Quicken Blows at Tax Time (Again)

So I spend a few hours struggling with Quicken, trying to make it download my mutual fund info. Eventually I fire off an e-mail to tech support and wait. Then when scanning my Inbox tonight to see if they’ve replied yet, I notice that I had the same damn problem last year. It’s Quicken’s fault, and they still haven’t fixed it. Quicken cannot download transactions for single mutual funds. Doesn’t matter what brokerage you use or what the user name and password are or what options you set. Quicken simply cannot download transactions for a single mutual fund account. Full stop.

So here I am manually entering all my mutual fund statements one more time. Word of warning: if you have more than a couple of mutual funds held outside of brokerage accounts, Quicken is not for you. I wonder if Microsoft Money can do this? or GnuCash?

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  1. Doug Simpkinson Says:

    I’m not sure what the issue is – I’ve got some 529 accounts for my kids that are “single mutual fund” accounts in Quicken, and since they are hosted at Fidelity the transactions are downloaded just fine. When I had similar accounts at TIAA-CREF I couldn’t download because TIAA-CREF didn’t provide webconnect (.QFX) files. Oh, this is Quicken 2006 on Windows, I can’t imagine Mac is much different.

    Does your brokerage provide webconnect files but you just can’t load them?

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