Saltmarsh Moth Caterpillar

Fuzzy orange caterpillar

Estigmene acrea, 2006-10-21, Mount Loretto Unique Area

ID not 100% certain

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  1. Flamuck Says:

    Looks to be the right size for a Salt Marsh Moth larva, and the bristles are the right size and disposition, but the only ones I have seen had black to light gray bristles and colorful bodies, while this larva has the opposite. It may still be an Estigmene acrea, but I’m not sure.

  2. Zoanthropy Says:

    I agree with Flamuck who says it’s a Salt Marsh Moth larva. I have one right now actually, and it looks exactly like this picture, although it has a more blond/brown body, not black, but they do vary in color greatly.

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