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This site features some random musings and thoughts, comments on books I've read, movies I've seen, and whatever happens to be crossing my mind on any given day. I'm not putting this material here for any particular reason except that I wanted to write it, and writing purely for my own amusement always seemed a little pointless.

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August 20, 2000

March 4, 2000
The brown pelicans have returned to Louisiana.

December 26, 1999
Some musings on artistic integrity as it relates to free software and free documentation.

November 18, 1998
Who's the putzhead now, schmuck?

January 28, 1998
Fast Times at Ridgemont High or Whatever Happened to My Sister Eileen?

November 29, 1997
Buffy in Cyberspace

November 9, 1997
What is intelligence?

October 1, 1997
Timothy Leary's dead.

September 30, 1997
I'm just doing my job.

July 9, 1997
Why The Spot mattered.

June 23, 1997
Secrets are meant to be revealed.

June 4, 1997
We're not a nation of feel-gooders and have-funners, and thank God for that.

May 22, 1997
Scientific truth is fuzzy, but that doesn't make it any less true.

May 21, 1997
Is scientific truth culturally conditioned?

May 17, 1997
Comments on Edward Abbey's The Monkey Wrench Gang

April 22, 1997
The vagaries of book titles

April 21, 1997
I was framed!

April 13, 1997
Man bites dog.

April 4, 1997
Comments on Robert Anton Wilson's The New Inquisition

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