Buy Nothing Today

Today on Buy Nothing Day we remind ourselves that:

  • It’s far more comfortable to sleep in your own bed than camped out in a big box parking lot.
  • Cashiers deserve a holiday too.
  • Mall food causes heart disease.
  • You may save $100 on a big TV if you buy it today, but you will save $1000 if you don’t buy it at all.
  • Wal-mart is not our family.
  • Ronald McDonald is not a real person.
  • Going to the mall is not a patriotic duty.
  • Credit card debt is not a sign of God’s favor.
  • The Grinch can’t steal Christmas if you don’t buy it in the first place.

One Response to “Buy Nothing Today”

  1. Ravi Venkataraman Says:

    Great advice.

    I wish more people listened to advice like this.


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