Leopard Preorders

Apple’s announced that Max OS X 10.5 Leopard is one sale next Friday, October 26. Amazon seems to have the cheapest price: $109 with free supersaver shipping. However, if you order it direct from Apple for $129, it should arrive on Friday. I’m cheap so I’ll probably just wait for it to arrive a few days later from Amazon. I notice items shipped with Super Saver shipping usually arrive faster than the extra 5-9 days they say it will take. I suspect they’re mostly using the Super Saver as a way to distinguish their most price-sensitive customers.

Although I am looking forward to Leopard (especially Spaces, Time Machine, and the new Address Book and iCal) I may even wait till I buy my next Mac to upgrade. Apple may be releasing new MacBooks or desktops in the next few weeks as well, and if they do I may well buy one. If so, there’s no big reason to pay $109 for an OS upgrade for a machine I’m replacing soon anyway.

I do wish Apple would include the new version of iPhoto with the OS. GarageBand, iDVD, and iMovie I can live without, but iPhoto’s pretty important to me, and my version’s getting a bit old in the tooth. I’m not sure where I got it: with one system or OS upgrade or another. I can’t keep track of what’s bundled with what these days, and it’s always a pain when you have to wipe a disk clean or transfer files to a new computer and then discover some of what you thought were bundled apps are now missing. Then again I may be outgrowing iPhoto. It may be time to look into Aperture or Adobe Lightroom instead.

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  1. John Cowan Says:

    I think it’s more about what you can count on. I’ve had first-class mail arrive overnight when the conditions were just right, and I’ve had it take three weeks: it’s a “best effort” service. Only once have I had overnight delivery from any vendor go wrong. What you pay for is not speedy delivery, but guaranteed speedy delivery.

  2. Dolan Halbrook Says:

    Having made the iPhoto -> Lightroom leap once, I’m happy I did. I shoot a lot more than most people, so it may be just me, but I felt like I hit iPhoto’s limitations pretty quickly. Try the Lightroom demo for a little and see what you think. Aperture seems cool too, but it’s very GPU heavy, so make sure you have some serious graphics hardware before you try it or it will feel like molasses.

  3. yachris Says:

    You’re looing forward to Leopard? Freudian slip there buddy? :-)

    I’m eager to get it too — but I get to put Gutsy Gibbon on the linux boxes this weekend, so my OS upgrade mania will be satiated.

  4. Daniel Errante Says:

    Im anxious to see all the new features like Time Machine and Mail. Rumor has it that applications like Mail are blazing fast with the 64 bit support.

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