Panama Day 6: #727 at Costa del Este

Before heading back to the Tower for lunch, we made a brief stop at Costa del Este to once again scope for shorebirds on the Pacific Ocean. Again it was mostly common North American species wintering down south. However we did pick up a couple of really good birds including a rare (for Panama) Long-billed Curlew that I spotted. Possibly this one bird has been returning to this site for the last ten years or so. And then the leader found a more Southerly bird too far north, #727, Collard Plover! It’s a lot like a a Semipalmated Plover or Snowy Plover.

We had lunch at the Tower and then visited Milleflores Locks in the afternoon. This was mostly for tourism, not birds; but we did add Black-bellied Whistling Duck and Nighthawk sp. to the trip list.

Tomorrow we decamp for the Canopy Lodge and El Valle de Anton East of the canal along the Pan-American Highway.

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