Tagged Gull

I’ve found neck banded Canada Geese before, and occasional leg bands on other species (though I’ve never been able to fully read those); but yesterday I saw my first wing tag on a Ring-billed Gull along Gravesend Bay:

wing tag A99 Red on Black on a Ring-billed Gull

I’ve reported it. I hope I can find out more about this bird. This was far from the most interesting gull on the bay yesterday though. More about that later.

As expected, this bird was tagged at the Upper Blackstone Wastewater Treatment Plant in Worcester, Massachusetts on November 5, 2008. Sex unknown and born in 2005 or earlier.

USGS Certificate of Appreciation. Awarded to. Elliotte Harold. BANDING DATA: BAND NUMBER: 0974-05321 A99. SPECIES: RING-BILLED GULL. Banded 11/05/2008 Sex Unknown

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  1. Eileen Says:

    Cool capture and nice shot of the gulls.

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