Unusual Goose

The Brooklyn Bird Club found this goose at Rye Playland this past weekend on a trip led by Peter Dorosh:

Hybrid Goose at Rye Playland

We couldn’t agree on what it was. Some argued for a Canada-Barnacle or Canada-Greater White-fronted hybrid, but to me the size (noticeably bigger than a Canada Goose) means this has to have some domestic Greylag in it; possibly a hybrid between a domestic goose and a Canada Goose. Any other ideas or thoughts?

2 Responses to “Unusual Goose”

  1. Rob Jett Says:

    I like the domestic/Canada combination, although it could be a generation or two away for the original hybrid. Kevin McGowen has a very interesting page on hybrid geese here:


  2. Brendan Says:

    I agree that it is part Greylag, or domestic. I saw a very similar goose at Pelham Bay Park January ’06 hanging out with a few Canadas. It was lighter overall, and had a very noticeable drooping belly.

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