Moth Monday Returns to New York: Common Tan Wave Moth

Monday, August 31st, 2009

I missed Moth Monday last week because I was busy packing for my move back to Brooklyn, as well as trying to squeeze in a few more state birds in California. I didn’t quite hit 300, but Little Blue Heron and Semipalmated Sandpiper were still nice additions.

I’m now back in New York. Federal Express hasn’t dropped off the Firewire disk where I store my raw photos, but here’s a JPEG from 2007, and in honor of my return, it’s from Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. This is Hodges 7132, the Common Tan Wave Moth:

pale white geometer moth on green leaf
Common Tan Wave Moth, Pleuroprucha insulsaria
Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge; August 12, 2007

Orange Bishop – Not #474

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Not countable and thus not life bird #474 but I did want to see one before I left Southern California, and after asking a few local experts on OrangeCountyBirding, it turned out there was a population only about 10 miles away in the Santa Ana “River”, so I drove over to Huntington Beach this morning before work, walked up the levee, and in less than half a kilometer heard its metallic song. It took a few minutes to actually see it, but when I did it was unmistakeable:

Bright orange bird; thick bill; black wings, forehead, and cap

As this photo proves, I still need a good, longer bird lens with a tele-extender. Now where are the Pin-tailed Whydahs?

sRGB or Adobe RGB

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

I shoot raw with an EOS 50D. I display my pictures pretty much exclusively on the Web as JPEGs, and almost never print them. I import, edit, and catalog raw files in Adobe Lightroom 2.4 on a Mac with OS X 10.5. Of course many people who view my pictures use Linux and Windows as well.

What color space should I choose? sRGB or Adobe RGB, and when does this make a difference?

Moth Monday from Santiago Oaks: Red-bordered Wave Moth

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Santiago Oaks Regional park in Orange has been one of the best sites for finding medium to large moths since I moved to southern California. This geometer from August 2 is Hodges #7114 – Idaea demissaria:

tan moth upside down

Thanks to Bob Patterson for the ID.

Taiwanese Leafhopper

Friday, August 14th, 2009

4mm yellow leafhopper with false eyespots
Sophonia orientalis
Irvine, 2009-07-16

This introduced species from Taiwan shows up on my balcony occasionally. It’s a little less than half a centimeter long. The spots on its hindquarters are fake eyes. In the field at night they really do look like eyes, and consequently the bug appears to walk backwards.

Upgrading WordPress to 2.8.4

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

If this blog goes dark, you’ll know why. This always scares me. I wish WordPress had reliable XML export and import, not SQL.

All done. Automatic upgrade failed, but manual upgrade seems to have succeeded. Holler if you notice any problems.