My Midlife Crisis

Wow. I just went through the blog posts from 2007/2008 while recategorizing them. I didn’t realize how long ago January 2007 was. Last year about now I was at JavaOne. This year I’m at Google IO instead, but that’s hardly the biggest change.

Since then I’ve written and published another book, stopped writing fulltime, taken my first W2 day job in years, quit that, resigned from Polytechnic (where I’d worked longer than anywhere else in my life), took another fulltime job, moved to California from Brooklyn (where I’d lived longer than anywhere else in my adult life), and bought my first car in almost 20 years (and my first ever new car. In fact, the first car I ever paid more than three figures for.)

A year ago I had no clue any of this was going to happen. (Well, I was starting to think about moving out of writing into more fulltime programming, but it certainly wasn’t definite.)

I wonder where I’ll be in another 1.5 years?

2 Responses to “My Midlife Crisis”

  1. Chris Adamson Says:

    Some crisis; it sounds like a lot of very positive changes. Congrats on moving more decisively into programming — after you’ve been writing for a while, it can be hard to convince employers you’ve got real programming chops.

  2. Aaron Says:

    Congratulations Elliotte and welcome to sunny California. Those certainly are a lot of big changes in a short period, but I agree with Chris…they’re positive ones. It’s empowering to make choices for yourself. I wouldn’t expect the next set of big changes to kick in for awhile though given your past stable behavior pattern.

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