Banded Goose Mystery

You may remember that at various times from January through march I spotted a Banded Goose H7H6 in Prospect Park. Originally I thought this goose was from Quebec. However, I’ve now received a different certificate for the same goose with the same band number that indicates it’s not from Canada at all but rather from Coming, Indiana.

Certifcate of Aprreciation awarded to Elliotte Rusty Harold Banding Data BAND NUMBER:  0998-48429 (H7H6)

I’m not sure what’s going on here. Three certificates say it’s a male. The new one says it’s a female. If I spot it again, does anyone know how to sex a Canada Goose with binoculars? I’ve asked the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center for clarification.

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  1. Frank Wilhoit Says:

    With binoculars?!??!?!!? Wouldn’t rubber gloves be a little more humane?


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