Toast Survey

Roxio (or Sonic Solutions, or whatever they’re calling themselves these days) is running a survey about Toast. Perhaps because of the options I chose, the survey was refreshingly brief. The main thing I told them was that they still owe me money from unfulfilled rebates on previous versions, and they won’t be getting any more of my money until they pay up. Perhaps if enough people tell them that, they might get the message that upgrade rebates are a good way to lose loyal customers.

They may have already gotten the message. Popcorn 2 is the first product I’ve seen from them in a while whose upgrade price (though still excessive) doesn’t require you to first pay full price and then apply for a rebate. On the other hand, it’s electronic only and you have to pay extra (nearly full price in total) if you want a CD or a little less if you’d like to be able to download the software more than once.

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