New Video Card

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

My circa 2010 Mac Pro tower has been dying for a month. More specifically the video was failing, and I could only boot into safe mode. I swapped out the stock ATI Radeon for a Sapphire HD 7950 which appears to have fixed it. I’d rather have a new computer, but after all these years there’s still nothing else that will do the job this model does unless I build a Hackintosh; and that’s more effort than I want to spend right now.

2017 The Year in Birds

Monday, January 1st, 2018

eBird tells me I saw a moderate 287 species last year. There are probably a few here and there I didn’t report. 169 of those were in Kings County. I didn’t travel to any new locations this year, so I only managed four life birds (and three if you don’t count the invasive Pin-tailed Whydah) but they were all really good ones:

  • Hammond’s Flycatcher Central Park–The Ramble US-NY 02 Dec 2017
  • Corn Crake Cedar Beach, general area US-NY 08 Nov 2017
  • Parakeet Auklet Land’s End–seawatch US-CA 25 Jul 2017
  • Pin-tailed Whydah Canyon Park US-CA 17 Jun 2017