Large Milkweed Bug

Black and orange true bug
Large Milkweed Bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 2007-08-25
Thanks to John and Jane Balaban for the ID.

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  1. Mokka mit Schlag » Small Milkweed Bug Says:

    […] Mokka mit Schlag » Birding « Large Milkweed Bug […]

  2. James Newquist Says:

    I am looking for educational materials; ie Lesson Plans for elementary age children dealing with the Large Milkweed Bug and the relationships between use of the Milkweed plant by the Monarch Butterfly and this bug.
    Jim Newquist
    Stephens State Park
    800 Willow Grove St.
    Hackettstown, N.J 07840

  3. linda holmberg Says:

    i have been seeing alot of these bugs and didnt even know what they was like that i could find what they was.

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