Todo List

Install Google Analytics

Support OpenID

Improve twitter integration.

The amazon keywords should allow space separated keywords.

The sidebar is too long.

Fix the quote marks that show up on Cafe au Lait in titles. figure out how to make this change permanent across upgrades

Install Google ads for feeds.

Experiment with Amazon context ads

Fix the headshot on The Cafes Make this parameterizable; maybe by taking out the explicit width and height and just loading up /images/headshot.jpg

Copy current theme over to The Cafes.

Adjust the default amazon ads so the asins are for my four most recent books, and the search is for the category. Make these independent.

Upgrade to 2.1.3.

Check latest version of all plugins. Smedberg’s Atom 1.0 needs an update.

Add summary only feeds.

Add Amazon ads to the Atom full text feed.

Fix Atom plug-in to not use double-escaped HTML

Copy Atom 1.0 plugin changes over the Cafes.

Submit Atom 1.0 changes for full text back to plugin author.

Add a preference pane to specify full-text feeds to the Atom 1.0 plug-in.

Install version 0.6 of Atom 1.0 plug-in on The Cafes.

Make sure Times is used for all headings.

Validate and if necessary correct XHTML.

Place the Amazon category ads after the post (rather than after the comments) if there are no ASIN specific book links.

Make the comments form accessible with label elements. Submit changes back to WordPress.

Move labels (Name, e-mail, website) to left of fields in comment form, but keep extra info (required, will not be published) on right. Line everything up nicely with CSS.

Figure out why there’s a different header font in Safari and Firefox. Is this just because I have Firefox set to always use my own fonts? Regardless, make sure Safari and other browsers use the same header font Firefox does.

Fix the sidebar in Safari

Move the comment scripts from the usual URLs to hide them from comment spamming robots

Replace the associates with links with a more complete Amazon web service based solution

Cut the depth of the header in half.

The page title should be an h1 and the category and site titles should be h1 only on the category and main index page (not the individual post pages).

Individual article pages should include “>> category name” in the header right after “Mokka mit Schlag”

Put links to previous and next posts at bottom of each article

Straighten out the timing of the California posts

Upgrade Atom to 1.0.

Replace all RSS links with Atom

Fix the e-mail server

Fix the sidebar for very short posts

Figure out how to auto shrink header when it’s too long for width of frame; i.e. fit to size. Or maybe just autogrow it? Don’t set a fixed height?

Posts in multiple, independent categories should only show the first in the h1 header.

Make the sidebar widget friendly.

Make a print stylesheet that hides the sidebar

Install Akismet?

Put google ads before comments and/or after the first paragraph

Make the links in the head element point to Atom 1.0 feeds

Write a well-formedness/validity testing plug-in along the lines of the HTML Tidy plug-in

Write a plug-in to change the buttons in the WordPress poor-UI editor. Specifically:

  • b -> strong
  • i -> em
  • remove del
  • remove ins
  • remove lookup
  • add abbr
  • add acronym

Mostly working, except currently only the last button works. Need to fix that bug.

Figure out how to reorder the buttons in the SemButtons plug-in, especially so that more is at the end again.

Also, abbr and acronym buttons should pop-up a dialog for the title. span should pop up a dialog for the class. Maybe a separate footnote button?

Get the job ads back up on The Cafes. Make the ads parameterizable per site; possibly include them from a different file.

Reorganize 2007 California posts by date

Install WP-Cache on The Cafes

Introduce Robots-Nocontent for Page Sections

Add an obscure_email function to functions.php.

Parameterize all the pieces that are me specific, such as my name and e-mail address in the sidebar. Then publish the theme. More work in functions.php would help. The email address could be gotten from a template tag blog_info('admin_email'). Name of webmaster may need a config option.