Valentine’s Day Dinner Massacre

Memo to self: never go to a restaurant you actually like on Valentine’s Day. The restaurant’s overcrowded, the staff overworked, the food cold, you can’t get a decent table, the bill will be wrong, and anything that can go wrong will.

I won’t name names, because every restaurant in New York has the same problems on Valentine’s Day; but last year I went to a very nice restaurant where Beth and I have gone for birthdays, anniversaries, and such for about ten years now; and it’s always been wonderful.

This time, let’s just say it wasn’t. If this had been the first time we’d gone there, it would have been the last. We got a horrible table. My chair was broken. The food ranged from overcooked to cold (or both). Service was abominable. Just an all around bad experience.

3 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Dinner Massacre”

  1. John Cowan Says:

    Mother’s Day has similar problems. And of course it’s not just New York.

  2. cubiclegrrl Says:

    Why not stay home and cook for each other? One person makes dessert; the other makes the meal. That way you get to spend time together in the kitchen as well as the dining room (or in front of the TV watching a movie). That’s worked for us for us for years. Just a thought…

  3. Kirk Says:

    We did take out at a nice Italian restaurant. We at at it at home and watch a nice “Chick-flick”. Better than waiting for a table in a crouded/too loud restaurant. Not exactly romantic.

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