Buy Nothing Today

Once again this year I am celebrating Buy Nothing Day. For one complete day, I will buy nothing. I will not stand in lines, browse department store circulars, save $4.95 on a $19.95 toy I didn’t want anyway, and otherwise participate in our annual consumer frenzy. Instead I plan to sleep in, make love to my wife, maybe write a little, and wander around the park looking at birds and hunting for mushrooms (which I don’t have to pay for). Beats the hell out of a day at the mall.

2 Responses to “Buy Nothing Today”

  1. Michael Redlich Says:

    Amen to that, Elliotte! I was never into the Black Friday hype. I always appreciated the fact that I could actually *sleep* a little more. I spent most of the day continuing my endeavor to reorganize and rebuild all of the Java Users Group monthly source code archive. It’s amazing how much needed to be updated for Java 5 and new versions of Hibernate, PMD, etc. Talk to you soon…

  2. Andrzej Taramina Says:


    May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage as a reward for your restraint. ;-)


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