Indigo Bunting

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

Yesterday afternoon I hopped over to Jamaica Bay to look for the White-faced Ibis Sean Sime and Rob Jett found on Thursday. I didn’t locate it, nor did a couple of other birders who were out looking. (I did hear that it was relocated this morning, exactly where it was on Thursday. Maybe it’s just a morning bird.) However I did get some wonderful closeup looks at my first Indigo Bunting this year:

Indigo Bunting


Theme Challenge

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

I get occasional requests for the source code to the WordPress theme of this blog. It’s really just a few small modifications on the default Kubrick, nothing major. However I haven’t officially published it yet because:

  • I haven’t bothered to figure out how to bundle up and distribute a theme.
  • The theme includes some things unique to this site like my own Amazon associates ID, my own Google ads, and my own headshot. This would all need to be factored out so you could replace it with your own.
  • There are still some bugs in the theme. The most important is that in Safari the sidebar tends to drop below the post if the window is too narrow. The second most important bug is that in short posts bottom of the sidebar aligns to the left rather than staying on the right.

I’ll cut a deal with those who’ve asked for the theme. If you can help me figure out how to fix those two layout bugs (without using tables, or placing the sidebar content before the text content in the HTML) I’ll take care of figuring out how to bundle up and publish the theme for general use.

Sell American

Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

During the boom years it felt like I was travelling to San Jose or the Bay Area every month or two. I usually flew American. Round trip was about $2200 without a Saturday stayover. I saved up my frequent flyer miles primarily for first class upgrades on these cross-country trips.

Locked out of My Home Directory

Saturday, April 15th, 2006

Something weird happened on my TiBook running Tiger sometime in the last day or two. Somehow my home directory got locked. I can see it and read files, but whenever I try to delete anything I’m asked to type in my password. And simple shell commands like “cat > test.txt” fail with a “Operation not permitted” message when executed within my home directory. The same command works outside that directory, both above and below it. That is, I can create new files inside directories inside the home directory. It’s just the root level of the home directory that’s giving me troubles. The directory is encrypted with FileVault for whatever that’s worth.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Any suggestions?

NYC Audubon Prices

Monday, April 10th, 2006

Cars have always been a problem for NYC Audubon trips since they meet in Manhattan, and few Manhattanites have cars. On occasion I’ve rented a car to drive on one of their trips. Recently they got so tired of trying to recruit drivers that they decided all future trips would use a bus or van, advance registration only, and nobody from the outer boroughs would be allowed to meet them at the site in their personal vehicles. Everyone has to go to Chelsea first.

Fastest Mac Last?

Saturday, April 8th, 2006

The first Macs to get the Intel treatment were the low-end iMac and the High-end PowerBook (excuse me, MacBook). Next out the gate was the Mac Mini. Rumor has it that the next part of the product line to be X86’d will be the iBook. The final Mac to be intellified is likely to be the PowerMac, possibly in the late summer/early fall.

I’m just curious why this order? I would have guessed the PowerMac would have been one of the first systems to go Intel because: