Red-eared Slider

Baby turtle in hand

Red-eared Slider, Trachemys scripta elegans, Prospect Park. 2007-05-25

These are common in Prospect Park and other New York area parks. They’re not native. The colonies are all the results of released pets. These cute little guys grow into much larger turtles, and turtles just can’t hold a child’s interest as long as a dog or cat.

In many places, they’re crowding out the native turtles. I rarely see any other turtle species in Prospect Park these days.

I found this one standing on the sidewalk:


The pattern of spots on the bottom of the shell is distinctive:


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  1. Andrzej Taramina Says:

    Yeah…people shouldn’t buy live animals for kids as gifts. My wife and I have 3 read-eared sliders and one yellow-eared that we got from nieces who got tired of them. Except ours now take two hands to lift! They’re huge and will likely outlive us.

    Hmmmmm….maybe I can bequeath them back to the nieces! ;-)

  2. Rob Says:

    I bought two red eared sliders from an Asian woman near chinatown about three weeks ago. I find them to be very hardy animals and had no idea that they were as labor intensive as they actually are!!! theyre a lot of fun though, notwithstanding. I find them very interesting to find out about and take care of. and I realize that over time they will likely be huge and need a lot of space. for now they are in a twenty gallon tank. In the asian culture, turtles are considered to be lucky. so maybe buying these two little guys is a good omen!!! ;)

  3. das Says:

    i have had 2 red eared sliders for about a year.i love them and i am willing to take care of them for as long as they will live. I Used to have 3 but one ran away. how long did it take ANDRZEJ’s to get huge??

  4. mohamad far Says:

    Hi , u can see man red earde slieder photos in may , my red eread is beuaty !!!

  5. Emily Says:

    I just bought a red-eared slider, and I’m scared because he’s stopped eating. I dont know why. Is the bulb to hott? did I over feed him? Im dont know, someone help me please.

  6. shayna Says:

    if ur turtle isnt eating it may be about to lay eggs so its a she or put it in water they cant swallow on land or in cold water.and they wont eat if there scared.

  7. Tasha Williams Says:

    I am looking for a place to buy a baby red-eared slider in CA. I have heard that you need to go to Chinatown in Los Angeles. Does anyone know exactly where to get one? I am willing to make the 2 hour drive, but would like to make sure that I can find a turtle once I get there.



  8. ryka Says:

    you can get red eared sliders online at the’re cheap and you only have to buy one and you can get the second one free. well with a purchase, but it’s still cheaper in the long run. i just adopted a red eared slider and am now recieving a second one so that they’re are paird wich is better for them. i’ve never had turtles before but always wanted them. i found out that they are really hard to take care especially in the climate i live in.

  9. Karen Says:

    I have rescued a healthy male Red Eared Slider, about 8″ round and would like to find him a good home with a turtle lover. He is living a good life in our outdoor pond with five “bait” fish that he never ate and gets reptile pellets to eat. Our two small dogs are destroying the doorframes and I can’t keep him anymore. I have digital pictures of him if anyone wants to see him.

  10. Kim Says:

    Hi, I have a 2 year old turtle and I want to get him a companion, but not necessarily another turtle. Does anyone have or know of any possible tankmates for red eared sliders? Aquatic crabs perhaps?


  11. David parris Says:

    hey i love turtles and i have red eared slider but he wont eat i have had him for about a year but he is still fairly small. i want to know why he wont eat, someone please help me. And i think its a boy turtle. please someone tell me wut i can do to get it eating again.

  12. Kim Says:

    Hi David, what temperature is the water you have him in? Turtles go through a hibernation period in which their food consumption slows quite a bit. If the water they are in gets colder they think it’s time to sleep. If you don’t already have a heater I would suggest getting one. This is all I can think of…hope it helps!

  13. Josh Rolls Says:

    tasha williams where do you live because i have two and there is a store called FUMI’s Tropical fish store

    17606 chatsworth street Granada Hills Ca

    They have small babies and mediummales/females 15 dollars a turtle

    Hope you find what you need

    Josh Rolls

  14. j.f Says:

    i want to breed my turtles but first i want to know why i cant feed them raw meat? i cant breed them yet because one of my red eared sliders are to small.

  15. rachel Says:

    I have an adorable red eared slider– I got almost a year ago, I have been taking care of the little guy, but his friend died a couple months ago and he’s kinda lonely. Would anyone be interested in another free friend? I don’t really want to buy another to keep him company. Please email me at if interested– I live near USC in los angeles

  16. sara mathew Says:

    my red eared slider s injured. outer shell s broken and some tube like material s out..(probably intestine).. i reduced it.. now he s not moving his hind legs n not feeding.. can u please tell name of antibiotic , site of inj n t dose.. im in India .. vet surgeons here dnt know this .. im a medical student . my e mail s

  17. Heffa Says:

    Okay, it is kind of cruel to keep your turtle like that alive… really, don’t do that. Put it to rest.
    For my problem, i have two of them, and one of them wont do anything but sleep and i dont know wat is wrong, but my other one seems fine… NEITHER OF THEM WILL EAT! my aunt said leaves from outside? I got them from Chinatown, Boston. Do they need a bigger tank?

  18. sarah Says:

    I feed mine shrimp and it loves them. Also gold fish but mine is big. Can’t keep the beautiful thing anymore… feel sad it is all alone but have a 55 gallon tank that I don’t feel is big enough. Anyone know a place I can donate it? It has to have a good home.

  19. chakkname Says:

    I bought today what I think is a red eared slider from a local asain store for $5 where they sell them to eat. I am learning about this little guy/girl he is just lucky he didn’t end up in some chinamans soup pot. Has anyone ever eaten one of these? I am considering building him a little pond and calling him lucky-lol. how do you tell the sexes?

  20. Turtle Mom Says:

    My turtle is Stewie. My son brought him home from a vacation 3 years ago. When he brought him home he was the size of a quarter and now he is 8 inches across. Stewie loves people and cats. He is very nosie. He loves to be around the action. I just wish that there were tanks that were half water and half dry area. something specially designed just for the land and water turtle.

  21. robind Says:

    Turtle Mom:
    It’s pretty easy to make your tank half land/half water. Fill up your tank as you normally would, but then fill up part of it with bricks or a couple of cinder blocks. Try to ramp them some so the turtles can climb on easier. Presto! Instant basking area. You can even put some coconut-fiber stuff on there or other gravel type substrate.


  22. hansraaj shetty Says:

    i have a water turtle with me .. i got it 3 days back ..
    but its not eating the turtle food at all..
    its he size of my palm
    i m worried
    they just want to get out of the box & roam around
    plz tell me wat to do

  23. Pookie Says:

    Hey I am thinking of getting a Red Eared slider turtle. Would you recommend one to a beginner? I’ve never had a turtle or any reptiles/amphibians before. The only pets I’ve ever had are dogs and goldfish. I currently have a dog, but I hope that won’t be a problem. Do they really get up to 8 inches because I heard that they only grow to 4-5 inches. Do they really live for 50 years? I don’t know if I’d want one that long… What do you need if you’re going to get one- a tank (full of water? Part land?), food, what else? What do you have to do to take care of them- I’ve heard both that they’re easy to take care of and very hard to take care of. What kinds of things do they do? Can I put them in a slow moving backyard river thing if I watch him/her? Also, if you get a male and a female, will they always mate and will the female always lay all those eggs for 5 years or whatever? Sorry for all the questions, but it would really help if someone could answer. Thanks!

  24. FRESNALIN Says:

    2: pookie
    you should buy a red eared slider.. its really fun and actually quite easy to take care of. All you will need is a ten gallon tank for now. Buy some pebbles and push them all to one side then fill the side with no pebbles with water (about 2 1/2 inches). That way they will have dry land and a place to cool down in the water. Also install a little lamp to the side with pebbles. The last thing you’ll need is a little filter to keep the water clean. With all this your turtles will be happy and so will you.

    P.S. they can actually grow to be 12 inches.

  25. chelle Says:

    while keeping aquatic turtles CAN be “really fun”, it is not only a dirty job, but also can get quite expensive. A 10 gallon tank is never a good started tank. Even if your turtle is a hatchling, it will grow fast, needs much more room to swim in and requires water heating, water filtering (filters need to be especially powerful and effective, even so, water changes MUST BE DONE ON A REGULAR BASIS) basking lamp and uvb full spectrum lighting. They also have nutritional needs to consider.

  26. Chelle Says:

    Shetty, why is your water turtle in a box? Is it a plastic box with water in it? Also, do you have a heater for the water, a basking light and a dry area the tutle can haul itself out of the water and bask on? Do you have uvb lighting as well as the basking light? What are you trying to feed them? Is the water filtered and clean? There can be several reasons why a turtle won’t eat. If you’ve got the right environment and it’s not eating anything, I’d say it is sick and needs a vet.

  27. Therese Says:

    I got my baby RES in the wild just smaller than a quarter. He is sweet and wants to eat all the time, now 6 months later he is bigger than an old silver dollar. He will swim backwards when we walk into the room to see /feed him. It is hilarious to see. He gets so excited.
    He was with a different person for the first 3 months of his life, after I caught him, and needless to say they are not to be kept in a dry aquarium with little heat and just a bowl of water. He is now thriving and happy with heat light and heater and basking area. New owners/ go to all the RES sites you can and read how to take care of these little guys/girls. Its worth it!

  28. Chelle Says:

    You go girl! My little guy/girl (Little Bill…I hope it’s a boy!) does the swimming backwards thing too. He’s such a begger! He’s almost two months old, about half dollar size. Everytime he see’s me he goes to the corner of the aquarium where I feed him. It’s hard not to give in! They’re so darn cute!

  29. jesse Says:

    to everyone with baby RES that won’t eat…

    1. need to feed in water – the turtles need to have an area to swim in where you can put the food. they don’t have saliva so they need to eat in the water and are stimulated by the food moving about. if they are babies, you’ll need a 10g tank to start…but as they grow they will need bigger and bigger habitats even as big as 100g or more!

    2. size of food – if they are babies, you will need to find hatchling food pellets. also try using fish flakes or aquatic frog food. and this is just to get them started…dry food should not be their whole diet. they need greens (romain lettuce or living freshwater plants, or other veggies too). you can also give them krill, shrimp, bloodworms, live worms, crickets or other treats.

    3. water temp – this is really important! get yourself a good submersible heater and heat your water to at least 78 degrees F. this will stimulate your turtles to eat.

  30. Andrew Says:

    I got 2 RES a couple of months ago and the don’t want to stay basking if any1 is in the room, can anybody help?
    And I was wondering if fake plants are good to add?


  31. kim Says:

    Hey Andrew,

    Turtle can be very shy at first. Try entering the room very slowly and not approaching the tank directly…they will get used to you! Plastic plants are not good for turtles as they will munch on whatever is around. They could ingest some plastic pieces and get sick!

  32. josh Says:

    ok outta suriosity, i just bought a few turtles in florida while on vacation…thought it was pretty cool, but unfortunately i can’t remember the type of turtle that it is…anyone know of an easy way to find out what kind it is, or a place i can take it to ask?

  33. Andrew Says:

    Go to a pet store… or try to search it on the web…

  34. Cory Says:

    I have two 6 month old red eared slider’s and I just put them in a 55 gallon tank. this morning I got up and the one was gone. the only way he could have got out was possible climbing out of the 3-D background and jumping out, I can’t find her anywhere in my apartment. where would they usually hide? I looked under couches and beds and everything! I am worried, how long can he be out of the water? I put out a pan of water maybe he will come up soon and find that.

  35. Cory Says:

    nevermind, I found him in the closet. does anyone know if you can mix certain kinds of fish with turtles in the same tank? just wondering if I can put fish in my 55 gallon tank with two 6 month old red eared sliders

  36. Shandi Says:

    Ok….so my husband is a marine and as a “going away” present, he bought my son 2 RES turtles. We’ve loved having them. I of course don’t allow my son to handle them because we haven’t got them tested yet for Salmonella. He still loves to watch them. My male is acting sick, really sick. One of his eyes is swollen and he wont do anything except lay under the basking lamp. We just moved from Jacksonville NC and they we’re doing great but no he is sick. What can I do to make him feel better until I get him to the vet tomorrow? Also what does it sound like he has? I feel so bad because I love these little turtles and it would kill me if I hurt or killed one of them. They are like my babies now. PLEASE someone help me! Thank you so much.

  37. Melissa Says:

    Has anybody ever taken their turtle to a vet to have a shell repaired? I’ve had 3 RES turtles (1 male, 2 female) for about 5 years now, and I just got home from being away for a few days and found my 2 females had climbed out of the tank. One of them I found quickly, no harm done it seems, the other has broken the back part of her shell just over her right rear leg. She still has full use of the leg, and doesnt even seem as though it bothers her, but it is still bleeding a little so I have her separated in the bathtub until I can take her to a vet, hopefully tomorrow. Any ideas on what I can expect from the vet?

  38. Andrew Says:

    I have another question,

    My two RES are looking at each other and they put their hands in front of their head and then shake their hands.
    Can any1 help.

  39. Viraaj Doshee Says:

    hey……i’m viraaj i have a red ear slider but dont know that if it is a male or afemale ?????????

    plz.. help me some one as i want a life partner for it.


    hey.andrew congo!!! ur turtles are getting maried and in som months will lay eggs i red it in a web site while re searching

  41. renee Says:

    I have two Adorable, very active baby Red Ear sliders (I believe 1male/1female) I just accepted a new job where I am traveling alot. feeding them and tending to them daily has become a challenged
    they need a new home and I am accepting offers. (2 months old, little bigger than a silver dollar) *I have pics if you request them,unsure how to post on this site


    *20 gallon durable glass tank
    *Plastic plants
    *Basking Platform
    *Floating Land
    *Tank Submersible Aquarium Heater
    *food (baby shrimp, vitamin & mineral pellets)
    *Rocks (for bottom of tank, gives tank decor)
    *Aquatic Poster (gives turtle a sense of home)
    *Traveling container (small plastic carry container, if turtles are going ‘bye,bye”
    *Water Conditioner (keeps turtles healthy,make tap water more adaptable and less harsh for them)
    *and of course the two very playful, healthy and active turtles are included (I believe 1 male/1 female)

    First come, first given

    Call Renee if interested
    (I live West Los Angeles, just moved from Chicago)

  42. Andrew Says:

    One last question… In my turtle tank is tons of these little green strips, kind of look like string and the are sinking to the bottem, anybody know what it is?

  43. Andrew Says:

    Oh and i forgot if RES are going to lay eggs do i need a land part in my tank?


  44. brian & teri Says:

    we just went camping and one of uor lil one saw a turtal . so we grabed it out of the water and took it back with us . it is a baby and looks just like the one in the pic above. baby red ear slider . what do we need to keep it alive. email us back at or . it wont eat i dont know what to feed it i tryed 100% natural shrimp (sun dryed) thank you brian

  45. Ben Says:

    I just inherited two RES. They are great, a little shy right now, but in a new home. They eat, but one will eat nothing besides baby shrimp I get at the pet store. I’ve read that turtles also need vegetation in their diet, and I have tried romain lettuce. Also, the individual I got them from said that the one will not eat any of the turtle food pellets, and I literally have a whole basket full of different types that she had tried. does anyone have any recommendation in what I should do about my turtle’s diet, or should I just be happy as long as he/she is? Thanks.

  46. Steven Says:

    Hi i just got 2 RES a while back and im wondering how long it takes for them to get settled in and not be shy.


  47. kenrick Says:

    hey i have 3 red ear sliders one of them is really funny cuz it flips over when i wave the food around the tankand ts swimming hard
    jst fo the food. why?

  48. PJ Says:

    hello to everyone with questions.

    i highly suggest that anyone with question about thier RES should google “red eared slider”.
    there is alot of information: care, died, habitat, how to tell the sex of your turtle and alot more.

  49. ubbi unni Says:

    I love turtles

  50. Brooklyn Says:

    Hi all…
    Has anyone litter trained their turtles. I mean.. does the turle just walk around and go to the washroom anywhere?

  51. krisi Says:

    Hello everyone couldn’t help but notice all the turtle talk….I have always raised turtles. I’ve had about every different kind and once they are about 2 it is good to let them go because if you keep a female in a tank too long she will hold her eggs and it is unhealthy. It doesn’t matter even if you have a male in with her turtles like chickens sometimes don’t even have to have a mate in order to produce eggs. I’ve recently found a nest of 18 Map Turtles and 1 slider that I’m caring for….my brother and I have always went out to find the baby turtles to keep for 2 years and then release back into the wild. Most of them do not survive to make it to the nearest body of water because of birds, ants, and other prey and even the ones who do usually get eated by fish. Did you know that only 1 out of every 1,000 turtles survive to adult hood? That’s why i keep them until they are large enough to be less vulnerable to predators. So please anyone if you see a little turtle pick it up and don’t leave it to be killed or eaten!

  52. Rosa Says:

    Hello everyone:

    I want to buy 2 RES, but the only place that I’ve found online doesn’t look reliable. Can somebody recommend a proven safe place online to buy them?
    By law, here in the state of CO, they have to measure 4 inches across the shell and I want them babies!

  53. Alyssa Says:

    Kristi –
    Releasing captive turtles into the wild is a horrible idea. You are sending those poor little turtles to their deaths! They will not know how to survive out there when all they know is the four walls of the tank you’re keeping them in. If you really cared about turtles you would leave them alone in their natural environment and let mother nature take care of the rest.

  54. Alyssa Says:

    Rosa –
    I bought my baby red eared slider from He came home safe & healthy!

  55. kitten Says:

    Hi, i have 2 RES for a year now and win i got them off this lady with a tabel smutherd in them they were both barly larger then my thumb. but now holy (the one i think is a girl) is almost a larg as my hand, wall artamis (the one i think is a boy) not even half her size….at first i thot it might be because she was eating all the food so i started feeding them sepret…but for months he still has not grown……eny one now whats up???

  56. Olivia Says:

    Kitten, have you tried live food? Pinhead crickets? Mealworms? These sometimes stimulate their appetite and encourage them to eat other things…romaine lettuce, carrots, pellets, etc.

    I also had a question…I was searching for sites on how to care for a turtle that was bitten by a bigger turtle and viewed all the comments on this site. Wow! It’s amazing how many people want these little guys and how many want to give them away. Sure, they would be great to get as babies, but the adults are just as fun! I rescued my two girls from a friend of mine that had no idea on how to take care of them. They were very sick and they wouldn’t eat. After taking them to a vet (they are considered exotic animals, so take them to a proper vet) and getting them dewormed, he suggested a pinhead cricket diet. With their muscles being atrophied, this would encourage them to swim and increase their hunger. I started with a 10 gallon tank-they were about a half dollar size. They grew and graduated to a 20 gallon tank in about six months time. Then to a 50 gallon tank another six months later. It was about a year after that I moved them to a 65 gallon tank. I would love to get them outside, but I live in Phoenix. Too hot during this time of year. They are happy and healthy ladies. My new friend, however, has a painted turtle that was paired with a map turtle that was much larger than he was. This bigger meaner turtle is EATING this little turtle! My friend cannot afford a vet right now…I am giving him my 20 gallon tank to seperate this poor turtle from the other one. I am giving him a filter, some water clarifier, reptile wound medicine, heater and some large rocks. He keeps his turtles outside. Any other suggestions?

  57. Ann Says:

    hi everyone , im from Sydney and i want to have a red eared slider ive been searching far and wide for one but, there are none can anyone please tell me where to buy one in Sydney thanks i would thank you really much if yooh helped meeh and tell me where

  58. Britt Says:

    i rescued this red eared slider from the side of the road so i could let him go in a pond not near a road well when i picked him up he was already hit by a vehicle he moves just fine and the turtle is not hurt just his shell what would i do to help him

  59. Preciouswhite3 Says:

    IS a good website to purchase a baby RES?

  60. CK14 Says:

    Hey I don’t own a turtle but I read you can keep mosquitofish with RES or big non-agressive fish. I hope someone else who owns one will verify

  61. CK14 Says:

    I found this at wiki

    I have owned and bred Red Eared Sliders and Diamond Backed Terrapins for a number of years, and there are a few factors to consider when deciding what types of fish to put in your turtle tank, or even if you want to in the first place.

    Two key things are the size of your tank and your style of set up. If your turtle has an aquarium heater in the water, people will often include fish like Plattys, Mollies, Swordtails and schools of small tetra such as Rummynose or Glo-Lite Tetras. Assuming the tank is big enough – keep the schools big (7 fish or more) to cut down on the risk of them being eaten. Keep in mind that the turtles by themselves, tax most people’s filters, and adding fish only makes the harmful chemical levels in the tank (ammonia, nitrates, nitrites) rise even faster.

    If your tank does not have an aquarium heater in the water(most turtle tanks only have a basking light for heat), you are relegated to pretty much goldfish and one species of cold water tetra called White Cloud Tetras. It is my suggestion to veer away from Fan Tailed or Fancy Goldfish, and stick to the more common Comet, Sarrassa, or Shubunkin Goldfish, due to Fan Tails slow movement. In cold or warm water tanks, people will often make use of Plecostomus (algae eaters) as cleaning fish.

    Warning!! Keep in mind that when placing fish in an aquarium with water turtles, you *always* run the risk of the fish being eaten. Water turtles can be aggressive fishers, attacking, dragging to shore and eating prey that is longer than they are, so never assume big fish are safe. Also, to this end, make sure you never place toxic fish species (like freshwater puffers) in the tank with your turtle.

    In my tanks at home I place Comet(feeder) goldfish in with my turtles. Comets can be purchased very cheaply at pet stores (about 15 cents a fish) and still come in a variety of colors from orange and black to red and white. It adds some movement to the tank, and nutrition to the turtles diet (calcium) when they do choose to eat one. The only thing to watch for, is that your turtle is still eating it’s regular pelleted food and not living on a diet of just goldfish as they are rather fatty.

  62. CK14 Says:

    Currently in the U.S. it is illegal to sell any turtle that is less than four inches in length. Male turtles usually reach this length in 2-4 years and female turtles usually reach this length between 5-7 years. You can tell the sex difference in your turtle because male turtles are smaller than the females but they have longer tails.

  63. Michelle Says:

    Hey I have 1 RES and he is always sleeping and hasn’t eaten since I got him 2 months ago

  64. Patty Says:

    If he is sleeping then it means he is most likely in hibernation. In order to maintain a healthy indoor environment and avoid hibernation you will need to use a full spectrum light and provide a basking area for 6-12 hours a day. Use an aquarium thermometer to test your tank’s temperature. If the UVB lamp is not enough to provide heat for the aquarium then you may consider buying a heating pad to place on the bottom of the tank. The water should stay in the upper 70’s.

  65. Gina Says:

    I have red earred slider and need to find it a home anyone interested I live in New Jersey. I think its about 5 or 6 ” wide and healthy. my email is just email me.

  66. jill Says:

    i have have 4 red eared sliders and they are really small. today the biggest one died and the others are struggling. they are only half a year old what do i do?help!!!!

  67. anna G. Says:

    hey 2day next to my job i bought 2 turtles rom chineese lady, i got home and i dont know what to do with it, i bought a special food and i bought them in a small like 7X5 plastic tank in a water,is it not enought for the,? i really dont have time to watch out for this baby and now when im reading wat u have to do for them im a litle abset :( , pls tell me how big do they grow and can they be in a water all the time and do i need a feelter asap? how much food do i need to give them and how soon also wat kind of greens can i give them.thank u soooo much,
    Anna G.

  68. anna G Says:

    also pls tell me wat is the smallest tank i can get for 2 turtles,right now they are around 1.5 inch, how big will they be like in 6 month, pls help me cuz i dont know wat to do with those babys, i thought u just feed them in a water in a small tank that i bought, and i really dont have a space to put them in a big tank

  69. amy Says:

    hi i may like 2 buy 1 of ur turtles. how much are they? if ur selling them, id like 3. email me back please thank you

  70. Mo Says:

    Hello im 13 and i really want a turtle but im not sure about it yet. I have a few questions; how long do they live, how big do they get and are they hard to take care of because i have a busy schedule and im not sure if i can keep up with it. I also have been reading and i read that turtles that are this small were banned because they carry salmonella or something, is it true?? They do look really cute but i would like some answers, thanks~mo

  71. josephine Says:

    i have two red earred turltles one of my turtle doesnt want to eat she stayed small while the other turtle has grown twice as big as her..i dont know whats wrong with her..

  72. courtney Says:

    hey i really want one can they stay as small as 4to 5 inches cuz i want a tiny one they r so cute! also were can u get them in maryland or california plz answer my qestions bye!

  73. Kaylee Says:

    I am looking into getting a red ear slider, my sisters friend has one and i love it, but it is illegal to buy sell or breed turtles so is there any way i can get them without breaking the law? If anyone could get back to me it would be greatly appriciated thanks.

  74. Danielle r Says:

    anna g

    you need to buy a bigger tank. at least 100 gallons for now they go into hibernation when they get cold so they eat less to prevent that from happening you can buy them a heat lamp. also it takes them a long time to get bigger…years

  75. Danielle r Says:


    the one that is getting big is the female they grow larger than the male

  76. brittany Says:

    hi my name is brittany..i just got 2 little res they are smaller than the palm of my hand. and we bought a ten gallon tank…is that alright for now? when will i need to get a bigger one? we are going to make the tank half land and half water..but i do not have a lamp yet…should i get one asap??
    thanks for the help.

  77. Danielle r Says:

    anna g

    i am sorry i ment 10 g. is good for now

  78. agwgirl Says:

    hello everyone! I see many people asking where to find RES. If anyone is going on a vacation on the east coast many of the WAVES and EAGLES stores sell them. We just got one while on vacation in Myrtle Beach and we love him! He is very active & eats ALL the time! We didn’t realize about needing the heaters/light so we’ll be looking into getting that for him soon. Thanks for all the post everyone has put up. It was a BIG help and I would suggest an RES to anyone who has time to give attention to them!

  79. Sean L Says:

    I have my own 2 red eared sliders one boy and one girl. First up is a tank for them to swim in. DO NOT fill the tank with saltwater because that’s only for sea turtles so you must fill it up with freshwater because they are pond turtles. Use as much water as possible. You also need a basking area for them to climb up on because if they live in water forever then they can freeze to death. You must let them out to run off for a little bit but don’t let them go buy themselves because you might lose them so keep an eye on them. They are omnivores so you can feed them little bugs and fish or you can buy food for them from the pet store. Hope you got what you need.

  80. Reyna Says:

    Hi. I just woke up to find one of my male red-eared sliders with bits of the back end of his shell broken off and floating in the tank.

    What could have happened???

    Do I need to get him to a vet?

    Could my other RES have done it to him? They do sort of fight sometimes (but usually just over food and they’ve never been violent).

    Is this some normal sort of shedding activity? I’ve had them about 4-5 years and it’s never happened before that I have noticed. He does look like the top of his shell may be sort of peeling also.

    I do have some sulfa dip. Should I try it? Or would that be a bad idea right now?

    Please help. Anyone who has any information, please email me at: a.s.a.p.

    Thank you.

  81. Taylor Welch Says:

    My name is Taylor Welch I am 11 years old I have been raising turtles since I was 9 years old.My first turtles I ever had were 3 RES and 1 yellow belly slider.There names were Skippy,Alfalfa,Boxer,and Darla.My Parents had built this little pond thing for the turtles while I was at my friends house and I decided to come home before a storm had hit and I looked in the pond and 1 of the turtles were missing and the turtle that was missing was Darla and I never got her back.The next time we went to a flea marcket I got 2 more turtles named Darla Jr.,And Chloe.Then my sister found me another turtle in a pool and he was a yellow belly slider.I wound up nameing him ED.He was so adorable and the thing was that my sister brought it home whlie I was at school.I was like I love sissy so much THANK YOU!!!!!Now they are as big as my 2 hands put together.We had to put the turtles out on the porch and soon fall and winter will be here and I can not leave them outside.So I begged my mom to let me keep them instead of turning them loose.She then said well since your dog died I will think about it.Yah!!!Then for my graduation of 5th grade my aunt and uncle brought me another turtle his name is BoBo.I dont exactly know if it is a boy or a girl.I wish I knew though.If ANYBODY knows please please let me know as soon as possible.And please no jokes cause I really want to know.Thanks Alot!!!!!!

  82. Denise H. Says:

    I have 2 healthy RES that are 2 1/2 yrs. old. Need to find new home for them. I am in the Chattanooga, TN area. Anyone interested? Contact me at

  83. Chris Says:

    Help! I have an RES that is trying to mate with my sucker fish. Or at least we think that’s what he is doing. We thought he may try to eat him but then we read that the shaking of the hands is a mating thing. Any suggestions to make him “unattracted” to our poor sucker fish?!?!?!!!!!

  84. anna Says:

    are these turtels water turtels

  85. david parris Says:

    hi,its david again and its also november again. my red eared slider named bucky wont eat. but i dont know how cold my water is. what can i use to get the temp of the water? in my tank i have a baby box turtle also. will they fight?

  86. louise Says:

    hiya . my terrapin ate my sucker fish what will happen to him ? will he die ? get back to me asap . cheers

  87. stephanie Says:

    hi my name is stephanie and i am 18 yrs old. my father just recently brought a red eared slider from claifornia and its a baby turtle. i dont know much about it. but i do have a huge tank for it, but i’v only put a gallon of water because in scared that it would drown and i dont know what to do??? HELP!!!! i need some tips on how to take care of it sense this is my first turtle pet. plus when its feeding time he/she does not come up to eat.
    -thanks your help is appreciated!

  88. JENNY Says:

    Hi All:

    I have two adorable Red Ear Sliders (3 yrs old). They eat pellets, well… not anymore, since I started giving then salmon, shrimp, chicken, lettuce… even cheerios! Please, don’t ever spoil them like I did, otherwise you’re gonna have to starve them so they can go back to the easy feed: pellets!
    They are also very active during the hot seasons. Now they’re kinda slow and prefer to sleep more. I keep them in a very nice aqua-condo with the right “accomodations” filter, heater, gravel and dock for basking through the window when the sun is out.
    But they also love being out of the water and … climb on my back, on my head, pillows anything that’s high. They respond to my calls and give me their hands to lift them up when they want to go back in the water. They sleep in a doggy bed near the heater vent or under a warm blanket that they love to wrapped themselves into. These cute guys can be very smart if you give them enough love, attention and a happy environment. They will respond to you like every pet. So, it’s important to really love turtles and be willing to take care of them… before you commit to adopt them. You’ll be so happy you did… there’s nothing more adorable than finding them up in the morning waiting for me to call them for some playing time!

  89. MVhannah Says:

    When i went on a family trip to New York in 1998 we got two red-eared sliders in china town, like someone said, for 5 dollars each, to be eaten in soup! they were the size of a quarter, i was 6 then and we still have them! now one is 5 inches across, and the other is almost six inches. we can’t tell the sexes, but they love to be on top of one another, though they don’t seem to look like they are mating. just chillen on each others backs! we named them Rocky and Blastois(after the pokemon heh). the tank is now too small for both of them, but i feel they won’t be able to survive in the cold. if anyone has any comments/info about this please e-mail me,

  90. kinoe Says:

    how many years or months a baby turtle grow big?

  91. kinoe Says:

    do you have some turtle or pet shop for turtle,
    how much does it costs and i love baby turtles.
    If you have one tell me if you can bring it to the Philippines

  92. kinoe Says:

    i almost for got


  93. sam Says:

    i was just wondering if you had to have a heating light on the tank.. i have a heater for the water and i lid with two UVA lights on it? is that enough. and how high i should fill the water?
    a friend just gave me her two slider and their two years old, i have no clue what to do with them!? would love any tips you guys could give me?!

  94. madison Says:

    he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Bubbles Says:

    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for all your comments, its interesting to find all this info.
    i just got 2 baby RES for my birthday who are about 3 in. long. I cant tell their gender yet, so i don’t know what 2 name them. They are sooo cute. One is very active and loves to eat any kind of meat, also eats Repto Min pellets. The other one i guess was shy and didn’t like transferring to a new home. We took her back to the pet store (Pet Kingdom) and got a more healthy looking one, just to be safe. I think its normal for them to sleep a lot when you first get them because they are adjusting to a new environment. I have a 30 gallon tank, filter, heater, thermometer, basking area, rocks (for the bottom) a poster, Repto Min food, water conditioners, and water purifier (makes tap water safe for them.) Just wondering if their is anything else they need, they’re doing great!!!
    Also, what do you recommend for their diet… i was thinking about live goldfish/crickets, but i don’t know cause their just babies.
    Is their any way at all you can tell their gender when they’re so young? I’d love to know…
    Thanks- Bubbles

  96. Bubbles Says:

    We just got a large above ground swimming pool for Christmas (round, at least 10 ft across.) Would it be safe to put them in their during the summer… they will need a bigger tank, so i was hoping that would work.

    If anyone needs turtle names, i have a few in mind…Yoda, Lilly, Michelangelo, Clyde, Donatello, Shelby, Lola, Steve, Yurtle, Seamore, Jasper, Crush, Walter, Sasha, and Leah.

    Happy New Year and Valentines Day!!!!!!!! : )

  97. laura Says:

    hi – i got 2 adorable red eared sliders from craigs list – a woman was moving and wanted to get rid of them. they were in a tupperware container, i quickly replaced that with a 20 gallon tank and heater, light etc. now they are 100% more active and so cute!! my question is they get extremely excited and seem like they are trying to climb out of the aquarium when i enter the room – what does this mean? should i feed it twice a day like the reptomin says on the can? they are little voracious eaters! any advice greatly appreciated. thanks and God bless!!


  98. Paige Says:

    dont feed them twice a day once a day if there under a year old if there over a year then only once every two days red eared sliders are known to beg for food . they try to get to you when you come in the room .its because you feed him and he knows it , kind of like a dog that folows you around just hoping you will give it table scraps. it knows that usualy if you come up to the enclosure you drop food in. they will eat even if they are not hungry so only feed them a portion the size of its head (general rule) or els it could get sick. remember (ubv rays) if its over a year old start ofering it veggies as well. like carrots or dandy lion leaves (look up list of veggies that they can be oferd hope this helped!

  99. Shannon Says:

    My RES, David, won’t bask! We’ve done everything the books/petstore managers have said but the most he’ll do is stick his head out of the water. I’m worried about him =[ !!

  100. dimitris Says:

    hi..i have a turtle like that..i dont know about turtles and i want your help..
    she eat a bit..i feed them sticks..”turtle food”..
    what your opinion??maybe i give to her some vegetables??:S
    i dont know

  101. Kitty Says:

    Dimitris, you should always offer vegetables to turtles of any age, even if they do not eat it. Soon they will, and it’ll give them the essential vitamin A required.

    Shannon, maybe you’re just scaring David too much? If you sit and watch him and he is not yet accostumed to you, he won’t get out of the water. To him, you’re a predator until he associates you completely with food. It’s taken my turtle about a week, and it might take longer for yours. Just be patient, and keep the water and habitat warm.

    My baby turtle will only eat crickets, and I’m worried about his nutrition.

    I was wondering if there was anything I could do? I put minnows in, but they are too big for him at this time, and they are co-existing peacefully.

    I try to feed him Reptomin Baby, but he won’t eat it, and I’ve tried soaking it in tuna water, shrimp water, etc.

    Any tips?

  102. Anna Says:

    Hello! Usually you shouldn’t give just sticks/pellets for turtles to eat, when they are young ones, you should feed meat, minced meat and make sure it has got all vitamins(like Nutrobal), also remember to give calcium to get shells to keep in good shape.sepianscale is good example. it can be in terrarium and it floats there and turtle can eat it always when needed. But remember you shouldnt never give any food with salt or much fat. Turtle also needs dry place where is spotted UV lamp. It keeps turtle digestion good and it wont get shell addle. When turtles are older you can feed vegetables to it and it basic diet is fish. I usually feed ciscos full.

  103. breathe Says:

    i’m looking to buy some baby RES turtles. i live on Long Island NY, just not sure where i can find babies. any help would be appreciated.

  104. hubba bubba Says:

    wsp? i love turtles i wana buy 1 super bad

  105. carlos Says:

    does anyone know how to make a half dry half wet tank i have 2 red ear sliders and 2 peninsula cooters as well. one of my sliders i had for going on two mounths now and the the 2 cooters i just got yesterday. I’m getting ready to buy a new tank a 55g and i want to make it a half dry half wet and i dont really know how to make it does anyone know how to make one and give me some more tips on what to feed them.

  106. Army Wife Says:

    Several weeks ago I found a tiny RES in my front yard. I have several others that have been around for several years. I put the new one with the 2 other small ones (they are about 4″ around). Just tonight I found the large one (female) attacking the new little one so visiously that I had to humanly finish it off. Why did this happen? As long as I have had sliders I have never seen this.

  107. Kelly Says:

    I had a turtle and he died today, 5/23/09, and we had him for a year and we dont know what happen to him. hi name was Mr. T. My cousins found him in the street and my brother and I were asking for one, so they gave him to us. I MISS YOU MR.T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Sarah Says:

    So I couldn’t help but want to post something about RES. I have one and I’ve had her for a little more than 3 years & she is doing great! She’s in a semi-small thank and while I know people recommend a bigger tank I’ve kept her in this tank for the 3 years and she’s fine! She started off the size of less than a half dollar and now is about 4 inches long. She’s perfectly healthy and she lives only in water. During the colder months she does hibernate but as soon as it warms up she eats and it very playful. Maybe I’m not taking as much care as others but she is healthy and eats plenty. So for those looking to keep them small it is possible. Just don’t make the tank too huge :)

  109. Anna Says:

    This how you should keep your turtle, dry area and loads of water to moving around. Dry area avoids to turtle get shell addle what usually kills turtle after its gone too bad. So take care of your turtle. They are living ones and need good care just like humans.

  110. Andrea Says:

    people who are not going to invest some money into their turtle should not purchase one. i just bought my first baby red eared slider thinking it would be an easy pet and i have already invested around $135 on it. if your not a responsible person and don’t have the time to care for one, don’t get one. but anyways :) lol i love my baby.

  111. Andrea Says:

    the size of the tank doesn’t matter on the size that your turtle will come out. and CARLOS you can purchase some plexi (sp?) glass and cut it and use aquatic glue to glue inside your tank to make kind of a ramp going up and then use some more plexi glass on top then you can add sand or rocks on top of it to make a dry area. hope that helps :)

  112. Patricia:) Says:

    i have a red ear slider that i got 3 yrs back he is so much [[BIGGER]] then he was before. i [[LOVE]] it!!!!
    their [[GREAT]] to have:)

  113. Brooklyn Says:

    I went to a fish store just this morning. I wanted to buy a new tank for my fish coz theyre a bit crowded already.

  114. Kiwi&Mango Says:

    Those are so cute!
    I have two baby turtles too.
    Their names are Kiwi and Mango!
    They are Red Eared Slider Turtles!
    Great Blog!

  115. carolyn Says:

    Hey guys, I have quite the dilemma. My mom’s friend got us 2 baby red eared sliders from Chinatown in Los Angeles recently because she thought that they were cute, and I certainly don’t have the time to take care of them. I don’t understand how an adult like her can’t realize that pets aren’t toys. I’m a freaking teen and I know that. I got pretty pissed and now I don’t know what to do. I’m scared to see if any local pet stores want them or not because it’s illegal to have a turtle under 4 inches here in California. What should I do?

  116. carolyn Says:

    Haha hopefully someone can help me. Looks like people haven’t been reading this post for awhile.

  117. Tahira Says:

    Hi. I just recieved a red eared slider a week ago. It’s a boy. At first, he was eating his turtle food just fine until two days ago when he completely stopped eating the food. Also, he leans on one side in his tank before he has to do *number two* in the water. Both of these things scare me so much and I was wondering can anyone tell me what is going on with my turtle? It will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

  118. chase Says:

    hi i was thinking about getting a red eared slider to keep in a 10 gallon tank in the house for now. Is it optional to have a heater and a heating lamp?

  119. Liliy Says:

    I found a baby red eared slider 2 days ago and he is about the size of my palm, so I’m going to keep him untill he is a little bigger then I’m gonna let him go in the pond behind my house. Is this a good idea?or should I let him go right now?If I do that then I’ll be afraid that the fish or the birds would eat him. also I dont know if there is the right food for him in the pond, but I have seen other turtles in my pond. One more thing. I’ve been feeding him reptomin baby but he isnt eating it!!!So this morning I gave him some freeze dried shimp and he hasnt eaten that yet either.Should I feed him somthing else?or should I just keep feeding him and wait untill he eats something?I would hate myself forever if he died!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    Releasing pet animals in the wild is a very bad idea. Do not do this under any circumstances. It causes major harm to native populations by displacing established species, introducing diseases into wild populations, and other mechanisms. It is illegal in most jurisdictions.

  121. Mozz Says:

    I love turtles 2 but mum wont let me get any.
    i was disappointed when i found out that they grow to 11 inches! i just want a really mini one so does anyone no a really small breed thats legal for australia?

  122. Mozz Says:


  123. Mozz Says:

    Someone please!

  124. Mozz Says:

    is no one interested in this blog anymore? and what is the smallest tyrtle that stays small thats legal in australia cos i see want a red eared slider but they get to 11 inches and would that be to hard to care for? how much would the tultle, tank, setup and food cost?

  125. Lillian Jonhson143 Says:

    i found this red ear slider in china town and it was being treated very badly so i thought i could handle the turtle but boy was i wrong and now i’m wondering how i can release this turtle. Should it be like a vet or something because many people have told me that you should NOT put it in the lake….can someone answer my question?

  126. Kim Says:

    I have had a baby RES for about a month now and he has been eating dried shrimp and loves them. All of a sudden in the past three days he has stopped eating. He has a heat lamp, basking rock and plenty of room to swim around. The water is warm. He is acting the same as usual but he wint eat. I am scared he may be sick and I dont want him to die. What should I do? I have also tried to feed him pellets and frozen aquatic turtle food that is some kind of mixed greens and protein. He never liked either of those. Please help me before my baby turtle dies. He was only a hatchling when i purchased him and he still had his egg tooth he was so small. I have grown attached to him and dont want to lose him so soon.

  127. Mozz Says:

    lillian-please dont release the turtle into the wild. you should take him to the vet or to an animal sanctury or zoo. or if you no anyone who care for turtles you should ask them. ive never had a turtle but i read about them and every site says not to release them.

    and does anyone have an answer for me?

  128. ashish Says:

    kim – if ur turtle is not eating ready made food, pls switch to fresh water worms immediately…do not feed more than 2-3 worms at a time for a start, gradually increasing to about 7-10 after 2 days of starting…and keep it in a water level only so much that it can stand on its legs & stick its head out..if there is no separate dry area…after about 5-6 days of worm diet…u can serve corriander leaves…finely chopped…also finely chopped papaya pulp…after it starts to eat normally, do not feed more than 3 times every two days…and remember … the feeding trick is…1 serving should be roughly equal to what can fit in a the turtle’s head if it were hollow-that’s the measure…n dont forget to expose him to open sunlight for at least 3-4 hrs a day.. (dont take it out of the water-but keep a dry area where it can come out if it wants) in the early days it wont as it is too young & it is basic instinct to stay in water to stay away from predators…keep the pond covered with glass cover, in a way that allows ventilation – glass cover so crows dont snatch it out u keep it in a balcony or verandah

  129. pawan Says:

    hi…can someone tell me if keeping a red ear slider turtle banned in india…if not…is there any published text which can be refered to…pls help

  130. Mozz Says:

    anybody know what the smallest urtle allowed to be kept as a pet is??? thnx

  131. Mozz Says:


  132. wesley Says:

    is it safe to feed red earred sliders a little peice of meat every now and then

  133. Friday Says:

    You need to see a reptile vet!!!!!! If it’s intestines are protruding, antibiotics won’t help, have some compassion and common sense!!!!!!!

    I feed my RES raw meat and shrimp every now and then, she goes nuts for it. She’s 13yrs.

  134. jitendar tomar Says:

    i have 2 wood indonasian turtle and both r so cute and enjoy with my fishes, now i brought 2 new baby red ear turtle….red ear r so cute but both r so small…almost time sleeping….i think red ear baby turtle lazy….not active….what to do bout care of baby turtle…..anyone can tell me pls

  135. jenna Says:

    i just recently bought a red eared slider his name is peewee. hes so funny hes a very fast swimmer and is always sun bathing on his floating rock. everythings been going great i have a few guppies in the tank for him to “try” and catch and eat and i feed him once a day. my only problem is my tank wont stay clear i have what i think is a strong filter i just dont understand whats going on. ive had everything for about 3 weeks and ive already had to clean the tank twice and im about to clean it a 3rd time. someone help me out please.

  136. marcelo Says:

    I have 2 babies red eared slider turtle.I believe one male and female.They are pretty much a 4 or 5 months older.Days ago the smallest one start to stopin front of another and shaking his or her front legs around his/her head.Is these moviments a faithing for territory or they want to breed?They doing very well in my 30 gallon tank w a very good canister filter sistem,heather,place to climb,UVB light,bublles stones and good diet:Crikets,mealworms,mixed vegetables,romaine lettuce and floating food sticks.So…they doesnot like to be too much outside the water,but 10 min everyday,yes,closed to the UVB light.If u know the answer please help me.Thanks a lot!

  137. marcelo Says:

    also,feed w small gold fish…

  138. marcelo Says:

    Carolyn…I work on PETCO Pet Shop and always people looking to adopt any kind animals.I have 2 turtles because a custumer bought then on the streets in Washington DC and when i let her know what she need to keep then in a good life,she just asked me :can u take care this turtles to me.I don`t wanna spend all this money w 2 small turtles.Sadly,one babie turtles was really sick,w bacteria infection because her children playing w the turtles like a toys and let then out to the water.Anyways.I have this 2 turtles w me,no sick anymore,actually,very active and happy,about 5 months.So…I don`t know if u have pet stores closed to u or pets humane society around ur city.I`m sure they will find some good people to take care ur turtles.

  139. marcelo Says:

    When babies red eared turtles have bacteria infection,specially closed eyes i learned to put in to the water a produt the name PRO-VITA-SOL,its a human medicaton,consumed for human babies,contain iron and help turtles w any kind of bacteria infection.I used on my sick turtle.Mixing this vitamin into the tank,lots of the Pro Vita Son.I repeat 3 times and toke a couple months to be better.My turtles had closed and swllow eyes like popeye disease and now shes perfect.When u apply Pro Vita Son in to the water will change the water color,will be dark brown.Leave for 3 days,do water change and repet the process for 3 or more time,depend how severe is the infection.

  140. marcelo Says:

    Note:You can buy PRO-VITA-SOL in any CVS pharmacy stores.Babies section.

  141. Svenon Says:

    I just got two RES (Precious & Fergie)… I’m really excited & at the same time getting prepared to buy things that are really important for them…
    I just wanted to know besides ReptoMin i want to feed them vegies..havnt done that yet thinking they are too small now… (they are size a big coin) Should i try to feed them some fruits or vegies. & if yes..what fruits or vegies would you suggest. Besides i’m in India. there is clear Sun most of the times in a year. can i keep them open in the sun for a few hours & not use the artificial light!
    Really looking forrward for your reaply..will check this site in a weeks time & again till i get to read somethin from you…TC – Svenon

  142. daniel Says:

    hay emily did you try switching foods sometimes turtles get tired of the same foods i used to have ten turtles so i know

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  144. Shy:) Says:

    i just got a baby red eared slider turtle foma a 99 cent store in san jacinto california and hes so cute(: little luie!!. hes about 2 inches long!!. he dont eat much twice a week and hes veryy activee(: i love him and this would be a great gift for someone with lots of time and patients!. i cant wait to watch him grow(:

    god bless(: shy<3

  145. JiroBelle Says:

    hi i just bought two beautiful red eared for my girlfriend as gift for our 1 year anniv. they seemed to be cute but really have no idea how to take care of them… pls help me on this thanks… i want my gf to be happy with those turtles.. thanks

  146. Emiko Says:

    I just got two res and one of them just keeps nipping at the other. What should i do?

  147. kayla Says:

    I have 2 reds kevin and angela kevin is smaller then ange but they get along, kev sits on anges back and sleeps on her.they eat alot,and i love them i think that kev thinks anges hes mommy they eat red dried shrirmp and water melon wierd ? by friends

  148. kayla Says:

    oh and todays my b-day! so is kevins ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  149. madason Tuggle Says:

    tell him i said happy b day

  150. madason Tuggle Says:

    Nice to meet you im new her

  151. madason Tuggle Says:

    my phone number is 551-9363 pleses replie

  152. madason Tuggle Says:

    and if you get this plese replie NOW and im not ciding call me if you get the meshig

  153. madason Tuggle Says:

    now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

  154. madason Tuggle Says:

    i just got a baby red eared slider turtle from a petstore in sanfransico and shes so cute(: little luie!!. shes about 2 inches long!!. she dosent eat much and shes very active(: i love her and this would be a great gift for someone with lots of time and patients!. i cant wait to watch her grow(:

  155. JiroBelle Says:

    my two red eared died 1mos ago… nobody helped!!! my fiancee cried two consecutive nights.. how sad right!!!! thank you guys

  156. Ashley Says:

    Hi i am Ashley……I am a very confused person at the moment.:( I got a baby slider that is very cute i have had it for a month. I want to name it but i dont want to name it until i find out if it is a girl or a boy. How do i find out if it is a boy or a girl though?? Ummmmmmmmmmmm maybe if u can, can u e mail me a way to find out??It is very small dont grow very fast and has become the best part of my family already. Like i said i have had it a month and really want it to have a name i am very fond of my new little turtle and would really like it to have a name soon. Well thanks if u can help me if not thats ok too.

  157. forlogos Says:

    I have two red ear slider turtles…It took me over a year before I could tell if they were boy or girl – turns out it was one boy and one girl. Usually when they get around 4″, boys will start to have longer front nails and thicker tails while the girl turtles won’t.

    Ashley, since it might take awhile, why not give a name that is good for a boy and a girl!

  158. Jack Says:

    Is this a good red ear slider turtle caresheet? It looks good – has anyone seen it?

  159. Emma Says:

    My brother just got a red eared slider and i am soooooooooooooo confused:( They are soooooooo cute but veryyyyyy hard to take care of pls help i want to give them away to a pet store so they are happy, healthy, and ALIVE so pls give me Any pointers or ideas thanku and i need them by monday oh and one of them is sick so should i BRING IT TO THE PETSTORE? or KEEP THEM AND HAVE THEM DIE VERY SOON THEY ARE SICK:(

  160. Emma Says:

    Guys pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. Emma amazing! Says:

    I need hepl! My bro got 2 red eared sliders and they fight ALOT:( Waht do i do? They r REALLY little and i dont want 1 of them 2 get hurt! PLs help really soon! Thannks!

    -Emma Amazing! (My last name is actually amazing isnt that kool) LOL

  162. Emma amazing! Says:

    Hey Guys well I am just wondering can red eared sliders breathe under water cuz i have a 10 gallon tank but am filling it up only half way i dont want them 2 drown!:( Hepl and i know i have A LOT of questions!!!! PLEASE HELP

  163. Eva Johnson Says:

    I just found a turtle about the size of a half dollar two days ago and it’s shell is soft and i don’t know what to do plus on top of that it won’t eat and I have no clue what to do.

  164. jamie Says:

    hey i dont know what to do because my step dada got me 2 turtles and it is really small like the size of my thumb…..and it wont eat AT ALLLL!!! and im really worried not only cuz its baby cuz it might die :( i have a tank and rocks where they can go on land and a fake plant but they always hide underneath the plant i dont kno if their girls or boys!! i feed them reptomint and it floats but they wont eat it ? can u plz help me plzzzz :( ?

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