Turkey Legs at the TSA

I got pulled over for extra screening at JFK this morning. Apparently my lunch set off the alarm bells. I had a ziploc bag containing a smoked turkey leg and some baby carrots. None of the security screeners could guess what the turkey leg was until they opened my bag, but they did let me through with it. I could swear I’ve carried on turkey legs before, but maybe next time I’ll bring sandwiches.

Makes me wonder: what other dangerous foods could you get on board with? Leg of lamb? Hard salami? Does stinky cheese count as a biological weapon? And should I really be uploading this post through the airport wireless network? (Too late to worry about that: the post just autosaved. Thanks WordPress.)

3 Responses to “Turkey Legs at the TSA”

  1. Tim Patterson Says:

    That turkey leg is probably equally as dangerous as a big bottle of shampoo or hand lotion! :)

  2. Bas Says:

    Oh sure, it’s all fun and games until someone from the Axis of Evil whips out a turkey leg and takes over a plane. :)

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