Moth Monday: A Tiny One

Many moths are quite small, ranging into the microscopic. This unidentified individual from Santiago Oaks last weekend (2008-12-07) isn’t quite that small, but it is pushing the limits of what my camera can take with anything approaching publishable quality. For comparison’s sake, that’s the head of a nail in the lower right hand corner.

Small moth in corner of ceiling

2 Responses to “Moth Monday: A Tiny One”

  1. yachris Says:

    Microscopic? Really? Like how big, in millimeters? And is that full-grown size? You’ve gone and fascinated me :-)

  2. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    The smallest moths have about a 3mm wingspan or a little less. That’s from the left wingtip to the right wingtip with wings outspread. Folded up like this one, they’re even smaller. This one isn’t quite that small though.

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