#845 Black-backed Woodpecker

The birding trip for Saturday afternoon was to a couple of areas on either side of Indian Lake. They had some great insects, but not too many birds. Afternoon is not generally the best time to see birds. Too hot, and many birds are resting. However toward dusk we made a final stop at a marsh on the south side of Indian Lake. I mostly stayed by the car and the road, looking at spiders and turtles, while the rest of my carpool explored the surrounding area hoping to pick up a woodpecker or two. They should have stayed by the car too. While they were off in the swamp, a Black-Backed Woodpecker flew into a dead tree, called once or twice, and then flew off. #845 and third life bird of the trip for me.

Don’t feel too bad for the other members of my party though. They all got Black-Backed Woodpecker the next day at Northville-Placid Trail too. In fact we had several there.

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