Mountain View Hotel Notes

Hotel Zico: very nice hotel, conveniently located on Stevens Creek Trail between Shoreline Park and Mcllellan Ranch. Breakfast is good (omelettes) but often very late. Otherwise an excellent choice. Rack rates are high, but discounts can often be found.

Hotel Avante: not awful, but rooms are small and the hotel has seen better days. Breakfast is mediocre at best, but starts at 5:30 AM, much earlier than other hotels in area. Pool. TV has good sleep timer, but only some channels are in HD. I don’t mind standard def except that the TV is locked on 16:9 resolution so everyone looks deformed. On the expensive side.

Quality Inn and Suites at NASA Ames: very close to Shoreline Park, Googleplex, and freeways. Often the cheapest option. Nonetheless the property itself is offputting. Avoid.

Dinah’s Garden Hotel: the one time I stayed here loud machinery (AC?) ran outside my hotel room all night. Avoid.

Best Western Plus Mountain View Inn: perfectly serviceable budget motel, especially if you’re looking to save a little money. Convenient to birding locations along the bay and Googleplex.

Hotels I haven’t tried but should:

  1. Hotel Strata
  2. Hilton Garden Inn and Suites (has restaurant)
  3. Ramada Mountain View: near Moffett and freeways
  4. Sheraton Sunnyvale: perhaps the closest hotel to Tech Corners, Sunnyvale Baylands, and Sunnyvale WPCP. Try this next time I’m in Tech Corners.