Retrospect Discontinued? (Not)

Amazon is listing Retrospect 6.0 for the Mac as discontinued by the manufacturer, though they still have some in stock. Hmm, looks like maybe they just don’t have the new 6.1 version yet, because I do see that on EMC’s web site. Furthermore, I notice that “Customers with Retrospect 6.0 can use their existing license code and download Retrospect 6.1 for free from our Updates section.” No need to push the panic button just yet.

EMC (nee Dantz) has had an effective monopoly on Mac network backup for years, and it’s always felt like Retrospect Mac is one step away from death. I really wish someone would give them some competition. I suppose the market’s just not big enough to be practical for two. Will Time Machine allow network backups? Probably not.

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