Thoughts on the Keynote

Apple’s posted yesterday’s MacWorld keynote address in QuickTime format.

Objectively the announcements were pretty major. Subjectively, they managed to completely uninterest me. I’ve never liked iMacs (I prefer separate monitors and computers) and I don’t need a new PowerBook (excuse me, MacBook). I was hoping for an Intel-based Mac Mini, but that was nowhere to be seen. And of course there was no BlueTooth Mighty Mouse. Oh well. maybe next year.

The one piece that really impressed me was the new magnetic connector for the power cord. We’ll have to wait to see if it actually works and holds up to daily use. However it sounds like a really good idea, and exactly the sort of thinking different that Apple’s famous for. Without any extra effort or thought on the user’s part, the computer just works better. Problems happen less.

The typical computer company response to a problem with users accidentally pulling a computer to the floor is to ignore it and blame the user. Many won’t even cover the damage under their inadequate warranties, even though it’s their design flaw that led directly to the damage. Most users agree and blame themselves. I think from this point forward any time you trip over a cable and pull a stack of routers and hard drives crashing onto the floor, you should ask yourself why that had to happen. The short answer it didn’t have to happen. Devices should be able to be unplugged at any time for any reason including clumsy users. And of course the sheer number of cables should be kept to a minimum. Design is a usability issue.

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  1. Avery Regier Says:

    I was keeping close tabs on that keynote because I was waiting for a Mac Mini on Intel announcement. When it didn’t come, Apple lost a new Mac user. I was planning to buy an Intel Mini for a home server. Instead, I ran accross a similar box from HP last night.

  2. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    I wanted an Intel Mini myself for the same reasons. I need to move this site off the eight-year old Dell that’s currently hosting it. Once a day or so the fan starts whining something awful, and I’m afraid the whole system is not long for this world.

    If you don’t need the server immediately, you might want to wait a few months. I’m sure the Intel Mini is coming. I’m just not sure when. Myself, I’m thinking I may recondition an old Blue & White G3 I have sitting around to replace the Dell until the new Mini arrives sometime in the next year.

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