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I have almost completely switched over to Safari of Firefox, and have found replacements for almost all my Firefox plugins; but the lack of seamless keyword search in the location bar still bugs the hell out of me, enough to make me switch back to Firefox on occasion just for that. However recently I installed Verizon FIOS and noticed that Verizon’s DNS services intercept failing DNS queries through the browser and replace it with Yahoo search results. This means I can now type “fred brooks” into the location bar, and get a link to the page I need.

Search Results Provided By Yahoo!®

Well, almost. There are two problems:

  1. Verizon displays way too many pointless ads, almost pushing the real results off the front page completely.
  2. Yahoo search results aren’t nearly as good as Google’s. About half the time, I have to do a Google search anyway.

Is there a DNS service that works like this, but uses a real Google page instead of some bastardized version of Yahoo?

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  1. T. Hatton Says:

    opendns seems like a good alternative

    entering “brooks fred” into the url space gives a page:

    Google-esque search results, of which the top hit is:

    This is FF on linux, but I assume Safari on Mac yields the same results.

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