Ubuntu runs on the PowerMac? Who knew?

Probably everybody but me. Here I’ve been waiting patiently for the ISO release of Yellow Dog Linux 4.1 to resurrect my old G3 as a backup server (Yes, I know I could have just installed YellowDog 4.0, but it seemed pointless to do it now and then have to upgrade in a few weeks.) when I could have just installed what’s my preferred Linux distro these days in the first place.

However my initial efforts failed. The live CD was unable to boot my Blue & White G3. I am now burning an install CD to see if that will work. Apparently the newer models of Mac are a lot more reliable about this than the older models. Still there are a lot of problems getting set up compared to what would be expected on whitebox X86 hardware. The live CD started to boot my PowerMac dual G5 but hung.

I may also try NetBSD and see if that works.

2 Responses to “Ubuntu runs on the PowerMac? Who knew?”

  1. Wes Felter Says:

    Fedora Core also supports Macs.

  2. mns Says:

    Did you ever get the G3 blue & white to work with Ubuntu ?

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