Snow Leopard, Files and AppleScript

Snow Leopard’s broken some of my AppleScripts in some weird way I don’t yet understand. After some debugging the problem seems to lie in files. Specifically files treated as strings. This no longer works:

set libraryFile to file "Macintosh HD:Users:elharo:Cafe Au Lait:support:CafeLib.scpt"

Nor does this:

set libraryFile to alias "Macintosh HD:Users:elharo:Cafe Au Lait:support:CafeLib.scpt"

They both die with

error “File alias Macintosh HD:Users:elharo:Cafe Au Lait:support:CafeLib.scpt of «script» wasn’t found.” number -43

Any ideas?

Update: The fix seems to be switching from “Macintosh HD:Users:elharo:Cafe Au Lait:support:CafeLib.scpt” to just “elharo:Cafe Au Lait:support:CafeLib.scpt”. The problem may not be Snow Leopard at all, but rather a concomitant encrypting of my home directory with FileVault. That seems to change what AppleScript sees as paths.

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  1. boo boo Says:

    I always set them up as POSIX path objects. This is a quick from being a UNIX guy first (I’ve always found applescript’s colon syntax to be bad magic), but it has meant that all my scripts work in the change-over to snow leopard.

  2. Gord Says:

    Thanks for this. I had also enabled FileVault, thus requiring the username:folder style path. Like yourself I had put it down to a Snow Leopard issue.

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