01:12:52 RT @chrispirillo According to the TSA, 100% of all terrorists want to blow up the plane in the final hour (and not a MINUTE sooner). #Delaye


23:51:12 Had already started planning 6 trips in 2010. Will cancel at least one and probably more of them if airlines/TSA overreact.

23:52:52 Lunch at Acme Oyster House: char-grilled oysters were yummy but everything else was disappointing, even raw oysters and bread. Won’t return.


11:43:02 Dragon NaturallySpeaking doesn’t even come close to recognizing “New Orleans” as pronounced by a native New Orleanian. you all yens Boykins

11:44:35 Oral yens. Boykins. Williams. Williams. Williams. But it does seem to recognize the incorrect Yankee pronunciation. :-(

13:29:46 @chrispirillo No sales should be taxed, Internet or otherwise. Sales tax/VAT is a regressive tax that punishes the poor the most.

13:31:12 @timoreilly Yes, but the I18N and IETF communities ignored us. :-(


11:48:51 Readability is great but the Booksmarks toolbar is a waste of space. How can I put it in the Toolbar or a menu instead?

14:27:28 More time wasted trying to make Windows Vista share files with Snow Leopard. It’s just one PC and one Mac. How hard could it be? :-(

15:35:55 Finally got Snow Leopard to read files from Vista hard drive. Had to use smb:// addressing. Couldn’t browse.

15:36:23 Of course I still haven’t figured out how to let Vista read/write from the Mac, which is what I really need. :-(

15:44:24 @ndw This is a known Firefox status bar bug. Google Analytics is not hanging the page. The next thing that’s loading is.

15:48:45 @johnstok @bazzargh Dropbox may be a last resort. I want to share my existing folders locally, not create new folders in the cloud.

15:55:16 @RonJeffries 1. Stop blaming all politicians equally. Realize that some are immensely better/worse than others.

15:57:38 Vista can see the MacBook but it can’t login. Username and password is always rejected.

16:12:08 /auth/auth_odsam.c:opendirectory_opendirectory_ntlm_password_check(572) opendirectory_smb_pwd_check_ntlmv2 gave -14090 [eDSAuthFailed]

21:26:23 #10yearsago I was living in the same apartment with the same wife but no dog, working more as a writer/teacher than a developer.

How I did it

I dumped my complete Twitter history into an Atom feed using Backupify. I dumped the Atom feed into eXist. Then I applied the following XQuery to the Atom feed:

xquery version "1.0";
declare namespace atom=""; 

let $tweets := for $entry in reverse(document("/db/twitter/elharo")/atom:feed/atom:entry)
  <div><date>{substring-before($entry/atom:updated/text(), "T")}</date> <p> 
  <span>{substring-before(substring-after($entry/atom:updated/text(), "T"), "+")} </span>
replace (
    replace (
        replace(substring-after($entry/atom:title/text(), "elharo:"), 
            "<a href='$1'>$1</a>"),
        " @([a-zA-Z]+)",
        " <a href='$1'>@$1</a>"
    "<a href='$1'>#$1</a>"

  for $date in distinct-values($tweets/date)
  return <div><h3>{$date}</h3>
   for $tweet in $tweets
   where $tweet/date = $date
   return $tweet/p

I could have done it a little more easily in XSLT 2, but I wanted to practice XQuery. I think this may be my first use of XQuery “in anger”. I could still improve this by translating the dates to the local time zone; but this is tricky because there were three of those, varying by date. Doing this manually with search and replace wouldn’t be tough, but I’d like to integrate it into my XQuery script. Also, the regex should allow numbers in user names. (Sorry Dare)

3 Responses to “All My Tweets in 2009”

  1. Colby Millinor Says:

    Sorry, aber das bezweifel ich ganz stark…

  2. Janbraza Says:

    It was wonderful you have created those tweets and blogs in 2009 that you developed more progressive pattern and understanding of this modern technology, we luckily have (because some people have no knowledge about this tech).
    Yes, I used goggle chrome rather than mozilla firefox because it will not be honest, I will be faithful’s here at mozilla, hoping there will be improvement using the internet.
    I hated bugs you know!

  3. php developer interview Says:

    Unfortunately, for most cloud computing platforms the car analogy you give doesn’t compute. You may notice an auto as a means to an end, and all of you worry about is getting there, then you need an application platform like Google’s AppEngine. Here you just add an app, and the rest is handled. If on the other hand you run ec2, you’re no longer distressing about computer hardware, but still about instances and virtual servers. They all run OS’s that need to be maintained; it’s like taking taxi’s but still having to know everything about the taxi’s engines. I predict that at some point we’ll move towards AppEngine like models or ‘managed clouds’.